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Are Paper Wedding Flowers Better?

January 15, 2014 | 39 Comments

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Paper flowers are in… and they’re radder than ever. We’ve been asked why brides would pick paper wedding flowers instead of the real deal, and our answer is always the same: why not? We love fragrant flowers like the next person, but there’s something special about keeping your bouquet long after the wedding is over. Read on to find out whether paper wedding flowers are better PLUS toss your name in the hat for a chance to win a gorgeous, totally-custom-made paper bouquet by The Little Red Button. In your colors. For FREE. Don’t miss it!

Are Paper Wedding Flowers Better?

Are Paper Wedding Flowers Better?

We can’t make the decision for you, but we think paper wedding flowers boast some serious benefits over fresh flowers. Here’s why:

1. Longevity

Let’s face it: paper flowers last forever. The lifespan of fresh flowers is much shorter, with some bouquets lasting only a few days past the wedding. Paper wedding flowers, since they’re made of paper, require no care and last for eternity. You can use them as home decor after the big day.

2. Cost

Paper flowers can range in cost, but even the most expensive paper wedding flowers will save you money. Instead of using them for a day, you’ll be enjoying them forever. No money thrown away here!

3. Color selection

Have you picked your color palette, but you’re not crazy about the flowers within those shades? Are your dream flowers out of season? Paper wedding flowers are always in season. You can pick any color under the sun. Any style bud is always in bloom.

4. Customization

A paper wedding bouquet is handmade and custom-made, just for you. Make it big and bold, or keep it small and simple. Size, design, and personalization is entirely up to you.

5. Sustainability

And, last but not least, paper flowers can weather even the most humid summer afternoon. No need to keep your blooms cold until it’s go-time: paper wedding flowers are ready when you are. No wilting. No incessant sneezing. No bees attracted to the scent. No heavy bouquet to carry. Just a lightweight, beautiful blooming bouquet that’s made just for you.

So… are paper wedding flowers really better? We think so, at least for your bouquet! But that’s really up to you. We love us some fragrant blooms, but you can always put those to good use in other areas of your wedding (centerpieces, floral arrangements, and aisle decor, just to name a few).

Not convinced? You will be once you see ‘em! Here are some of our hand-picked favorites by The Little Red Button to inspire you, beginning with our Editor’s Pick:

Aqua + Lime Green*

*Emmaline Bride Editor’s Pick

aqua lime green paper wedding flowersaqua and lime green paper wedding bouquet

Navy Blue, Black + White

wedding paper flowers navy blue and whitepaper wedding flowers navy black

Purple + Green

purple green ivory paper wedding flowers bouquet

Deep Purple (+ Crystal)

purple paper bouquetup close purple paper bouquet

Hot Pink + Green

hot pink and green wedding bouquethot pink and green paper wedding flowers


white wedding flower bouquet made of paper


yellow paper flower bouquets

Win a Paper Flower Bouquet!

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite paper wedding flowers, it’s time to win a bouquet of your very own! One lucky winner will receive a custom paper flower bouquet by The Little Red Button valued up to $200! The bouquet will be made custom for the bride in her choice of colors. Free shipping included anywhere! Winner must claim bouquet within one year. Enter between 1/15-1/21/14 (11:59pm EST) for your chance to win. Use entry form below. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on this post on 1/22. Winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 72 hours (or a new winner will be selected). No cash value. No purchase necessary. Good luck!

Are Paper Wedding Flowers Better?

Pick your favorite color combination or have your custom bouquet made in YOUR wedding colors!

Happy Planning!


What do you think? Do you like paper wedding flowers?


  • Johny Salsen

    @flower station says, Wow!! So creatively design paper flowers.

  • Gabby P

    I love the Paper Flower Bouquet in Yellow, Grey, Kusudama, and Paper Rose. It is so cheery and fun!

  • rebecca greeno

    the Paper Flower Boutonniere is really different.

  • Shar

    I like this red & white bouquet: http://www.etsy.com/listing/104986892/paper-flower-bouquet-wedding-red-white?ref=shop_home_active_6
    I am looking for a white & cream or a cream & beige colored bouquet but I didn’t see one.

  • Kerry Donovan

    I <3 the Red & White Bouquet!!!

  • Justyne M

    i love the Paper Lotus, Music Sheet and Green, Wedding Decor, Wedding Bouquet, Home Decorations, Event Decorations by The Little Red Button on Etsy

  • Casey Barreto
  • Kaylene

    The paper lotus is awesome!!

  • Jen Razz

    I also like the gold and black flowers

  • Jen Razz

    I like the rose toss bouquet in red, chocolate and iced cocoa

  • rebecca greeno

    Paper Flower Bouquet, Wedding, Blue, Ivory, Silver, Paper Rose would be perfect for my Tahoe wedding.

  • Lydia Walstad

    The purple paper rose bouquet is beautiful!

  • Justyne M

    i like the Paper Flower Bouquet, Wedding, Black, Book Page Paper Rose

  • Casey Barreto

    Its so difficult to pick a favorite, I really love them all. I’m really enjoying how well this light blue and white bouquet goes together.


  • Casey Barreto

    I’m really enjoying the white bouquet shown above with different colored buttons in the middle. Thinking white flowers with coral buttons would be perfect!

  • rebecca greeno

    Paper Flower Bouquet, Wedding, Blue, Ivory, Silver, Paper Rose would be perfect for my Tahoe wedding.

  • Jen Razz

    I like the hot pink and green

  • Casey Barreto

    The purple paper bouquet is very interesting!

  • Justyne M

    i like the Paper Flower Boutonniere, Wedding, Book Page, Buttons, Rose

  • rebecca greeno

    Paper Flower Bouquet, Wedding, Blue, Ivory, Silver, Paper Rose would be perfect for my Tahoe wedding.

  • Jen Razz

    I like the black and grey togethrr

  • Casey Barreto

    The red white and blue toss bouquet would be perfect for a July wedding!

  • Kerry Donovan

    I adore the red & white bouquet <3

  • Tawndra Neal

    I love the blue/black/white bouquet.

  • Jen Razz

    I also like the maroon and teal together

  • http://comewagalong.com/ Kia Tinsley

    I like the Navy Blue, Black + White bouquet

  • Justyne M

    I like the Wedding, White, Fuschia, Blue, Vintage Map, Kusudama, Paper Rose Bouquet

  • http://www.elsiemaydesigns.com/ Elsie May Wedding Stationery

    There are some really lovely designs but I think you can’t beat a beautiful bouquet of real flowers!

  • rebecca greeno

    Paper Flower Bouquet, Wedding, Blue, Ivory, Silver, Paper Rose would be perfect for my Tahoe wedding.

  • Jen Razz

    The blue ivory and silver go well together

  • Kerry Donovan

    I adore the, Red & White Rose Bouquet w/ the Chrystal Trinity Decorations <3 <3 <3

  • Justyne M

    i like the Wedding, Yellow, Grey, Kusudama, Paper Rose Bouquet

  • Casey Barreto
  • Casey Barreto

    I have been dying for an origami/paper bouquet for the longest time! I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed on this one.
    I love how romantic the red and white paper roses look together.

  • Kaylene

    The boutonnieres are soo cute!

  • Morgan Worsfold

    So hard to pick a favourite! Either the deep purple.. or the blue, black and white.

  • Sonja

    I love both – flowers and paper flowers. But this Bouquets are beautiful.

  • Shirley

    The wedding blue, ivory, silver, paper rose bouquet is stunning!!

  • Tammie Treibley

    I love paper bouquets. I would love to make one, or win one for my bridesmaid!

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