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10 Cute Flower Girl Gift Ideas

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Hi, lovelies! It’s Friday and we’re zoning in on flower girl gifts today! It is customary for the bride to give a gift to her flower girl (same with bridesmaids and groomsmen) as a thank you for being a part of your wedding. If you are wondering what it should be, we’re here to help! Before we begin, don’t let the gift-giving overwhelm you; the flower girl’s gift should be a small token of your appreciation. For example, a piece of jewelry, a jewelry box, or a personalized purse are just a few ideas she’ll love to have as a keepsake. To illustrate these flower girl gift ideas, we’ve rounded up ten handmade finds we know she’ll adore. One less thing on your to-do list, we say! Enjoy!

Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

We begin with this pretty hair crown we spotted over at KimArt. This is an ideal hair crown for a bohemian or garden wedding.

1. This pretty hair crown

Flower Girl Headband | Handmade Flower Girl Gifts

flower girl headband | by kimart, photo: 3 cats photo

Wedding Vow Art

wedding vow art

by b is for brown

Have you decided your wedding vows yet? Are you writing your own, opting for traditional vows, or a little bit of both? Either way, you’ll love this wedding vow art by the lovely folks at B is for Brown. This wall art makes a brilliant gift for the bride and groom, who can submit the answers to the statement: “I promise to…” In this example below, the groom promises things like, “open all the jars with difficult lids”, “let you borrow my sweatpants“, and “sip your cocoa first to make sure it isn’t too hot for you.” The bride was equally sweet, with “I promise to… make your birthday a big deal”, “give you the last bite (most of the time)”, and my personal favorite: “play Halo with you even though I’m bad at it”. Take a look!

These Bridesmaid Necklaces with Initials Make Cute Gifts

initial necklace | by Palomaria | bridesmaid necklaces initials |

by palomaria

Hi, loves! One of the best bridesmaid gifts you can give is a personalized one, since it is made just for her. One of the easiest (and most functional) gifts you can give are initial necklaces for bridesmaids. There are dozens of beautiful designs out there, but lately we’ve been swooning over the collection at Palomaria because they’re so insanely unique. These necklaces are handmade, customized with each bridesmaid’s initial, and are even created in any color palette you choose. This means you can coordinate the necklaces with the season in which you’re tying the knot, her favorite colors, or your wedding color palette. To show you just how lovely they are, I’ve gathered up a few of my personal favorites from the shop. Which one do you like best? I’m really digging the style above, as well as the purple flower necklaces you’ll see later in this post. Read on to see them all!

50 Most Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

It’s here, it’s here! The ultimate (annual) gift guide for mom is right here! Check it out below + show some love to our handmade artisans featured below. Oh, and by the way, are you subscribed yet?

love you mom pears by skyeart

by skyeart

We are so excited to share the best mom gift ideas with you! We love doing this round-up every year and we’ve included some new and incredibly unique finds! If you’re looking for gifts to say thank you to mom on your wedding day (or Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner), we’ve rounded-up 50+ of them right here to give you some ideas. We’ve found a little something for everyone with emphasis on functional, thoughtful, and re-usable gifts they’re sure to love. So, go get a huge cup of coffee and get ready to dive in to the guide below because these finds are pretty amazing. Enjoy!

5 Wedding Registry Gifts for Coffee Lovers

wifey coffee mug

by deighan design

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. If you’ve been following me on Twitter for some time now, you’re more than aware how much I love coffee. There’s a quote I heard once that I find absolutely true: “There’s a time and a place for decaf. The time is never and the place is in the trash.” Haha. I couldn’t agree more. Now that I’m pregnant (in the home stretch now!), I haven’t been able to partake in my favorite beverage, but once Baby Boy is here I’m going right back to it. Anyway, all this coffee talk has made me think about your wedding registry and how, if you love coffee like me, you should definitely add coffee themed gifts to your list. We’re sharing our five favorite gifts for coffee lovers with you today in the hopes it helps you with your own wedding registry — or helps a friend pick out the best gifts for coffee lovers! Read on to see what we’ve found…

Personalized Jewelry for Mom on your Wedding Day

dear mom i love you bangle bracelet

by georgie designs

Picture it: it’s your wedding day, your mom has just helped you put on your gown, placed your veil perfectly, and she’s admiring you in the mirror (while wiping away a few tears). Now is the perfect time to give her a gift to say thank you for all she has done to help you plan this perfect day — but most of all, for always being there for you. Your wedding day is emotionally charged for her, as she realizes you’re no longer her little girl. That’s why we know a special gift is something to remind her that now you’re a wife, but you’ll always be her daughter. Today we’re sharing a few personalized jewelry gifts for mom on your wedding day we know she’ll appreciate and treasure forever. Read on to see what we’ve spotted over at Georgie Designs, one of our favorite go-to places for personalized, sentimental jewelry gifts. Enjoy!

“Ring Bearer Gift Ideas?” – Ask Emmaline

ring bearer gift ideas preteen or teenage | photo: she wanders |

photo: she wanders

It’s time for a new Ask Emmaline question! This question was sent in to us from bride-to-be, Brianna. She asks,

I have asked my god brother to be my ring bearer, which is a little non-traditional because he will be 13 at the time of the wedding. But, he is super excited to participate! I’ve gotten gifts for pretty much everyone in the wedding party already, but I am totally stumped when it comes to him. Any ideas? Thanks!”

First of all, that’s awesome your god brother is so excited to be a part of your day! When it comes to a preteen or teenage ring bearer, the gift-giving rules change quite a bit. The sheriff badges, mini baseball bats, and coloring books or toys don’t exactly apply. You’ll want to give him a gift that makes him feel more grown-up like the groomsmen, but age-appropriate, too. I’ve consulted Andrew on this one because, well, he’s a guy and I am not. I tossed some ideas around with him and then he gave me his take on what he’d like to get if he was in your god brother’s shoes. So, here’s what we decided on together that we know will make him smile!