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Herkimer Diamond Earrings for Bridesmaids

Herkimer diamond earrings are today’s handmade find! Subscribe for the latest.

Herkimer diamond earrings your bridesmaids will love! By Gaia's Candy. via Emmaline Bride.

by gaia’s candy

Okay, you guys: you know I already love herkimer diamond rings. I have to say, herkimer earrings are my latest obsession! And while I think every bride should own a pair (especially these from Gaia’s Candy) since they sparkle and shine down the aisle, I think they also make unique bridesmaid gifts. You won’t believe the price! These earrings are today’s handmade-a-day pick!

8 Gold Bridal Party Gifts That Really Pop

thank you for helping us tie the knot bracelet

by mod party

Hello, loves! Happy Monday! We’re kicking off a brand new week of wedding inspiration with a fun round-up for brides (and their bridesmaids) who love metallic gold. With fall and winter weddings on the horizon, we’ll be seeing a huge boom of gold color palettes, invitations, decorations, and gifts to come. The other day, I found these lovely gold metallic offerings over at Mod Party and couldn’t wait to share them with you. These gifts are not only fun and practical… they’re totally affordable, too! You’re sure to find something your bridesmaids will love right here. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Groomsmen Gift for Whiskey Lovers

We’re sharing an awesome groomsmen whiskey carrier today as our handmade-a-day find! Be sure to subscribe for future gift ideas like this one.

groomsmen whiskey carrier with glasses | by hostandtoaststudio |

by host and toast studio

When we find a groomsmen gift we know they don’t already have, we can’t wait to share it with you. This is one of our latest favorites and makes a perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur(s) in your life. The groomsmen whiskey carrier is handmade with love by Host + Toast Studio and features a laser-etched personalized design on a wood grain surface. The glasses are included!

20 Best Yoga Bridesmaid Gifts on Etsy

Do you have a bridesmaid who loves yoga? She’ll love these yoga gifts to inspire balance, zen, and tranquility. Find out more below! P.S. Subscribe now for future articles like this!

yoga charm necklaces

by zenned out

Are you looking for the best yoga bridesmaid gifts? You’ve come to the right place! And we haven’t just found one, we’ve found twenty of them! Since we love helping you pick out bridesmaid gift ideas for your besties, we’ve curated this gift list with our favorite finds including bridesmaid yoga pants, tank tops, yoga mat bags, lotus jewelry, artwork, and more! Each item is from Etsy and handmade with lots of extra love and zen. Read on to see what made the list!

Jewelry for Sister-in-Law Bridesmaid Gift? – Ask Emmaline

It’s time for an Ask Emmaline wedding question! Be sure to subscribe for future wedding advice questions like this.

Bride-to-be Elisa wrote us with a question about picking out the perfect bridesmaid gift for her soon-to-be sister-in-law. She says,

“Dear Emmaline, I’m picking out bridesmaid gifts and I am completely stumped on one of my girls, Carrie… she’s my future sister-in-law and we’re not very close yet. We get along great, but we just haven’t really had that much time to get to know each other as much as my other bridesmaids. I want to get her a gift she will like but I don’t want to mess up on style. Do you have any suggestions for jewelry that is great for everyday wear she might like? She wears jewelry a lot so I know she likes it and mostly in silver tones (but she also wears gold sometimes). Any help for a sister-in-law gift she will love?”

Elisa, jewelry is a great gift idea! I love that you included her jewelry preference (mostly silver tones versus gold), as it makes picking out the style a lot easier — silver vs. gold is half the battle! Your email included such a sincere question and I think many brides find themselves in a similar situation. You’re picking out gifts for members of your wedding party, many of whom include family members of your spouse that will soon be a part of your family, too. But it’s not always easy to pick a gift when you aren’t as close (yet!) as you may be with other members of your wedding party. And I wholeheartedly love that you care so much about picking a gift she’ll love, which shows just how lucky she is to be gaining a new sister like you!

To help you pick the perfect versatile bridesmaid gift, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tried-and-true jewelry pieces. If you see one that looks like her style, just click on the photo and you can find out more from the artist directly on their shop (or other similar styles by the artist who designed it). And hopefully one of these finds will be the perfect gift for Carrie. Fingers crossed we have a home-run today with one of these!

Bridesmaid Gifts for Sister in Law

1. This sweet bangle bracelet

It’s sure to bring happy tears to her eyes. It also covers the three S’s: 1) silver-toned, 2) sentimental, 3) sister-in-law geared. Handmade by Honey Thorns.

i gained a sister when i married your brother

bracelet: honey thorns

These Hair Tie Bracelets Are A Beautiful Solution

hair tie bracelets set |

by bela bracelets

We all know a hair tie on the wrist is ugly, but what’s a girl to do when she needs one at a moment’s notice? Emma here and I am always equipped with a spare hair tie in case of an emergency hair bun or top knot. However, I cringe when I see photos with a hair tie around my wrist or the dreaded red wrist indent from a too-tight hair tie. That’s why these hair tie bracelets from Bela Bracelets are a winning combination! It is a hair tie and bracelet in one. Find out more…

15 Best Gifts for the Bride from Groom

We’re sharing the best gifts for the bride from groom in today’s post! Make sure you subscribe for future posts like this!

15 Best Gifts for the Bride from Groom |

Hey, Grooms: this post is for you! What are the best gifts for the bride from groom? We’ll tell you in today’s blog post! But first, whether to give the bride (or groom) a gift on the wedding day is a common question especially after we published this.

mrs necklace | via 15 Best Gifts for the Bride from Groom |

by urban layered

Should you do it? Well, it really comes down to your own personal preference (and budget). I’ve seen it done both ways. Some couples find a wedding day gift exchange to be a fun thing to do (or even as a way to surprise the groom or bride) before the ceremony. I’ve also seen couples skipping this new custom altogether. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. If you do want to send a gift to your bride while she’s getting ready with her bridesmaids, here are some awesome gift ideas! Read on to see fifteen best gifts for the bride from groom with an Ask Emmaline question from groom-to-be, Mark…