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Bridal Shower Jeopardy 101: The Game Everyone Wants Right Now

by Emma Arendoski

Let’s play bridal shower jeopardy! It’s time to find out everything about this game that is making waves at wedding showers this season. Subscribe now for the latest to your inbox!

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Have you guys started obsessing over these fun bridal shower jeopardy boards yet? If not, you’ll start seeing them popping up everywhere, especially on Pinterest, since they’re wildly popular this season. Bridal Jeopardy is a game you can play at your bridal shower and we’ll tell you everything you need to know: how to play Bridal Jeopardy, where to get customized bridal jeopardy question ideas, and where to buy a bridal shower jeopardy board!

Let’s get to the fun!

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

There are a variety of bridal shower jeopardy boards you can buy online, or you can make one yourself. Personally, I love the way these artists have designed such kick you-know-what boards that it might be easier to just let them take the reigns here!

The first one we spotted is by:

Tanea’s Party Shop

This bridal shower game board includes (almost) everything you see here: 25 envelopes WITH 100-500 prize points already written on them, 5 category names, and bridal jeopardy letters. All you do is assemble it on your own foam board (they’re super affordable at your local craft store or online here) and glue/paste/tape everything together.

All you need to do? Tell her which 5 categories you want! You can choose the categories shown on the sample board here or choose your own.

The categories shown on this bridal shower jeopardy board are: The Bride, The Couple, The Dog, The Groom, Famous Couples.

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Very Sweet Boutique

This style is fun with a fiesta/cactus vibe (fun to play also at your fiesta bachelorette party)! Of course, you can choose your own custom colors, but we love the way they designed this palette!

Again, the foam board is not included but it is easy to assemble yourself. Here’s what you get: 20 cards with numbers 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 on the front; pinwheel flowers (5 total); cactus pieces (2); bridal jeopardy category names; bridal jeopardy letters

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She also offers this engagement ring style shown here:

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Now that you’ve seen some bridal jeopardy games, here’s tips on how to play.

How to Play Bridal Jeopardy

1. Separate the group into three teams.

Each team can have a buzzer or bell like this.

REMEMBER — the team must answer in question form, just like the classic game! (“What is…”, “Who is…”, etc.)

2. Say something like, “This… is… JEOPARDY!” so guests know the game’s about to begin.

3. Have teams decide who goes first…

…by pulling a name from a hat or picking a number (whoever chooses closest to the number goes first).

4. Have someone keep score.

5. The first team chooses a category and picks a “wager” amount”.

The game is played like traditional Jeopardy. A team rings in to answer; if they answer correctly, they win the wager amount.

6. Team with the most points wins!

Bridal Jeopardy Question Ideas

Ask questions about the bride, the groom, her dog/cat/pet/etc., the couple, etc.

Some questions that are popular for this bridal jeopardy game include examples such as…


• The make and model of Jessica’s first car in high school

• The band that Jessica would tour around the world after

• The name of the first concert Jessica attended

• The occupation the bride wanted to be since she was little

• The location of the bride’s favorite place to travel

The Groom

• The name of Hugo’s favorite television show

• The place where Hugo gets his favorite meal

• The official occupation of the groom

• The dream car of the groom

• The groom’s birthday

The Couple

• The first place Jessica and Hugo went on a date

• The person who said “I Love You” first

• The name of the person who set them up on a date

• The name of the park where Hugo proposed to Jessica

• The unique tradition the couple does every year (i.e. Christmas tree-farm cutting, annual card tournament, local brewery festival, etc.)

… and the list goes on!

These are just a few bridal jeopardy question ideas to get you started.

Ready to get started?

You can go to your local craft store and get busy cutting out everything, grab that foam board, and get started.

Or, make things easy and shop here:



Now, isn’t that a fun game? Plus, guests can learn so much about the bride, groom, their pet(s), places they’ve visited, where they got engaged, etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please give it a share, if you did! :)

Happy Planning!


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