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Where to Buy Wedding Handkerchiefs?

Wondering where to buy wedding handkerchiefs? You’ll find it here! Make sure you follow us on Pinterest for other fun wedding finds.

Handkerchief by Aristocrafts | via Where to Buy Wedding Handkerchiefs via Emmaline Bride:

by aristocrafts

Hi, loves! Emma here. Question: are you a fan of handkerchiefs? A bridal handkerchief is usually one of those wedding day accessories you either a) need to have, as you’ll be Mrs. Waterworks all night (like me), b) want to have, as a keepsake item, or c) neither, as you didn’t really know it was a thing until we brought it up. If you’re part of the first two groups, you’re in the majority, as wedding handkerchiefs are a pretty popular item among brides — probably about as necessary as (an awesome) waterproof mascara on your big day. Tears of joy are likely going to fall on your wedding day and a handkerchief is so much prettier to have close at hand than nudging your Maid of Honor to pass over a kleenex or stashing some tissues in your own clutch purse. If you had no idea wedding handkerchiefs were even a thing to add to the list, go ahead and get it on there now! We’ll show you some examples of beautiful and affordable wedding handkerchiefs, share tips on where to store yours for the big day, and even show you where to buy wedding handkerchiefs so you can cross this off your list right now. How’s that for kicking off your weekend? Read on to find out more…

These Affordable Reception Dresses
Are Really Beautiful

Affordable reception dresses (also called second wedding dresses) are on the blog today! Find out if you should wear a reception dress for your wedding and get inspired with affordable dresses. Be sure to follow on Instagram for the latest.

Floor length gown by Barzelai | via Affordable Reception Dresses -

by barzelai

Should I wear a second wedding dress for my reception?” This is a question that rolled in from Shannon the other day and we couldn’t wait to answer it for her. Emma here and today we’re talking about if you need a reception dress for your wedding. I like the idea of reception dresses — a dressy but not overly formal second wedding dress the bride changes into after the ceremony. But to be totally and completely honest, as I always am here, you really only need a reception dress if you want one. Some reasons why a bride might wear a reception dress is if she thinks her wedding gown is too big or poofy, perhaps uncomfortable, or may get in the way of dancing throughout the night. In these cases, I say go for it! On the other hand, if you love your wedding gown and can picture yourself wearing it all day and all night, a reception dress isn’t a requirement by any means. As with all wedding decisions, the choice is totally up to you! If you want to wear a second dress for your wedding, I urge you to consider affordable options. Your wedding dress is likely one of the biggest expenses for your wedding and a second dress for your reception doesn’t have to break the bank (especially when you consider the small amount of time it will be worn). With that being said, we’ve gathered up some beautiful and surprisingly affordable reception dresses for you to consider. Oh, and another thing to consider are these wedding shoe mistakes to avoid, but that’s another topic for another day. Now, on to the dresses!

How to Pick a Wedding Veil or Fascinator

Today you’ll find top tips on how to pick a veil for your wedding! But first, subscribe for the latest!

How to Pick a Veil or Fascinator | veil by OBM Bridal |

by obm bridal

When you’re the bride, picking a veil or fascinator can feel like a daunting decision, but it doesn’t have to be! To help, we’ve brought in bridal veil expert Lori Wilson, co-founder of OBMBridal, to share her most helpful tips on how to pick a veil or fascinator for weddings. Take it away, Lori!

8 Beautiful V Neck Dresses for Weddings

We’re sharing our favorite v neck wedding dresses on Etsy for the season! You’ll love what we’ve found… be sure subscribe so you don’t miss a post.

V Neck Wedding Dresses on Etsy | This dress features a v neckline. By Cleo and Clementine. Photo by Ventola Photography. |

by cleo and clementine, photos: ventola photography

Do you love v neck wedding dresses but need fresh inspiration? We’re here to help! Wedding dresses are one of my favorite finds, and we love sharing our favorite wedding dresses like these sheath wedding dresses, this gorgeous find, these short sleeve wedding dresses, and even this helpful guide. But we haven’t yet shown you our favorite v neck wedding dresses, so we’re doing it today! I could spend hours swooning over the latest styles from Etsy artisans like Cleo + Clementine, Joan Shum, Barzelai, and Saint Isabel, just to name a few. Picking your wedding dress is a major decision, so spending plenty of time looking for it is not only suggested but highly recommended (with a giant cup of hot coffee and a dash of chocolate, I say!)

If you’re ready to see some beautiful new v neck wedding dresses on Etsy, we’ve found eight right here to inspire you. Enjoy!

How to Be a Happy Bride from A to Z

Want to be a happy bride? Crave no-stress planning? You’ve come to the right place! Before you read, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future posts.

how to be a happy bride from a to z

clutch by eclu

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. At Emmaline Bride, our goal is to help you plan a beautiful wedding without the stress. Planning the biggest day of your life is supposed to be fun, right? And we know that if you’re a happy bride, you’ll have an easier time planning your Best Day Ever. To help, we’ve made you this handy guide to keep things in perspective. You’ll also want to grab this and this, since they’ll outline tons of wedding ideas (without overwhelming you. Promise.) Enjoy!

50+ Best Bridal Hairstyles Without Veil

We’re sharing a HUGE article today on the best bridal hairstyles without veil! Be sure to subscribe now so you don’t miss out on future posts like this one!

Bridal hairstyles without veil | by lottie-da designs |

by lottie-da designs

Hi loves, Emma here! Prepare to be inspired because we’ve gathered fifty amazing hairstyle ideas for you today! If you’re wondering what hairstyle to wear (without a bridal veil), you’ve come to the right place! We have found over fifty of the best bridal hairstyles featuring hair combs, hair clips, headpieces, headbands, flower wreaths, and more. If you do plan to wear a veil, you’ll still find plenty of bridal hairstyles you can wear with it.

10 Handmade Wedding Dresses (Under $700!)

handmade wedding dresses | by barzelai |

by barzelai

Have you considered a handmade wedding dress, but assumed it might be too expensive? The surprising fact is that handmade doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive, even though handmade is actually custom-made just for you! When we were browsing the new collection of handmade wedding dresses from Barzelai, we were impressed with the beautiful styles. What we didn’t expect was how amazingly affordable they really are, with all dresses under $700 (and many under $500)! We’ve hand-picked ten dresses to share with you today from the new collection and we think you’re going to love what we’ve found. Read on to see the dresses…

5 Glamorous Birdcage Veils for Brides

glamorous double layered birdcage veil

by tessa kim

If you are looking for a birdcage veil to complete your look, you’ll love these glam options we spotted over at Tessa Kim! Tessa is one of our favorite wedding veil designers and is always creating something new to admire in her shop. Every bride will find something to love, whether it be her gorgeous getting ready loungewear or her lovely collection of veils and hair accessories. When we were scoping out birdcage veils recently, we didn’t waste a minute checking out what Tessa had to offer. Today we’re sharing five of our top picks from her birdcage veil collection to inspire your own vintage-inspired wedding day look. And, if you’re not planning a vintage wedding, a birdcage veil is still an excellent choice especially for brides who want a more minimal look. Take a peek at what we’ve found below and tell us: which veil is your favorite? (P.S. These beautiful photos are courtesy of Candice Benjamin.)