8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

Brides: if you’re planning a wedding drink station or bar at your wedding, you’ll want to offer glassware for guests. But, did you know there are fun, more creative wedding drink glasses to consider? We’ve rounded up eight creative ideas including champagne glasses, personalized wine glasses, mason jar drinking glasses, vintage punch bowl mugs, and more. Which one is your favorite?

Wedding Drink Glasses

1. Mason Jar Toasting Glasses

Mason jars as drinking glasses is a favorite! Here’s one option…

mason jar toasting glasses (photo: daniel kim) via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

photo: daniel kim photography via style me pretty

You can buy ’em here.

2. Mason Jar Drinking Glasses (with Handles)

… and another! We love mason jar drinking glasses (with handles!) since they’re so easy to hold. You can buy them here.

mason jar drinking glasses with handles (photo: anne skidmore) via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

photo: anne skidmore

3. Champagne Glasses

Serving champagne? Add flags to make yours look even more inviting. (No glass allowed? They’re available in plastic.)

champagne drinking glasses (photo: michael and anna costa) via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

photo: michael and anna costa via style me pretty

4. Personalized Wine Glasses

For your leading ladies (bridesmaids), give them personalized drinking glasses, like these chic wine glasses from Judi Painted It. We love the daisy design on these particular glasses, as well as the hand-painted name on the back. (Great gift idea for bridesmaids!)

daisy wine glasses via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

5. Vintage Milk Bottles

One of my favorite ideas is vintage milk bottles as wedding drinking glasses. They’re so chic when paired with striped drinking straws (or these!) and charming tags.

milk vases drinking glasses via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

bottle menagerie

6. Engraved Beer Glasses

Beer lovers? How about a ‘his beer’ and ‘her beer’ duo?

his beer, her beer via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

via nordstrom

Or etched pilsners for your groomsmen? By Engrave Me This.

etched pilsners via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

engrave me this

7. Punch Mugs

If you’re planning a vintage wedding, serve punch in a classic punch bowl with vintage-inspired punch mugs.

vintage punch mugs (photo: brian samuels) via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

photo: brian samuels photography

8. Bottles

And, last but not least, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, your bottles can be your drinking glasses. Serve soda bottles or beer in tubs of ice and let guests serve themselves. Or, give your bridesmaids something to toast with: mini champagne bottles with striped straws.

champagne bottles bridesmaids (photo: gabe aceves) via 8 Creative Wedding Drink Glasses

photo: gabe aceves via southern weddings

If you want creative wedding drink glasses, but budget is an issue, consider just a few fun glasses for you and the groom, your bridesmaids, and your groomsmen. You’ll still have the fun of a personalized look without blowing your entire budget.

Happy Planning!


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Love these beautiful glasses.