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Make Your Own Custom Bride Glass

by Emma Arendoski

Want to make your own custom bride glass? We’ll tell you where to do it (and it’s so easy!) and share our favorite custom bride tumblers we designed ourselves. Subscribe so you don’t miss upcoming posts!

Hi, lovelies! If you’re newly engaged, chances are you’ve seen / heard about the whole bride tumbler with straw trend everyone’s been talking about.  In particular, we’ve seen this bride and groom Tervis® tumbler set everywhere lately…

via Tervis

It’s a fun idea, sipping on your favorite beverages with your soon-to-be spouse from now until the wedding — and afterward, too.  There’s something about having a personalized tumbler to mark the occasion of your engagement.  It even adds to the excitement of your upcoming nuptials as you fill up your travel coffee mug every day and cross tasks off your to-do list.

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Beau-coup Wedding Favors

When you’re ready to buy a tumbler for yourself or a friend, go with Tervis — it’s the only one guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We’ve teamed up with Tervis®  today to share tips on designing your own bride tumbler with straw or travel lid.  If you’re the bride, you can make a tumbler for yourself to coordinate with your wedding colors or theme.  If you’re giving personalized tumblers as gifts, you’ll see just how easy it is to add photos, backgrounds, stickers — the whole nine yards.

Tervis tumblers aren’t just your basic travel coffee mug or water bottle; this is drinkware for any favorite beverage of choice.  I enjoy my Tervis® tumbler on the back patio sipping iced tea.  I also fill it up in the morning with hot coffee. I then cap the mug with a travel lid to keep my coffee hot.  I sip on my second (and third, but who’s counting?!) cups of coffee while blogging.  In the afternoon, I fill it up with ice and cold water and add the straw top to hydrate while workin’ on my fitness.

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Tervis tumblers are the most versatile drinkware I’ve ever seen.  Plus, you’ll love how beautiful they can be!  Just wait until you see the designs I’ve made for you today.

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Make a Bride Tumbler with Straw from Tervis®

We talked about how Tervis® makes an incredible line of personalized tumblers for your wedding crew a short time ago.  These tumblers can be completely customized and it’s easy to do yourself.  Here are some design examples using photos from their website:


via here

With these tumblers, you can add your own photos to the available text, images, colors, and backgrounds using the handy customizer tool on their website.  No software to download and no app;  just point, click and design.

I logged in to Tervis.com to start designing my own bride tumbler. Before you get started, I encourage you to create an account so you can save your design; this is incredibly easy and allows you to go back and make edits, or change the background, or order multiple cups and change out just the text (so you don’t have to start from scratch).

customized wine glasses

Right away, I found this floral background and got to work.  I added “wifey”.  Loved it.


via here

I played around with the online design tool and within just a few minutes I made my very own bride tumbler.  Check it out — pretty cute, isn’t it?



via here

And then I couldn’t just stop there;  I went on to create a bride tumbler with straw, lid, and even an awesome handle.

I absolutely love it! ↓

via here

I went on to create more because the tool was so fun and easy to use.

Anyways, here are my top ten bride tumblers, including the one above that I just ordered for myself.

On some of these designs, I’ve included handles on them to give you an idea of what the accessories look like.  (Also because handles on travel mugs are like dresses with pockets — everyone should have them.)

Here they are!

1. Watercolor Floral Bride Tumbler with Straw

It says “Bride” in a pretty script image file I uploaded myself.  I even positioned it slightly angled for a fun twist. I love the hot pink handle!


design yours here

2.  Melon Mash-Up

I can’t help but love this summery vibe:  hot pink and green watercolor watermelons line the cup with bold “I Do” and “2018” on the tumbler.  Great for brides engaged this summer!

design yours here

And since the hot pink and green on the watermelon were so adorable, I went ahead and added a lid and handle in the same colors.  Look how cute it is!

design yours here

3.  Wild About Flowers

This is the original design I made.  And the one I ordered immediately! I love everything about this tumbler; these colors are pretty perfect for me.

design yours here

4. Hot Pink Glitter with Your Name

The bride tumbler can even be customized with your own name.  All you need to do is add text using their customizer tool.  I added this design and included my favorite little homemade diamond ring embellishment.  This one is super cute; I love it for bachelorette parties, too!

design yours here

5. Bride Tumbler for the Beach


For the bride planning a beach wedding (or a beach bachelorette party), this tumbler is a perfect choice.

design yours here

6. Bride Tumbler with Straw and Handle

This custom tumbler has a light-purple background, flower print with pinks and blues, a hot pink handle for travel and a white lid to give it a bridal look. The tumbler says “Bride” with a black script font.

design yours here

7. Wifey Tumbler with Pineapple Design

This is another bride tumbler for the summer!  Instead of “bride” I opted for “wifey” on this tumbler.  It makes a great tumbler for sipping while running wedding errands, or relaxing poolside at your pineapple bachelorette party.

design yours here

8. Floral Bride Tumbler

This pretty floral tumbler has grey, blue and a hot pink “Bride” on the front.

design yours here

9. This plaid Mrs tumbler

I love this bride tumbler for fall and winter weddings.  It’s somehow cozy, just by having a black-and-white plaid print and a travel lid. I can already imagine hot chocolate and coffee and books and blankets…


design yours here

10. I Do with Dot Background

And last but not least, this stylish bride tumbler has a dot background, light pink (extra feminine) pink bow and the words, “I Do” underneath it.  This makes a great gift for your favorite bride-to-be!

design yours here

So, this is what my custom bride drinkware looks like;  what will yours look like?  Start designing now and share a pic in the comments!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Make your own custom bride tumbler with straw / travel mug ↓

Ready to make your own?  You can  design your Tervis tumbler here!  I can’t wait to make these for everyone I know at Christmas.

Happy Planning!



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Tervis.

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