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3 Delightful Ceramic Cake Toppers

Posted February 24, 2014 | 2 Comments

Hi, loves! Happy Monday! We’re so excited to kick off a brand new week of inspiration with you. So… do you have a cake topper yet? Are you looking for one? Want a topper but you’re tired of seeing the same old toppers used over and over again? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve found three totally inspiring pieces from Susabella‘s ceramic cake toppers collection we know you’ll love. What we love most about these ceramic cake toppers is the unique handmade quality: they’re handcrafted, fired in a kiln, painted with food safe glaze, and kiln fired again. That’s dedication! Plus, they’re total works of art, which means you’ll have heirloom-quality pieces for your home after the big day. Get ready to pick your perfect topper in 3…2…1…

Ceramic Cake Toppers

1. Round

This round topper features your unique monogram on the front.

ceramic wedding cake topper

ceramic monogram cake topper

2. We Do

Planning a bird themed wedding? This topper features ‘We Do’ on delightful ceramic birds.

we do ceramic cake topperswe do bird ceramic cake toppers

3. Heart

Last but not least, this topper combines a heart with a monogram and two lovely little birds on either side.

heart monogram cake topperup close heart ceramic cake topper

What do you think of these pieces? I think they’d look great with nearly any wedding theme. To find out more, check out Susabella. Which one is your favorite?


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2 Responses to “3 Delightful Ceramic Cake Toppers”

  1. FancieStrands (@fanciestrands)
    February 24th, 2014 @ 5:47 pm

    Ceramic Cake Toppers for Weddings | Emmaline Bride http://t.co/4CI3yJLuoG via @EmmalineBride #weddingcakes

  2. FancieStrands (@fanciestrands)
    February 24th, 2014 @ 5:48 pm

    Ceramic Cake Toppers for Weddings | Emmaline Bride http://t.co/JxZAPU2w9E

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