Comfy Sweatpants for Bridesmaids

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by sister9designs | photo: lindsay madden

When we talked about these getting ready rules recently, we had no idea how many awesome Ask Emmaline questions we’d receive! Today we’re tackling a question from Rachel, who asks,

Dear Emmaline, I know there are robes, shirts, and other apparel for bridesmaids getting ready. Do you have any suggestions for shorts or sweatpants? I want something my bridesmaids can lounge in around the house that will keep them warm after the wedding. Thanks!


Great question, Rachel! Even if you love button-down shirts or beautiful robes, we know that sweatpants are also a girl’s best friend. If you think your bridesmaids would be more comfortable in a pair of tried-and-true sweats, then these bridesmaid sweatpants from Sister9Designs are a perfect choice! You can even have them personalized with each bridesmaid’s name on the front. Take a look…

When to Take Off Heels at Wedding? – Ask Emmaline

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by walkin on air

It’s Saturday and we know you’re probably knee-deep in wedding planning (or at least you want to cross something off of your list). Earlier this week, we tackled the question of when to take off your veil at your wedding. After the post, we invited you to submit an Ask Emmaline question and Julie sent us this one! She asks,

Hi Emmaline! I picked out a pair of heels to wear for the ceremony, but I usually don’t like wearing heels for a long period of time. I’m worried my feet will hurt. How soon can I take them off at the reception? Or am I supposed to wear them all night?


Hey, Julie! You’re not alone– I’d venture to guess that most brides (and guests!) feel the same as you do. They want to look elegant in heels for the ceremony while being able to show off their dance moves and mingle without aching feet. What’s a bride to do? We’ll tell you…

A Breathtaking Rustic Chic Wedding You’ll Love!

Rustic Chic Wedding in the Massachusetts | | photo: Laura Wagner Photography

Rustic chic weddings are gorgeous! That’s why we’re featuring Jessica and Dan’s wedding captured by Laura Wagner Photography. Their summer wedding is full of cute rustic details like the burlap wrapped bouquets and twine boutonnières. The centerpieces were designed with mason jars, lace, and sliced wood slabs. They looked amazing! Other custom details include their “we do” bird cake topper, chalkboard signs, wood place card holders, dance floor paper lanterns, and s’more favors…

50 Best Harry Potter Ideas for Weddings

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by the woodland wandolier

Harry Potter themed weddings are one of our favorites for geeky or offbeat couples! While the books and movies have been available for awhile now, it is still wildly popular among engaged couples for wedding decor — even home decor! When we spotted a few Harry Potter ideas on Etsy, we couldn’t wait to pull together the ultimate list! So… here it is! This comprehensive Harry Potter wedding list including everything you could ever need or want for your wizardry-inspired wedding including wedding invitations, decor, groomsmen gifts, jewelry, bridesmaid gift ideas, place cards, favors, and more. If you thought you couldn’t plan a beautiful geeked-out Harry Potter themed wedding, think again. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers — remember, “Don’t let the Muggles get you down.” Enjoy!

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by tempest society

“When to Take Off Veil at Wedding?” – Ask Emmaline

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by shelby ashley bridal fashions, photo: stacy vitallo

It’s Wedding Advice Wednesday! Today we’re tackling an Ask Emmaline question submitted by bride-to-be Caroline. She asks…

Hi Emmaline, I’ve picked a long veil for my wedding. Do I wear it for the entire wedding, or just the ceremony? When do I take it off?


Great question, Caroline! Everybody knows the veil is an important part of the bride’s ensemble, but no one ever tells you when to put it on or when to take it off. We’re here to help!

Giveaway: Win a $100 Gift Certificate!

by brad goodell weddings

Hello, hello! It’s Wednesday, the sun is shining, and we have a brand new giveaway for you! We’ve teamed up with The Wedding Gallery by Brad Goodell to give away a $100 gift certificate towards anything in their shop! While they are most notably known for their beautiful champagne flutes and wine glasses, there are plenty of additional items you’ll love to see for your wedding from cake server sets to wedding party gifts — even vases and home decor! If you have a specific wedding theme, you’ll love their assortment of unique themed glassware including peacock, day of the dead, western, beach, bird, and more. You have never seen etched glassware quite like the collection from Brad Goodell. As Brad describes on their website, “All our glass art starts with an idea, which is designed and sketched on paper.” Once captured, there is a process of recreating on the computer, cutting the design into a vinyl resist, applying it to the glass, and sand blasted to engrave the design. It’s quite an intricate process, which means each item is completely custom-made, just for you! Read on to see some of our handpicked favorites from their shop and enter for a chance to win a gift certificate!

Now *This* is the Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Box

Now *This* is the Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Box | by Deighan Design |

by deighan design

I was emailing with a bride the other day (for anonymity purposes, we’ll just call her M) about bridesmaid gifts. “There are too many options,” she said, “how am I supposed to pick just one?” It’s honestly a common problem! But there’s an easy way to put things in perspective. First, remember why you’re giving a gift in the first place: to show your sincere appreciation. Don’t over-think the gift: as long as you give something you know she will enjoy and will be happy to receive, you’ve done your job.

If you’re wondering how to pick just one, you’ll love this new option: the Bridesmaid Gift Box from Deighan Design. You won’t have to stress over what to pick, since they take the guesswork out of it all! Each gift box comes beautifully packaged (ready to be given) so you don’t even have to wrap it all. It even comes with a cute tag. And you can use this as a way to ask Will You Be My Bridesmaid when asking them, if you like! Find out what’s in the box…

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