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Bridesmaid Earrings Under $30

by Emma Arendoski
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Hi, lovelies! OK — story time…

One of my friends had thirteen bridesmaids stand up in her wedding.


If you add up the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen — not including the bride and groom — that’s a whopping wedding party of TWENTY-SIX people.

That’s a lot of everything. Boutonnieres. Bow ties. Ballet slippers. Bridesmaid dresses.

That’s a lot of tuxedo rentals, dress fittings, and seats on the limo (they had two limo-buses).

It’s also a lot of fun. But man, oh man, — that is a LOT of gifts.

Bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts aren’t cheap, and when you multiply them by twenty-six that number gets exponentially higher.

So, sometimes, whether you have a gigantic bridal party or a small one and you’re on a set budget, you need to look for gifts that are under a certain set limit.

Today we’re focusing on one popular gift and a set budget amount: bridesmaid earrings under $30.

I bet you didn’t think we could find so many beautiful bridesmaid earrings under 30 dollars, and that’s why we love what we do: helping you find the best stuff for your wedding!

We not only found them, but we gathered them from one of the best handmade jewelry artisans on this planet: Tracy (and her awesome team!) of Rustic Gem Jewelry. In this post, we’ll show you seven of our favorite pairs of bridesmaid earrings under $30 and prove that you can stay on budget and still show your appreciation to your bridesmaids.

Oh — and to make this gift extra sweet, we recommend adding a special / heartfelt / funny bridesmaid card to each one. Be sure to write inside a special message, favorite memory, quote, song lyric, or something that will make her smile. That makes gift-giving extra special. :)

On to the list!

Bridesmaid Earrings Under $30

1. Navy and Aqua Glass Drop Earrings, $28

These are a blue-lovers dream come true! These drop earrings are an instant wear-everywhere classic.

bridesmaid earrings under $30

Get them here.

2. Laurel Branch and Pink Stone Earrings, $24

I never met a laurel wreath design I didn’t like! :) A wreath + pink? Sign me up! These are definitely my top pick!

bridesmaid earrings under $30

Buy yours here.

3. Colorful Teardrop Earrings, $22

This simple yet elegant style earring is perfect for bridesmaids. You can mix-and-match, choosing the color that best suits her unique style. I love the shape of these glass stones. Choose from honey, mint, orange, amethyst, red, and charcoal.

bridesmaid earrings under $30

See these earrings here.

4. Pearl Drop Earrings in Rose Gold, $22

A classic pearl is a timeless choice — and one of my favorites of the bridesmaid earrings under $30! The earring can be dressed up or down!

bridesmaid earrings under $30

See it here.

5. Aqua Drop Bridesmaid Earrings, $29.75

A pretty pair of blue earrings for bridesmaids! I love this shade of blue; it reminds me of the ocean. These are especially perfect as beach bridesmaid gifts!

bridesmaid earrings under $30

Available here.

6. Silver Dangle Earrings, $24

These gemstone earrings are the perfect pop of color; they look great with any outfit!

bridesmaid earrings under $30

Buy yours here.

7. Sparkle Bridesmaid Earrings, $29.50

Want your bridesmaids to sparkle everywhere they go? These are the most glamorous bridesmaid earrings under $30 — I can’t believe the price for all that sparkle!

bridesmaid earrings under $30

Get yours here.

See? It is easy when you know where to look! Let Tracy know you saw these earrings on Emmaline Bride! Rustic Gem is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride!


P.S. Ok, need some groomsmen gift-spiration, too? Here are The 29 Coolest Groomsmen Gifts Under $20.

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