Are Email Wedding Invitations a Bad Idea?

Are email wedding invitations a bad idea? Are printed wedding invitations really better than email? Find out what we think along with seven reasons why… and let us know if you agree!

Are Email Wedding Invitations a Bad Idea? via

Are Email Wedding Invitations a Bad Idea?

Email wedding invitations are virtually free, require no postage, and eliminate paper waste. Where’s the negative? In an article about whether using evite to send out wedding invitations, a large percentage of comments voted against it, labeling it as a ‘tacky’. We don’t like that label; just because one couple chooses one thing doesn’t mean another couple is wrong… or, in this case, ‘tacky’. What do the wedding etiquette experts say? According to The Emily Post Institute, email wedding invitations are a definite wedding don’t. When you’re trying to decide between sending email wedding invitations or printed invites, we think printed is best. As a rule of thumb, The Emily Post Institute says if you would feel comfortable inviting someone to a particular event via telephone, an email invitation is acceptable. Since you probably wouldn’t invite someone to a wedding over the phone, email wedding invitations may not be a good idea. Here are seven reasons why we think so… but, of course, to each his (or her) own!

Why You Need Printed Invitations

1. A printed invitation is more formal.

Plus, it can set the tone and theme of your occasion. An email invitation is extremely informal.

2. An invitation is hand-addressed to the recipient.

This infers a personal invitation unto your guest.

3. Everyone receives mail…

… but not everyone receives e-mail.

4. Paper invitations require no tech knowledge.

With a printed invitation, there is no virtual rsvp to send, no map to download, and no website to have to visit for details. This is a definite plus for guests who may not have the time or tech knowledge that email wedding invitations require.

5. A wedding requires a guest’s time and money…

A printed invitation shows effort on your part.

6. Spam Bin.

Unlike email, printed invitations can’t be sent to a spam bin or deleted accidentally. Whoops!

7. Wrong e-mail address?

If you mail something to the wrong address, the postmaster will deliver it back directly to you. However, if you have the wrong email address – the recipient doesn’t check the inbox but the account is still valid – you’ll never know whether he or she received your invitation.

Wedding Tips

Going green? You can order printed wedding invitations on post-consumer paper which is more eco-friendly. Saving money? Buy postcard style response cards which require less postage than a standard stamp.

Need Wedding Advice?

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Happy Planning!


Now It’s Your Turn: Would you send email wedding invitations? Why or why not?

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