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Ring Bearer Pillow with Initials — Win It!

Giveaway inside! ♥

Hi, Happy Wednesday to you! So, have you picked out a ring pillow yet? If you’re opting for a traditional ring pillow (that’s what I did) for your ceremony, then we have a treat for you today. We’ve teamed up with the lovely Kayla of BE Timeless to offer a custom ring bearer pillow with initials to one lucky reader. This sweet, simple ring bearer pillow ties into any wedding theme you choose, whether it be traditional, rustic, modern, or even beach. There are custom colors available, which means this ring pillow will also coordinate beautifully with your color palette. Enough talking about it, on to the prize!

ring bearer pillow with initials

About the Prize

This giveaway is for a custom ring bearer pillow with initials. Size: 5″ x 5″ pillow. It is made with 100% cotton and stuffed with premium poly fill. The design is silk screened in one of these available colors: black, white, gray, blue, navy blue, red, or green. A satin ribbon is attached above the “+” sign. Available ribbon colors: white, ivory, black, yellow, gray (silver), or blue.

➳➳ Enter for a Chance to Win!

Here’s the giveaway form! Good luck + be sure to tell your friends.

o Enter between 10/29-11/4/14 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: 5×5 Ring Bearer Pillow with Initials
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to email or new winner will be selected
o FREE shipping included to the U.S.
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 3 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $14 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter


This P.S. Wedding planning woes? We’re here to help. ✉ Give us a shout-out and we’ll swoop in to help!


Rug Aisle Runner — Love It or Leave It? (VOTE)

Hi, loves! I have to say, I think we’ve officially seen it all. Have you heard of / seen this rug aisle runner trend? It’s interesting.

rug aisle runner

Oh, and I say interesting when I don’t know what to think.

rug aisle runner

I’ve really tried, you guys. But I just don’t get it. I just don’t like it. There, I said it. It’s not for me. Not to mention, it’s such a tripping hazard.

rug aisle runner
via twofold LA

So, here’s what I think: aisle runners deserve to be grand. Elegant. Full-length. Throw rugs deserve to be thrown around. Messy. Unkempt. Sometimes they’re luxuriously soft, delightful for warming under your feet while sipping on a hot cup of tea. They’re also the first place I look for Geppetto and Shadow when and the first place they go when throw rugs are fresh outta the dryer. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t see this being a trend that’ll stick around: I like throw rugs as throw rugs, not aisle runners.

I do, however, admire those who think outside the box like this. Maybe I just haven’t seen THE ONE that’s enough to win me over.

And hey, every wedding trend isn’t for everyone. That’s what makes weddings so fun and diverse and unique.

Enough about me. I’m passing this on to our trusty readers:

What do YOU think?

VOTE: Rug Aisle Runner

So, what says you? Do you like a rug aisle runner or do you think throw rugs belong at home? I already told you what I think; now it’s time to hear from you!



14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

What happens when you bring doors outdoors? Gorgeousness prevails, that’s what! We love wedding backdrops with doors, one of our most favorite ceremony detail. The more weathered + vintage-y the doors are, the better! To prove that wedding backdrops using doors is a stellar, always-trending idea, we’ve rounded up fourteen of ‘em. Get ready to break out the hammer + nails: you’re going to be on the lookout for castaway doors to re-purpose after this post!

Wedding Backdrops with Doors

1. Outdoor Ceremony Setup

outdoor wedding ceremony doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

photo: nathan nowack

2. Happily Ever After

wedding ceremony backdrop with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

photo: ellie grover | via 100layercake

3. Vintage Doors in Soft Colors

wedding ceremony backdrop with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: the nichols | via style me pretty

4. Beach Wedding Ceremony Backdrop with Doors

beach wedding ceremony backdrop with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: c baron photography | via style me pretty

5. Woodland Wedding

woodland ceremony idea | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: luminaire foto

6. Rustic Backdrop with Doors

rustic wedding ceremony with doors and today our lives become one sign | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | lindsey gomes | via glamour and grace

7. Vintage Doors for Wedding Ceremony

vintage wedding backdrop with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | stacey ramsey | via style me pretty

8. Winter Ceremony Backdrop Idea Using Wreaths

Winter Ceremony Backdrop Idea Using Wreaths

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: photo vision | via the lovely find

9. Outdoor Ceremony

wedding ceremony backdrop with doors outdoor wedding | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photos: john schnack

10. Fall Wedding Backdrop with Doors

fall wedding backdrop with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: laura leigh photo | via rustic wedding chic

11. Breathtaking Door as Entrance

ceremony door backdrop | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: j lucas reyes | bride and breakfast

12. Dark Weathered Look

dark wood wedding ceremony backdrops with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

via weddingbee

13. Weathered + Rustic Ceremony Doors

wedding ceremony decor backdrop with doors | via 14 Most Unique Wedding Backdrops with Doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: green door photography | style me pretty

14. From This Day Forward

from this day forward wedding ceremony backdrop with doors

wedding backdrops using doors | photo: liliedahl imaging

What do you think of wedding backdrops with doors? Which one is your favorite?



Hanging Mason Jar Vases: What Size to Use

Are you looking for chic ceremony decor? Just use hanging mason jar vases! But first… you have to admit that mason jars have pretty much taken over the wedding world. We’ve seen our beloved pint-sized jars used as drinking glasses, projects and insanely creative mason jar ideas, and we’ve even seen a plastic version of mason jars for non-glass venues. That’s how much they’re loved. Today we’re answering an Ask Emmaline question from Marie, who asks, “I’m hanging mason jar vases for my ceremony aisle. What size should I use?” Read on to find out…

decorate the ceremony aisle with hanging blue mason jar vases filled with flowers hanging mason jar vases

Hanging Mason Jar Vases

The right size for hanging mason jar vases is 16 oz (1 pint). This is the perfect size mason jar because your flowers and the amount of water you will need won’t make these jars too heavy to hang. We recommend hanging them from the back of each chair along the aisle (use a heavy wire and pliers around the base to create a loop; secure tightly and hang from a chair back).< Note: if you are making mason jar hanging vases, you'll want to make sure you use these. It will keep your flowers looking perfect all day long./p>

blue mason jars filled with white hydrangea flowers and attached to chairs hanging mason jar vases
photos above via classic creations

If you prefer, you can display your chic mason jar hanging vases from shepherd’s hooks along the aisle way. Want to make your own? Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make hanging mason jar flower vases.

via, LTR: we heart photography | chris loh photography via offbeat bride | etsy

Hope it helps, Marie!

Do you have a question? Just Ask Emmaline! Our team is happy to address your wedding issues + save you unnecessary stress. Submit your wedding questions here!


Why Rolled Wedding Programs Are So Much Easier

When you’re picking out wedding programs, you may not have considered why rolled wedding programs are more useful and sometimes even easier than traditional booklet programs or fan wedding programs. In this post, you’ll find out seven surprising reasons why rolled wedding programs are more useful than other wedding programs of its kind. Plus, take a look at one of the prettiest rolled wedding programs we’ve seen yet in brilliant blue watercolor by Paper Street Press. Enjoy!

Rolled Programs for Your Wedding

We’ve seen plenty of wedding programs come and go, but rolled wedding programs are a style that stick around.

rolled up wedding program with blue watercolor design

paper street press

Roll Up Wedding Programs

1. They’re short + sweet.

A roll up wedding program is one page in length (front-and-back), which means it gets straight to the point. Everything fits all on one sheet.

2. They offer a pop of color.

These rolled wedding programs (by Paper Street Press) are printed on two-sides. This allows for a bright burst of color to show, even when the programs are all rolled up.

rolled up wedding programs

paper street press

3. They’re easier to display.

Since rolled up wedding programs roll up to a nice small size, you can place them upward in a basket and it won’t take up much room at all.

rolled up wedding program in blue watercolor design

paper street press

4. Guests won’t miss them.

As mentioned with the pop of color, these are so striking that guests won’t be able to walk past without grabbing one.


6. They’re lightweight.

It’s one less heavy thing that needs to be transported to the ceremony!

7. They stay put.

Unlike wedding program booklets, rolled wedding programs have a piece of ribbon or twine attached so they won’t be flapping in the wind.

5. They’re usually less expensive.

Since they’re printed on one sheet and tied with baker’s twine, they require less materials to be made. Sometimes this means less money paid by you, which means you can stretch that wedding budget even further.

bottom of blue wedding programs with thank you

paper street press


They’re trending.

Rolled wedding programs are in right now, soaring past wedding fans and wedding booklets, which have been in the forefront in wedding program styles for the past few years. Brides are going back to basics, with rolled up programs being one of the big trends we’re projecting for 2015.

So… will you be using rolled wedding programs? If not, what type of wedding programs are you using instead? Share your wedding details below!



Photo of the Day » Groom Fist Pump

We love the many amazing reactions we see from new couples after the ceremony. Once it’s official, you bet you’ll be ready to celebrate. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite moments, selected as today’s Photo of the Day: the groom fist pump.

groom fist pump

photo: emily blake photography



7 Etsy Rustic Ring Pillow Alternatives

Planning a rustic wedding? You’ll want to pick decorations that will emphasize your selected theme. For instance, for a handmade touch, select an Etsy rustic ring pillow alternative such as a ring box or wood slice instead of a traditional ring pillow. We’ve rounded up seven rustic ring pillow alternatives we spotted on Etsy — specifically, PNZ Designs — to inspire your themed wedding day. Enjoy!

Etsy Rustic Ring Pillow Alternatives

1. Rustic Wood Slice Ring Pillow Alternative

One of my favorite alternatives? A rustic wood slice! I love this one.

wood slice ring pillow with monogramed names burned on top

2. Round Ring Box with ‘Love Never Fails’

ring box round with love never fails on top

3. Ring Bearer Box with ‘Love’

rustic ring box with love heart on top

4. Wood Ring Box with Monogram

wood ring box with monogram on top

5. Rustic Ring Boxes: ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’

bride groom ring boxes rustic painted

6. Antler Ring Box

rustic ring box antlers wood painted gray

7. Rustic Jewelry Box

rustic jewelry box ring pillow alternative with monogram on top

You can find more Etsy ring pillow alternatives in our very own handmade wedding Marketplace! We’re the handmade wedding blog and we love, love, loooove handmade everything.



Photo of the Day » Pink Peony Aisle Decor

It’s time for Photo of the Day! Today we’re showcasing this pink peony aisle decor. The light green chair sashes complement this hot pink peony color beautifully, wouldn’t you say?

aisle decor with pink peonies

spotted via a low country wed | photo: sean money + elizabeth fay

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