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Mrs Ring Holder

by Emma Arendoski

This Mrs ring holder is pretty much the first thing you need when you get engaged. Okay, second thing, since you need wedding planning tips and outlines. And then this to write it all down + stay organized. Okay, THEN you really need this Mrs ring holder to put that thing!

Hi, Emma here and I’m honestly kind of mesmerized by the work of Susan Gordon Pottery.

Everything she makes is awesome, and now she started making earrings, too. (Check ’em out here, they’re super cool.)

You know when you find a designer and you start browsing their shop and you’re putting EVERYTHING in your cart?

Yeah, that’s sort of how it is when I visit SGP.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Except now, instead of putting it all in my cart, I go ahead and pass it on to you guys because I think — actually, I know — deep down that you’ll also love it as much as I do.

Or at least, I hope you do!

Mrs Ring Holder Dish

Lately, this Mrs ring dish has been singing the praises of engaged brides around the globe and it’s pretty easy to see why.

The calligraphy? On point.

The heart shaped dish? Delightful.

The colors? Perfection.

mrs ring holder

via here

Your Mrs ring holder can be the Mrs ring dish or say something else, like “I said yes” or “She said yes” or whatever.

mrs ring holder

via here

customized wine glasses

mrs ring holder

via here

But you have to admit, it’s pretty gorgeous, isn’t it? I think it’s too pretty to leave on the sink. I’d put this beautiful piece on the nightstand. You can put all of your favorite rings and jewelry pieces inside it for safe-keeping.

Take a look and tell me what you think of the other pieces in her shop. There are a ton of Mrs ring holder options, as well as jewelry dishes to give to bridesmaids as jewelry gifts.



I’m curious, do you wear your ring all the time or take it off at night?

I’ve grown accustomed to leaving it on 24/7, so there’s a permanent indent on my finger and when I take it off to clean or paint, it feels really weird.

But I know people who wear theirs almost never, switch to one of these most of the time, or simply take it off every night when they sleep.

I’m always scared I’ll lose it, so it stays with me. :)

Tell me your thoughts… below!


P.S. You know who else loves ring dishes? MOMS! And this is a perfect bracelet to pair with a ring dish as a thank you gift for your mom or future mother in law.

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