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When to Take Off Heels at Wedding? – Ask Emmaline

bride with blue flats

by walkin on air

It’s Saturday and we know you’re probably knee-deep in wedding planning (or at least you want to cross something off of your list). Earlier this week, we tackled the question of when to take off your veil at your wedding. After the post, we invited you to submit an Ask Emmaline question and Julie sent us this one! She asks,

Hi Emmaline! I picked out a pair of heels to wear for the ceremony, but I usually don’t like wearing heels for a long period of time. I’m worried my feet will hurt. How soon can I take them off at the reception? Or am I supposed to wear them all night?


Hey, Julie! You’re not alone– I’d venture to guess that most brides (and guests!) feel the same as you do. They want to look elegant in heels for the ceremony while being able to show off their dance moves and mingle without aching feet. What’s a bride to do? We’ll tell you…

“When to Take Off Veil at Wedding?” – Ask Emmaline

bride wearing birdcage veil

by shelby ashley bridal fashions, photo: stacy vitallo

It’s Wedding Advice Wednesday! Today we’re tackling an Ask Emmaline question submitted by bride-to-be Caroline. She asks…

Hi Emmaline, I’ve picked a long veil for my wedding. Do I wear it for the entire wedding, or just the ceremony? When do I take it off?


Great question, Caroline! Everybody knows the veil is an important part of the bride’s ensemble, but no one ever tells you when to put it on or when to take it off. We’re here to help!

10 Earrings That Make a Perfect “Something Blue”

something blue statement earrings

Earlier this week, bride-to-be Cassandra wrote us with an Ask Emmaline question. She says,

I’ve heard about the Something Old, Something New tradition and I want to follow it for my wedding. I am having trouble figuring out what to pick for something blue, as my shoes are already nude heels, I already have a veil and sash (both ivory), and I am not using any blue flowers in my bouquet. Any advice for something easy I can add?


Great question, Cassandra! We love Something Blue ideas around here since it’s one more way to really add a personalized, handcrafted touch to your wedding. One of the easiest ways to add “something blue” is with jewelry… namely, earrings. Blue earrings are one of the hottest trends for brides right now and we don’t see this fading anytime soon. The best part? You’ll definitely wear them again long after the big day (unlike a blue brooch, sash, or flowers, as examples). When it comes to blue earrings, one of our favorite places to browse is Laura Stark because her collection is incredible. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite pieces from her shop, including this stunning luxe blue earring set as shown in the image above (isn’t it breathtaking?) and in the image below. We’ve gathered a mixture of classic to beach to vintage-inspired finds. Which one is your favorite?

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Picking the Right Wedding Band

wedding engagement band

by lilyemme jewelry

Hi, loves! Okay, so you have a beautiful sparkling engagement ring, but you’re probably wondering what the heck you’re going to pair with it as your wedding band, right? When I was planning my wedding, I had NO IDEA what kind of wedding band to pick. I looked at dozens of rings but I wasn’t sure what kind, shape, or style I was “supposed to” pick. I opted for a simple gold band — to be honest, I’d pick the same one today because that’s totally my style. Andrew and I wanted to figure out a way to make our rings unique, so we had them engraved with a favorite song lyric inside both bands (half on his, the other half on mine). In this way, our wedding bands were made perfectly just for us!

Whether you know what kind of wedding band to pick or you’re completely lost on the topic, we’re here to help! In this post, we’re sharing our top 7 do’s and don’ts for picking a wedding band. We’re also sharing some gorgeous rings from the incredible LilyEmme Jewelry. Get ready to be inspired!

3 Tips to Choosing Hosiery for Weddings (+ Giveaway!)

Today we’re tackling a bridal question submitted to us from Beth! She asks,

“What kind of hosiery am I supposed to wear with open toed shoes? Also, do I need to wear full pantyhose or can I just wear stockings? Thanks!”Beth

Great question, Beth! This is especially important to know since it really depends on what kind of dress you’re wearing. See our answer below PLUS enter for a chance to win a pair of personalized stockings for the holidays from the luxurious women’s hosiery brand, StockinGirl! Enjoy!

Tips for Bridal Hosiery

There are three things to keep in mind when picking out your bridal hosiery:


by stockingirl

19 Stylish Something Blue Ideas for the Bride (+ Giveaway!)

Hi, loves! Emma here. Have you picked out Something Blue for your wedding day yet? The old adage — Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue (and a Sixpence in Your Shoe) — is said to bring good luck to the bride. We’ve talked about the old, new, borrowed, and sixpence, and today we’re sharing something blue ideas you’ll love. We’ve curated a list to include a few traditional and modern ideas like handkerchiefs, lingerie and garters (classic) to blue-soled shoes, I Do stickers, and jewelry finds (contemporary). We’re also giving away a gift for the bride which can be customized to be your very own Something Blue. What is it?! Read on to find out!

Something Blue Ideas

Check out our handpicked ideas below and scroll down to find out more (and enter the giveaway). ↓

something blue ideas top

21 Lace Accessories That Will Look Beautiful for Weddings

It’s Monday, which means we’re sharing ideas for the bride! Today we’re focusing on lace accessories for vintage inspired weddings. We’ve curated a beautiful list of lovely lace finds including a bridal clutch, an engagement ring and wedding band set, a lace embellished ring pillow, a pair of something blue shoes, a getting ready robe, invitations, and more. Enjoy!

1. A pair of vintage inspired lace cuffs for the bride

By Joola Designs. Photo: Lisa Wareham. (P.S. Get 20% off orders $30+ with code JOOLA20)

lace cuffs winter - lace accessories weddings

by joola designs

2. This lovely lace ring pillow

From Laura Stark.

lace ring pillow by laura stark - lace accessories weddings

by laura stark

3. These beautiful-in-blue lace flats

From Walkin On Air.

blue lace flats by walkinonair - lace accessories weddings

by walkin on air

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