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Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs

September 30, 2014

hile any necklace could technically be considered ‘wear-again’ after the wedding, today we set out on a mission to find wear again bridesmaid necklaces they’ll actually want to wear again — and not just for elegant occasions. These bridesmaid necklaces from Ava Hope Designs are designed for everyday wear, which means your bridesmaid gift to […]

You Had Me At… Card

September 29, 2014

e spotted this adorable you had me at card and just had to share! It features a speech bubble that is customized with the thing that made you fall in love with your future spouse. Mine? It would read, “You had me at dancing,” since Andrew asked me out to a formal dance when we […]

8 Remarkably Unique Wedding Prints by Theme

September 4, 2014

hen people ask us about the best engagement gift ideas, I can’t help but mention wedding prints as one of them. Customization is at the heart of a wedding — particularly handmade weddings — and personalized wedding art prints makes perfect sense. Artwork is a functional gift, which can be framed and displayed in the […]

Ask Emmaline: “What to Put in Bridesmaid Bags?”
(+ Giveaway #15)

August 15, 2014

oly smokes, you guys: you’ve been blowing up our Ask Emmaline inbox! Your wedding questions are awesome, our readers are the best on the planet, and we can’t wait to answer them all. Bride-to-be, Nicky, asks us, “I just bought cosmetic pouches for my bridesmaids, but I have no idea what to put in them. […]

5 Best Monthly Boxes to Try Right Now

August 14, 2014

ave you jumped onto the subscription boxes / monthly boxes bandwagon yet? Want to try the best monthly boxes out there? Get ready to start because we’re bringing them to you! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to test, try, and wait patiently for an entire slew of monthly boxes to tell you which ones truly […]

Love You to Infinity Gift Ideas

August 1, 2014

ho knew the infinity symbol could be so chic? We’ve been seeing a trend in infinity gift ideas lately and wanted to share some of our favorites. Read on to see which gift ideas made our list… Infinity Gift Ideas sources // 1 infinity bracelet | bare and me 2 infinity gift hoop | kimart […]

12 Manly, Totally Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas
(+ a Giveaway!)

July 30, 2014

o you want to give your groomsmen an awesome gift (especially since the bridesmaids are already getting one) but you’re stuck. What do you get? What do men want, need, or use? How can you say thanks, bro, without being overly sentimental or, let’s be honest, totally lame? Let us take care of the groomsmen […]

12 Monogrammed Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll Actually Love

July 16, 2014

Hi, loves! Emma here. I love monogrammed bridesmaid gifts: they’re personal and custom-made just for your recipient. Plus, since it has her initial on it, she’ll wear it / carry it / treasure it forever. We’ve hand-picked twelve of our favorite monogrammed things to share with you today. Which of these is your favorite? I’ve […]

21 Most Amazing Tea Towels for Wedding Showers

June 25, 2014

Tea towels for wedding showers. I know, quite specific, no? Let me explain. It all started when I spotted these tea towels over at Ruff House Art. You see, I have a thing for chevron print and, well, Jill + Brian’s design was pretty amazing. Not only do I love pretty prints, but I love […]

Wedding Day Gifts for Mom (+ Giveaway!)

June 25, 2014

Brides: has your mom been with you every step of planning your wedding? Do you want to give her a gift that she’ll love and cherish forever? We’ve teamed up with Things Remembered to show you a few hand-picked wedding day gifts for Mom as a token of your appreciation. Read on to see what […]

Subscription Box for Brides — The Bride Box

June 18, 2014

Hi, loves! Happy Wednesday! Remember when we talked about the best subscription boxes you could get? Today we’re highlighting one of them: The Bride Box. This is the premier subscription box for brides and we’re so excited to share what we received in last month’s special anniversary box! Read on to see + score a […]

Beard Oil + Rugged Salt Scrubs for Burly Groomsmen

June 16, 2014

Brawny beard oil. Rugged salt scrub. Hardy soap. These are three gift ideas you may not have considered for your groomsmen… until today, that is. We are proud to introduce Hart + Hawthorn, the newest Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride in The Marketplace. While other couples are buying store-bought groomsmen gifts, we know better: our […]

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