12 Rustic Wedding Rings for Brides

twig wedding ring with diamonds | rustic wedding rings by Kristin Coffin Jewelry http://emmalinebride.com/rustic/wedding-rings/

by kristin coffin jewelry

Hi, loves & Happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? We sure did! It is finally super hot outside and we spent a lot of time at the beach with our two boys! Anyways, it’s great to be back and we’re kicking off a new week of wedding inspiration with some of the prettiest wedding rings we’ve ever seen! Are you familiar with Kristin Coffin Jewelry yet? If not, it will soon become your favorite wedding ring shop. These rustic wedding rings are unlike anything we’ve seen with twig and branch inspired designs. If you’re planning a rustic wedding and love nature inspired finds, you’ll love these rings to complement your engagement ring! Take a look at twelve of our wedding rings favorites from her collection…

How to Plan a Western Themed Wedding

How to Plan a Western Themed Wedding (invites: jen simpson design)

invitation: jen simpson design

One of my favorite wedding themes is rustic, which can include a western, barn, farmhouse, woodland, or country vibe. Today we’re showing you how to plan a western themed wedding with a handful of tried-and-true ideas, both handmade and do-it-yourself. We’ll show you how to plan a western themed wedding with ideas for invitation, venue, time of year, attire, ceremony + reception decor, and gifts. Read on to find out more…

Printable Wedding Program — Handmade-a-Day

cute printable wedding program by redlettervows

by red letter vows

Hi, loves! Is your wedding right around the corner and you forgot about wedding programs? No big deal! Many couples forget about ceremony programs or wait until the last minute. Now it’s no problem since there are many printable ceremony programs available for you to buy, edit, and print… and they look great! Just like these fun printable wedding programs we spotted at Red Letter Vows. Take a look!

50+ Best Bridal Hairstyles Without Veil

We’re sharing a HUGE article today on the best bridal hairstyles without veil! Be sure to subscribe now so you don’t miss out on future posts like this one!

Bridal hairstyles without veil | by lottie-da designs | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/best-bridal-hairstyles

by lottie-da designs

Hi loves, Emma here! Prepare to be inspired because we’ve gathered fifty amazing hairstyle ideas for you today! If you’re wondering what hairstyle to wear (without a bridal veil), you’ve come to the right place! We have found over fifty of the best bridal hairstyles featuring hair combs, hair clips, headpieces, headbands, flower wreaths, and more. If you do plan to wear a veil, you’ll still find plenty of bridal hairstyles you can wear with it.

The Cutest Bridesmaid PJs — Handmade-a-Day

cute bridesmaid pjs for getting ready | http://emmalinebride.com/wedding/bridesmaid-pjs

by sandy waters store

Hi, loves! Emma here. In the past, we’ve talked about where to buy bridesmaid robes, personalized button-down shirts like his, and these cozy bridesmaid sweatpants, just a few awesome options for those must-have getting ready photos. Today we’re sharing another favorite for what to wear: bridesmaid pjs! Bridesmaid pajamas are a cute and comfy gift for your bridesmaids, as each pair is personalized with her monogram and features custom colors. For the cooler months, your girls will love the bridesmaid pj sets with long (or short) sleeves and pants (above). For summer when it’s hot and humid, gift them with the shirt and shorts pj sets (below) to keep everyone cool while sipping on mimosas (and enjoying these ridiculously cute donut rings). Plus, it’s a gift they’ll be happy to wear again while lounging at home. We hand-picked these bridesmaid pjs as today’s handmade-a-day find and spotted them at Sandy Waters Store. There’s even cute pjs for the bride, too! Read on for more…

50 Best State Themed Wedding Ideas

We’re sharing the best state themed wedding ideas today! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future themed posts like this!

state themed wedding favor magnets by redcloudstudio

by red cloud studio

Hello, hello! We’ve heard of some pretty unique wedding themes, like a coffee themed wedding, a bird themed wedding, a school themed wedding, and a foodie themed wedding, but a state themed wedding is a fun new idea we’re excited to share. So, what is a state themed wedding? How can you plan one? Find out more about this fun and memorable concept and see fifty of the best state themed wedding ideas below!