7 Wedding Invitation Mistakes to Avoid

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Selecting your wedding invitations is a big step in the planning process and we want you to do it with confidence. Today we’re sharing seven of the most common wedding invitation mistakes to avoid with everything from selecting an invitation to deciding your budget – even assembly and postage. We also have a few tips to save you time and save you money in the process! Read on to find out more…

Here’s a brilliant idea: save money with a RSVP postcard!

rsvp wedding postcard

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Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #1: Skipping the theme.

Give your guests something to get excited about, whether it is a traditional ballroom dinner, a beach-side ceremony, or a rustic woodland wedding, complete with barn reception. In The Handcrafted Wedding, I discuss how your wedding invitation is an excellent first impression given to guests. Use your wedding invitation to set the tone and theme of your event.

I love this invite, it’s so pretty!


by jpstationery

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #2: Not setting a budget.

Wedding invitations are a custom product, which means if you’re hiring a stationer (or even printing your own) you can expect to pay a solid portion of your budget. We recommend turning to handmade artisans who offer plenty of fresh, stylish designs in a variety of budgets to suit your needs. (Browse our hand-picked artisans now in The Marketplace!) You can also check out a local print shop and get an estimate of what will work with your budget. A small budget can stay on track with a little creative cost-cutting. For example, instead of a reply card with envelope, consider a postcard reply instead. It will cut costs a bit and save money on postage (since a postcard stamp costs less than a standard envelope).

This invitation is simple and elegant. Plus, it comes with an RSVP postcard.

kraft wedding invitations with postcard rsvp by smilingtag

by smiling tag

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #3: Waiting too long to place an order.

Once you’ve selected the perfect wedding invitation, put down that deposit. Work with the printer to establish a timeline that works with their schedule and yours, leaving a little leeway just in case for assembly, addressing, and delivery to the post office.

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #4: Incorrect postage. (This one’s a doozy.)

Thanks to my mother’s advice I took one of my wedding invitations to the post office, fully assembled, to find out the amount of postage. I was informed that my envelope was slightly too bulky, even though the size was conducive to the ‘standard’ mailing size; therefore, we would need to apply additional postage to each invitation. The post office lady informed me that if I hadn’t brought in a sample, every invitation would have been marked ‘insufficient postage’ with an ugly red stamp and returned to my address days later. Every. last. one. What a nightmare! Disaster averted – hopefully you’ll heed the same amazing advice.

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #5: Forgetting to proofread.

Proofread. Proofread like there’s no tomorrow. Read it over in the morning, post-coffee; read it over on the train; read it over when you’re trying to fall asleep. Ask your fiance to read it over. Your mother. Your best friend. Your cat. Get everyone to read it over before you send your little check mark approval to the printer. Nothing would be a bigger bummer than a misspelling, an incorrect address, wrong time, date, or names.

What to Do If It’s Too Late

Mistakes happen! If you notice an error with your invitation, assess the situation. Is it a small, almost-non-existent error, such as a misspelling? Let it go. If the mistake is essential to the event – such as the location, date, or time – you could send stylish postcard notices to fix the error. I’ve received a postcard in the past with updated information and it was no big deal. (In fact, I didn’t even realize there was a mistake in the first place.) If you have a wedding website (or Facebook), update it with the correct information. However, don’t rely on your website to share the news, as you may not reach all guests. Finally, don’t freak out: at the end of the day, the wedding will still go on!

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #6: Who needs a sample, anyway?

If you walk away with one nugget of wisdom from today’s post, let it be this: always purchase a sample. Having a sample in hand can be extremely helpful when deciding between two designs, choosing a designer to suit your unique style, figuring out if the blue color you see on your screen properly matches the blue in your color palette (monitor resolutions can be tricky), and getting a feel for the quality of the invitations. A few dollars spent will be worth it in the long run, especially if you receive the invitation and decide to go with something else (which would cost more than a cup of coffee). Most designers can get a sample out to you fairly quickly, too, so your timeline will still be right on schedule.

Wedding Invitation Mistakes → #7: Including your registry information.

The wedding invitation should never include information about where the couple has registered. Save that information solely for the bridal shower invitation.

Which of these wedding invitation mistakes have you seen before? Tell us in the comments below!

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