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Newly Engaged? Here’s a Cute Gift Idea

Remember when we talked about what to do after getting engaged? Well, one of the things I said you would need was a solid notebook. A 5 x 8″ notebook like this will do just fine; it’s simple, easy-to-carry anywhere, and contains plenty of pages to last a long time. You never know when creativity or wedding planning ideas will strike, so you’ll want to be ready with a pen and a pad of paper. Another thing you’ll want to have is a portfolio organizer, which will keep business cards (from wedding pros you meet), address labels (with your address to stick on giveaway forms at wedding shows), color swatches, a pen, and said notebook (mentioned above) all in one place. And I’ll bet you’ve never seen a portfolio organizer as cute as these by Allisa Jacobs.

Oh, and she’s having an awesome giveaway right now but I’ll get to that in a minute.

yellow polka dot portfolio organizer via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com

Newly Engaged Gift Idea: Portfolio Organizer

This chic portfolio organizer is one of our favorite items by Allisa Jacobs. Could these be any cuter? They’re pretty much 10/10 on the cuteness scale.

portfolio organizer polka dots via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com

Each portfolio organizer features two interior pockets and a panel made of the highest quality designer print fabric. Your favorite pen (we all have one; this is mine!) tucks into its own spot, so you’ll never be all, “Um, can I borrow your pen?” No one wants to be that person. And then you never return the pen…

portfolio organizer via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com

It is made with heavy natural cotton and has an elastic to keep everything all pulled together.

elastic on back of portfolio via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com

Plus, they’re covered in the sweetest patterned fabric. I’m having trouble picking a favorite, can you tell?

However, I do looooove this Southwestern design.

southwestern porfolio organizer design via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com


lotsa colors portfolio via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com

notepad organizer floral via newly engaged gift idea at EmmalineBride.com

And you’ll definitely be using this long after the wedding planning is over. I need a notebook with me at all times. Grocery lists in my head? Forget about it. I always forget the eggs. Somehow I never forget the ice cream. But that’s another story for another day.

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Get These + Enter a Giveaway

You can find these + equally adorable clutches (and more) at Allisa Jacobs. As I mentioned, she is offering a giveaway right now for a copy of my book + a $50 gift card to her shop! Get to it!


P.S. Are you having wedding planning woes? Shout out and we’ll help you out. It’s just one of the ways we’re the #1 blog for wedding planning.


She Stole His Last Name – Wedding Gift Idea

We love popping in to Geezees to see what’s new. One of our favorite new canvases just released is this one that features different dates to tell your story. For instance, it features the date he stole her heart, popped the question, and she stole his last name. Cute idea for a wedding present!

she stole last name

She Stole His Last Name Canvas

Want to grab one of your own? Head over to Geezees! There are so many lovely canvases to see!



Getting Ready Robe – Doie

Getting Ready Robe - Doie

Doie. If you’re not familiar yet, listen up because these getting ready robes from Doie are taking the wedding world by storm! You’ve probably heard of a getting ready robe in the past, you know, the kind you wear the morning of the wedding, while you’re filling out one of these.

Getting Ready Robe – Doie

Getting Ready Robe - Doie

Now, if I was planning my wedding, as I did a few years back, I’d be wondering the same thing you probably are. “Cute,”but, “is it comfy? Does it cover me? Will it fit? Is it soft? Should I really get one? Can I fit it into my budget?” We ask so many questions, no? With these robes, though, I have to say… the answer is yes all around. The only problem you’ll have is trying to pick a favorite design and color combination from their gorgeous choices.

Getting Ready Robe - Doie

I actually have a getting ready robe from Doie and it is LUXURIOUSLY soft. I’ve had robes in the past, but this? This one is my favorite. It’s honestly the first thing I look forward to putting on when I’ve had a long day and need to relax and want to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee. To paint my nails. To put on makeup. To snuggle Baby Andrew, who loves the satin trim so much that he’s always grabbing and pulling at it while I try to change him. I grab my Doie robe to make cocoa at night. To watch Netflix reruns. Speaking of, did you know Gilmore Girls is on reruns? I’m on Season Two and Lorelai is being proposed to by Max and there are so many funny and cute things that happen. The 1000 yellow daisies? I die. And could they drink any more coffee? Every five minutes it’s coffee this, coffee that. And I thought I was a coffee addict. How amazing is Melissa McCarthy, all the way back then? She is. Oh, and Luke & Loreai? I hope that happens. Sorry, Max. But I digress.

Getting Ready Robe - Doie

So, anyways, stop wondering about whether or not you really need one and head over to Doie. Pick out a favorite style. It’s one wedding thing you’ll be able to reuse and enjoy for a long, long time. Oh, and might I add: they wash up really nicely. You’ll want to wash on the delicate cycle, cold water, and hang dry. That’s what I did for mine and it came out just as lovely as it did when it arrived after ordering.


credits //

styled shoot: Valorie Darling Photography | makeup by Artistry by Danika, hair by Trace Henningsen

bridesmaids photo: Maggie Thalheimer of Gerber and Scarpelli


Moroccan Wedding Jewelry by Marolsha

Do you remember when we talked about moroccan wedding inspiration? Well, we were browsing over at Marolsha recently and spotted Maddy’s ethereal collection of moroccan wedding jewelry and it brought us right back to that awe-inspiring theme. So, we decided to gather up all the pretty moroccan wedding jewelry we could find in her shop and put it into a post for you. And here it is! Give a pair of these ornate earrings to your bridesmaids or Maid of Honor as a keepsake from your day. Oh, and fair warning: it will be very difficult to pick a favorite!

Moroccan Wedding Jewelry

gold filigree earrings - Moroccan Wedding Jewelry by Marolsha

So, what do you think? Are you planning a moroccan wedding? Tell us about it or about which of these pieces is your favorite. I’m really digging those cobalt and gold ones…

Moroccan Wedding Jewelry

Like what you see here? Head over to Marolsha for more, including moroccan wedding jewelry (and other beautiful finds).



Bridesmaid Clutch Sets with Secret Message Inside

Hi, loves! Okay, so I spotted these bridesmaid clutch sets over at Davie & Chiyo and holy wow, talk about gorgeous! But first, let’s just swoon for a moment at this pretty little number. Blush pink = my favorite color. That bow? The perfect girly detail. Essentially this is my dream clutch purse…

blush classic bow clutch - bridesmaid clutch sets

And, this navy blue and white polka dot liner? Perfection.

bridesmaid clutch sets

The whole package is gorgeous, right? I know. And then this happened.

I dug a little deeper and saw these these bridesmaid clutch sets can be MISMATCHED, which makes total sense because each girl is unique with a style all her own. Why buy the same style purse for each bridesmaid?

bridesmaid clutch sets

Yet, they all go together beautifully, since the bridesmaid clutch sets are designed with a similar color palette in mind.

bridesmaid clutches

blush classic bow clutch - bridesmaid clutches

But the icing on the cake with these clutches is the special message tag on the inside.

message in bridesmaid clutch - bridesmaid clutch sets

Love it? Head over to Davie & Chiyo because there’s so much more to see!


Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs

While any necklace could technically be considered ‘wear-again’ after the wedding, today we set out on a mission to find wear again bridesmaid necklaces they’ll actually want to wear again — and not just for elegant occasions.

wear again bridesmaid necklaces

These bridesmaid necklaces from Ava Hope Designs are designed for everyday wear, which means your bridesmaid gift to her will become her favorite new daily accessory. Take a peek at the handpicked necklaces that struck a chord with my little handmade heart…

Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces

gold initial necklace with pendant | Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from EmmalineBride.comWear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from EmmalineBride.com

This quatrefoil necklace = my favorite!

quatrefoil gold necklace | Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from EmmalineBride.com

But really, how can you argue with any of these?

Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from EmmalineBride.com

Which of these wear again bridesmaid necklaces is your favorite? Heck, I’d buy ‘em all as gifts for the holidays! You, too? Tell us below with a comment! And, be sure to stop by + shop at Ava Hope Designs for these pretties (and dozens more).


Ava Hope Designs isn’t just about creating beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces. Terri, the owner of AHD, named her store in memory of her sweet niece, Ava Hope. For every item sold, $1 is donated to The Brigham & Women NICU in her honor. You can read more about Ava Hope here. So far, she has raised over $5000!



You Had Me At… Card

You Had Me At Card - fill it in with your custom answer

We spotted this adorable you had me at card and just had to share! It features a speech bubble that is customized with the thing that made you fall in love with your future spouse. Mine? It would read, “You had me at dancing,” since Andrew asked me out to a formal dance when we first met. I love dancing, and a guy who wants to take you out and get dressed up and dance the night away? Well, suffice it to say, he was The One for me! What would yours say?

Give this adorable card to your groom- or bride-to-be the morning of the wedding, similar to the I Can’t Wait to Marry You card.

card: LittleLow

What would YOURS say?


8 Remarkably Unique Wedding Prints by Theme

When people ask us about the best engagement gift ideas, I can’t help but mention wedding prints as one of them. Customization is at the heart of a wedding — particularly handmade weddings — and personalized wedding art prints makes perfect sense. Artwork is a functional gift, which can be framed and displayed in the home of the newlyweds for years to come. A personalized wedding print can also be used as a makeshift guest book, onto which guests sign around the edges at the reception. (A guest book on the wall? You’ll definitely look at it more than a closed book on your shelf!) Today we are introducing eight of our favorite new wedding prints by theme by the talented Michael Dexter Design. But we want to know: which one is perfect for your big day?

yes engagement print with birds | via wedding prints personalized by theme

Wedding Prints Personalized with Date, Names + Theme

1. Beach Wedding Themed Art Prints

beach chairs in sand print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

2. Bicycle Wedding Themed Art Prints

bicycle wedding theme print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

3. Bird Wedding Themed Art Prints

bird wedding theme print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

4. Modern Wedding Themed Art Prints

modern wedding theme print love | via wedding prints personalized by theme

5. Nautical Wedding Themed Art Prints

nautical wedding theme print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

6. Offbeat Wedding Themed Art Prints

offbeat wedding theme print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

We spotted a Day of the Dead wedding print, too!

day of the dead wedding print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

7. School Wedding Themed Art Prints

when i grow up im going to marry print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

8. Vintage Wedding Themed Art Prints

vintage wedding theme print | via wedding prints personalized by theme

We are showing eight of our favorites, but there’s definitely more to see! Special Offer Mention you found Michael Dexter Design on Emmaline Bride and receive a FREE non-personalized print shipped along with your order. Go there now.

Michael Dexter Design is a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride. Want to join the fun + share your handmade work with our readers? Apply here.


If you love wedding themes, don’t miss this!

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