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9 Amazing Gifts for Bridesmaids Who Travel

Do you have a bridesmaid who either travels for work, for adventure, or is simply always on-the-go? Most likely at least one of your bridesmaids fits into a category above. So, to help you pick a perfect gift for your favorite adventurous bridesmaid we’ve rounded up some lovely handmade finds! Pick a few of your favorite gifts below and package them together in a tote (like this cute one), which also makes a handy carry-on and doubles as a convenient tote for getting-ready essentials the morning of the wedding.

Which of these travel-inspired gifts is your favorite?

Gifts for Bridesmaids Who Travel

1. These makeup brush rolls are a must

They’ll keep your makeup brushes protected and all-in-one place. By Forshee Designs.

by forshee designs

A Beautiful Wedding in Juneau, Alaska — Real Weddings

Are you planning a wedding in Juneau, Alaska? You will want to after seeing this beautiful Real Wedding feature captured by Michaela from BrightEyed Photography! Amy and Jess’ love story began eight years ago. Amy says, “Jess and I met nearly 8 years ago at our friends pool party…”


“I was in the kitchen, frosting a cake when he walked in. In his description, he couldn’t take his eyes off me and I was the only thing on his mind at the time.” While they did not start dating immediately, they kept thinking about each other; five years later, the timing was right! They rekindled their romance after reconnecting on Facebook and had their first official date making haunted Gingerbread Houses and watching a favorite movie, Hocus Pocus. Amy tells us, “I knew he was the one.”

Photo Frames for Parents of the Bride – #HANDMADEADAY

It’s Monday — let’s be proactive and cross a to-do off of your (seemingly never-ending) wedding list! We’re tackling gifts for parents of the bride today with this new #HANDMADEADAY find. These photo frames are perfect gifts because they’re sentimental and handmade. They can be personalized with your wording, your wedding date — even customized to include a beautiful image of your wedding gown style! Gift a photo frame to your mom and dad on your wedding day; after the wedding, have a special wedding day photo printed and inserted in the frame. By Prince Whitaker. (P.S. The price is so amazing, too!)

Photo Frames for Parents of the Bride

These photo frames have cute wording like, “Always your little girl”, along with a heart carved out for the photo to be inserted.

Cute photo frames for parents of the bride! | by Prince Whitaker | http://emmalinebride.com/gifts/photo-frames-for-parents-of-the-bride/

photo frame: prince whitaker

These Leather Groomsmen Wallets Will Make Amazing Gifts
(+ Giveaway!)

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Leather and friendship both get better with time; that’s just one reason why a gift made of leather is one of our favorite picks for groomsmen! Leather is a popular material used in the making of messenger bags like these, key fobs, toiletry kits, and wallets, just to name a few. Our favorite? The wallet. You just can’t beat a high-quality, completely functional gift that everyone needs, wants, and uses.

In today’s post, we’re sharing a collection of leather groomsmen wallets by Mr. Lentz. This shop has it all when it comes to leather and his groomsmen wallets are unlike anything we’ve seen yet. We’ll tell you why these wallets are extra special. Plus, we’ve teamed up with Mr. Lentz to give away a wallet to a lucky reader as a gift for a groomsman, Best Man, or the groom himself! You’ll be impressed by the hard work and dedication that goes into each handmade piece — we sure are! Enjoy!

Leather Groomsmen Wallets

leather groomsmen wallets - 2

These Ring Dishes in Gold are Absolutely Beautiful

Happy Saturday! Emma here and I’m popping in today to share my latest obsession: gold ring dishes. The more gold leafing the better, I say! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ring dishes to share with you, all of which are handmade, gold inspired, and perfect for gifting. They’re also functional, too: ring dishes are designed to hold your rings when washing your hands or doing housework, as a safe spot for keys, or just to temporarily hold your favorite jewelry pieces.

Read on to see what I’ve discovered in this latest gold rush! And tell me: which one is your favorite?

Gold Ring Dishes

hammered gold ring dish

dish: modern mud

Help! Jewelry for Sister-in-Law Bridesmaid Gift? – Ask Emmaline

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Yesterday’s Ask Emmaline question was such a hit that our inbox got absolutely flooded with your questions! (Thanks — keep ’em coming, we love hearing from you!) Elisa wrote us with a question about picking out the perfect bridesmaid gift for her soon-to-be sister-in-law. She says,

“Dear Emmaline, I’m picking out bridesmaid gifts and I am completely stumped on one of my girls, Carrie… she’s my future sister-in-law and we’re not very close yet. We get along great, but we just haven’t really had that much time to get to know each other as much as my other bridesmaids. I want to get her a gift she will like but I don’t want to mess up on style. Do you have any suggestions for jewelry that is great for everyday wear she might like? She wears jewelry a lot so I know she likes it and mostly in silver tones (but she also wears gold sometimes). Any help for a sister-in-law gift she will love?”Elisa

Elisa, jewelry is a great gift idea! I love that you included her jewelry preference (mostly silver tones versus gold), as it makes picking out the style a lot easier — silver vs. gold is half the battle! Your email included such a sincere question and I think many brides find themselves in a similar situation. You’re picking out gifts for members of your wedding party, many of whom include family members of your spouse that will soon be a part of your family, too. But it’s not always easy to pick a gift when you aren’t as close (yet!) as you may be with other members of your wedding party. And I wholeheartedly love that you care so much about picking a gift she’ll love, which shows just how lucky she is to be gaining a new sister like you!

To help you pick the perfect versatile bridesmaid gift, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tried-and-true jewelry pieces. If you see one that looks like her style, just click on the photo and you can find out more from the artist directly on their shop (or other similar styles by the artist who designed it). And hopefully one of these finds will be the perfect gift for Carrie. Fingers crossed we have a home-run today with one of these!

P.S. There’s a wedding giveaway in this post, too!

Bridesmaid Gifts for Sister in Law

1. This sweet bangle bracelet

It’s sure to bring happy tears to her eyes. It also covers the three S’s: 1) silver-toned, 2) sentimental, 3) sister-in-law geared. handmade by Honey Thorns.

i gained a sister when i married your brother

bracelet: honey thorns