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This Ring Box Makes an Absolutely Beautiful Keepsake

It’s time for today’s handmade wedding find: a ring box keepsake! Be sure you’re subscribed so you never miss a post.

You know we love a classic ring pillow, but we’re always on the hunt for the new and unique twists that handmade weddings have to offer. One of our favorite ring pillow alternatives is a ring box. A ring box is typically made of wood and is definitely reusable. Couples use a ring box after the big day to hold treasures, like jewelry, valuables, or even their most treasured keepsakes (like a favorite necklace, ring, or, my favorite, baby’s nursery bracelet).

Today we’re sharing a new ring box that we know you’ll love from White Tulip Boutique. This wood box features an engraved Celtic cross on the top and moss placed inside as a “pillow” for your rings. The moss can be removed afterward, giving way to your treasures in your new keepsake box. This ring box is ideal for Irish weddings or church weddings. Take a look!

Wood Wedding Ring Box

Wood Wedding Ring Box / Ring Box Keepsake by White Tulip Boutique | via

by white tulip boutique

by white tulip boutique

Ring Box Keepsake

Isn’t it lovely?

You can find out more about this ring box here. If you’re planning an Irish wedding, you won’t want to miss this inspiring post.

Happy Planning!


How to Style Your Aisle with Peonies

Do you love peonies? Are you looking for serious inspiration for your ceremony aisle? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite peony aisle decor for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. While peonies are only in bloom for a small window of time — April through the end of May, if you’re lucky — they can really make your wedding aisle pop with prettiness! Read on to see how to style your aisle…

Peony Aisle Decor

Pink Peony Aisle Decor | photo: one and only paris |

via elizabeth anne designs | photo: one and only paris

Whether cupped or in full bloom, pink peonies are utterly gorgeous. They’re even lovely as-is — a long stem peony and a ribbon makes a simple yet elegant aisle decoration.

right: photo: moxie pix photos by dana via style me pretty, left: photo – gayle brooker

I love how these pink peonies pop against the dark wood pews:

Lush Pink Peony Aisle Decor in Church | | photo: one and only paris

photo: one and only paris via elizabeth anne designs

A lush arrangement of pink peonies in a wood box with greenery makes a modern aisle way really pop, like this one designed by LVL Weddings:

photo: kaysha weiner via style me pretty

Pink Peony Aisle Decor Flowers on Wood Chairs | | photo: jenna henderson

photo: jenna henderson via wedding chicks

peony bouquet wrapped in twine | | photo: lisa lefkowitz

photo: lisa lefkowitz via style me pretty

Create small bouquet arrangements and hang from chair backs down the aisle; or, use lanterns to display these blooms, along with candles (for night weddings).

left: photo: megan thiele via southern weddings | right: photo – portraits by lucinda

This arrangement, below, is one of my favorites: it contains pink peonies, white tulips, and an assortment of blush roses.

Pink Peony Aisle Decor on Chair | | photo: kristina lorraine

photo: kristina lorraine

Baby’s breath is a soft accent to pair with pink peonies, placed in simple glass vases, shown below. Alternatively, galvanized tubs filled with long-stem peonies and pink hydrangeas serve as modern romantic aisle decor.

right: tana photography via elizabeth anne designs

And, don’t forget about your chair at the reception.

Pink Peonies Chair Decor for Bride | | photo: christina szczupak

photo: christina szczupak

Handmade Peony Bouquet

Want your peonies to last forever? Here are some paper, clay, or silk options we spotted:

fake peony bouquet

flower decoration


flower decoration


handcrafts in studio

Pink Peony and Dusty Miller Bouquet

bragging bags

Pink Peony Bouquet Silk

bragging bags

What do you think of these peony aisle decor ideas?

Tell us with a comment below!


Scroll Wedding Programs — Ceremony Details

What kind of wedding programs will you use for your ceremony? One of our favorite styles is the rolled wedding program, also known as scroll programs. Scroll wedding programs are printed with your ceremony information (including the date, names of couple and wedding party, songs, order of events, etc.), hand-rolled, and tied with twine. The ceremony programs are then placed in a basket near the entrance of your ceremony, so guests can take one as they find their seats. To inspire you, we’ve hand-picked these scroll wedding programs from Paper Street Press as today’s handmade find of the day. They’re printed on high-quality paper and they’re also double-sided, which means you’ll see a pop of color (in your wedding color palette) even when the programs are rolled. What a great idea! Read on to see them…

Scroll Wedding Programs

Scroll Wedding Programs

programs by paper street press, photo: whyman studios

Scroll Wedding Programs

programs by paper street press

Scroll Wedding Programs

programs by paper street press

Scroll Wedding Programs

programs by paper street press

Where to Buy Rolled Wedding Programs

If you want to buy these programs (and to see other styles and paper goods), visit their shop.

Rustic Wedding Ring Box

What is a ring box? A wedding ring box is an alternative to a ring pillow, which is used as a vessel for holding your wedding rings until the exchange of vows.

While a traditional ring pillow can be used, many couples are choosing alternatives as a fun thematic touch. This rustic wedding ring box — today’s handmade-a-day pick — is one example. The box is handmade by Red Heart Creations and can be re-used after the ceremony as a safe place for holding your rings (if you’re cleaning or painting) or as a jewelry box.

Rustic Wedding Ring Box

Wedding Ring Box Holder

This ring box is hand made and finished to give it a distressed, loved-in feel. It features your initials on the top and can be used as a ring pillow alternative, photo prop, or as a keepsake at home. This rustic wedding ring box measures 2 5/8″ x 2 11/16″.

Rustic Wedding Ring Box | Wedding Ring Box Holder

Rustic Wedding Ring Box | Round Ring Box

Rustic Wedding Ring Box for Ceremony

Want to buy a wedding ring box of your own? Visit Red Heart Creations to get your box custom made! I want one just because it’s so charming; I can already picture where I would place it at home!

Comment below about what type of ring pillow (or alternative) you’re planning to use for your ceremony. We’d love to hear all about it!


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