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How to Plan a Fiesta Bachelorette Party

by Emma Arendoski

Are you planning a fiesta themed bachelorette party for yourself or a friend? Let’s taco about havin’ some fun! ;) Today we’re sharing how to plan a fiesta bachelorette party with allllll the best details, fun handmade finds, and most creative accents for the ultimate bash!

fiesta bachelorette party

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You’re nacho average bride, so let’s make sure your fiesta bachelorette is off the hook with these cool finds.

Let’s kick off the fun with a mini photo shoot from a fiesta bachelorette bash to inspire you (photos by the lovely Rebecca Freed; crowns by the fab Festive Gal).

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Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Fiesta Bachelorette Party

These fiesta bachelorette party crowns are so much fun! Your attendees will love to wear them.

fiesta bachelorette party

fiesta bachelorette party

fiesta bachelorette party

fiesta bachelorette party

fiesta bachelorette party

fiesta bachelorette party

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Looks like fun, am I right? Let’s get started planning the Fiesta Bachelorette Party of your dreams!

We’ll show you the five things you need to plan the perfect fiesta themed bachelorette party:

customized wine glasses

1. Invitations

2. Itinerary / Menu / Drinks for Fiesta-Inspired Fun

3. Attire

4. Bachelorette Party Favors


5. Fiesta Themed Bachelorette Party Decorations

Honestly, you’ll need this tequila por favor hat right off the bat :) By SprinkledWithPink:

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Let’s break it down starting with the color palette and invites.

Final Fiesta Bachelorette

Your fiesta bachelorette party is going to go like this: you’ll choose a bright color palette for decorating with hot pink, lime green, orange, bright yellow — you get the idea.

Next, you’ll figure out what to focus on. Does the bride love tacos? Serve up a taco bar for lunch or hit up your favorite Mexican food restaurant. Olé!

Next, is everyone hanging out in one place, i.e. a hotel suite, on the beach, bar-hopping? Pick the activity you’ll do for the night (and obviously safe transportation for the entire party such as a limo, Uber/Lyft, etc.) Decorate the space, if you can, and serve up pre-party drinks.

For the drink menu, consider a fun margarita bar with one of these (I have one, it’s amazing), salt and sugar rims, fun marg glasses, straws, plenty of ice, and different flavors (if you’d like) such as blue margs (blue curacao), raspberry (with razzmatazz schnapps), melon, peach, watermelon, etc.

custom margarita glasses by SprinkledWithPink

Here’s a great list of cocktail recipes for fiestas we found to help!

Other drinks to consider: agua fresca, skinny sunrise cocktail, Mexican bulldog margaritas, marg punch, homemade horchata… you can find all of these with recipes here.

So, you have a color palette, an itinerary (or idea somewhat of what you’ll do / where you’ll go), and a menu. What’s next? Make your fiesta bachelorette party official with an invitation.

Fiesta Bachelorette Party Invitations

Every great party begins with an invitation. Send your fiesta bachelorette party invitations at least four weeks before the big event to ensure you can get the whole crew to the bash!

1. These fiesta bachelorette invitations

These invites read, “Fiesta, siesta, tequila, repeat!” Love it. By iCustomInvite.

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2. Plan your itinerary

Once you have the invites, you’ll need to share the details with the attendees. Give them these fun itineraries to keep everything on schedule. Itinerary by Happy Party Studio.

fiesta bachelorette party

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You might not stick to it to a T, but at least with an itinerary, your bachelorette party will have to follow some sort of schedule.

3. Plan to wear some fun fiesta gear

Let’s start with one of our favorites: fiesta headbands/party crowns!

Fiesta Headbands

These are a must-have for your fiesta bachelorette party! We spotted them at Festive Gal and they’re amazing, am I right? Fab choices to choose from including Let’s Fiesta, Hola Tequila, and many more. Shop here.

My favorite: nacho average bride! Love it.

You can also snag a pair of these super-fun pom earrings by Festive Fashionista.


Love ’em!

Fiesta Bachelorette Sash

You’ll also want to grab a bride sash. This one is custom-made with your new last name. By FestiveGal.

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And you NEED this pin to go with it from the same shop!

Fiesta Bachelorette Party Shirts

Next, tank tops or tees. You can have a lot of fun with this, picking out your favorite motto or slogan to go on it. One of our favorites: “let’s get smashed” with a pinata on the front. Fun idea by Bachette.

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Also love these mini donkey pinatas by Neliblu.

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Fiesta Swimsuits

Going to lounge poolside? Wear these fiesta swimsuits!

One-piece swimsuits ftw! By ResisDentzDesign.

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Fiesta T-Shirts

These fiesta bachelorette shirts combine two things we love: fiesta bachelorette parties and Friends themed bachelorette parties. What a fun combo! By Bachettees.

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Can’t Touch This Tanks

These fiesta bachelorette party shirts are hilarious. “Turn down por que” and “I’d hit that” for the bachelorettes; “Can’t touch this” cacti for the bride. Ha! By FlamingoFiesta.

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Funny Fiesta Tank Tops

These tank tops have funny one-liners, too (by Brilliant Bridal Shop):

-“shake your maracas”
-“adios, bitchachos”
-“my last margarita as a senorita”
-“let’s get smashed”
-“mamacita needs a margarita”

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Or these with “down to fiesta” and “nacho average bride”. By BridalBellsCo.

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4. Grab some fun fiesta party favors for your guests

Ahhh, narrowing down this list of the best fiesta bachelorette party favors was tough. But alas, here’s what made the cut!

If you want to put everything in fun gift bags, try these totes by LoveMiaCo.

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And these adorable beach totes for your final fiesta bachelorette from the same shop:

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Fiesta Bachelorette Sunglasses

How adorable are these? By ConfettiMommaParty.

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Fiesta Hair Tie Favors

Cute for holding the hair back after too many tequila shots! Only kidding. By LoveMiaCo.

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Hilarious Fiesta Banner

So fun! By CherCanDoIt.

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Fiesta Can Coolers

Keep those drinks ice cold! Fun design for the bride and another style for her bachelorettes. By Daws and Gray.

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I can’t get over how charming these can coolers are! Also by DawsAndGray.

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And, “Tequila Made Me Do It”, ha! From here:

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And these “oh s%it kit” favor bags from the same shop!

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Get your bachelorettes wearing these fun tattoos: you can even get the groom’s face on ’em! By Clever Seagull.

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And also these temporary fiesta tattoos by xo, Fetti.

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And you have to get these fiesta bachelorette party cups. We spotted them at BubblyAndBash.

Final Fiesta Bachelorette Shot Glasses

Great for throwing back those tequila shots. By AMVDesignCo.

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Or these by JennyLovesGlitterCo:

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Cactus Cups

These cactus sipper cups are a charming gift for guests by PinkPoshCo.

by here

Fiesta Cookies

Serve up some yummy cookies by PrettyBakedBakery.

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Fiesta Hangover Kits

By DawsandGray.

Mini Pinata Favors

Fill up these pinata favors for guests! By LulaFlora.

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Or these AMAZING taco pinatas! I love these! By the same shop.

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Oh! And their amazing cupcake toppers:

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Fiesta Bachelorette Party Fanny Packs

Okay, these fanny packs are amazing! They’re also great for holding all your must-have essentials (i.d., money, phone, lip gloss, etc.) close at hand while bar-hopping at your bachelorette bash.

Would you wear a fanny pack? My sister recently got one and swears by it. I told her I didn’t know if I could pull it off, and like a true sister, she told me, “You can pull off any look”. :) Isn’t that sweet? Anyway, these fanny packs are awesome and made by SaraBDesigns.

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Now you have some fun attire, favors for your guests… it’s time to decorate!

5. Decorate with festive fiesta decorations

For your party HQ, decorate for the bachelorette with confetti, garland, balloons, banners — anything you like!

Fiesta Confetti

Every bachelorette bash needs some kind of confetti, something like this by Earles Folly.

And these balloons, obviously; is there ever a time to NOT have a margarita balloon? By OhhHowCharming.

A fun banner like this one: “she said si“. So creative! By Earles Folly.

And these hilarious fiesta banners by LeeSky:

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Balloon Decoration

How cute are these fiesta balloons? Love the cacti! By SweetEscapesbyDebbie.

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Fiesta Pom Pom Straws

You’ll love these festive pom-pom straws we spotted at ConfettiMommaParty.

Fiesta Cupcakes

These delightful cupcakes feature amazing fiesta toppers by Confetti Momma Party.

Fiesta Bachelorette Party Napkins

By YippeeDaisy.

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These “fiesta like there’s no manana” napkins by SteshaParty.

And these fun cactus napkins! Ah, there’s so many to choose from! By CrankyCakesShop.

Fiesta Bachelorette Tumblers

I love these! I want one just because! By ResisDentzDesign.

Cactus Shot Glasses

Cheers! Use these cactus glasses for the party by FunExpress.

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Decorate with Festive Decor

These bold paper flowers are a lovely accent (by WishUponAFlowerShop):

This paper fan and fiesta banner is another fun find (by PartySparkles):

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Cactus Cooler

Keep drinks cold in this fun and festive cactus cooler by Beistle.

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Papel Picado Banner

Decorate with these colorful papel picado banners by MesaChic.

They also make these amazing pom pom napkins here:

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And you can use these Mexican serape blankets as favors for your bachelorettes, or use them as table runners or party decor! See more here.

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Fiesta Bachelorette Party Games

These party games will add fun to your festivities. The first one is, “what did the groom say about the bride?” By showerspartiesmore.

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This emoji game is another game idea (by WowWowMeow):

And for the beach and honeymoon… this beautiful custom sombrero! By ShadesOfPinkBtq.

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This “Nacho Average Bride” sombrero from here:

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This personalized margarita cup (from the same shop):

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And these cool fiesta bachelorette party sashes from here:

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And there you have it: a fun and totally festive fiesta bachelorette party! What do you think of this bachelorette party theme? Are you planning a fiesta or “nacho average bride” party? Tell us about it in the comments below!

fiesta bachelorette party

crowns via here

Go grab your party headbands and get started! Kevlyn is a new Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride and we’re excited to share her upcoming designs with you guys.

Now get planning… this fiesta isn’t going to plan itself! :)


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