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7 Do’s and Don’ts for Picking the Right Wedding Band

by Emma Arendoski

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by lilyemme jewelry

Hi, loves! Okay, so you have a beautiful sparkling engagement ring, but you’re probably wondering what the heck you’re going to pair with it as your wedding band, right? When I was planning my wedding, I had NO IDEA what kind of wedding band to pick. I looked at dozens of rings but I wasn’t sure what kind, shape, or style I was “supposed to” pick. I opted for a simple gold band — to be honest, I’d pick the same one today because that’s totally my style. Andrew and I wanted to figure out a way to make our rings unique, so we had them engraved with a favorite song lyric inside both bands (half on his, the other half on mine). In this way, our wedding bands were made perfectly just for us!

Whether you know what kind of wedding band to pick or you’re completely lost on the topic, we’re here to help! In this post, we’re sharing our top 7 do’s and don’ts for picking a wedding band. We’re also sharing some gorgeous rings from the incredible LilyEmme Jewelry. Get ready to be inspired!

How to Pick the Right Wedding Band

1. DO pick a wedding band in the same metal as your engagement ring

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

You’ll want to pick a wedding band in the exact same metal as your engagement ring. This one is obvious because they’ll match. By picking the same kind, they’ll also show an even amount of wear over time.

2. DO consider buying a band from the same designer

Find out where your fiancé purchased your engagement ring. If it was from a local jewelry store, head there together and try on some similar styles. If it was online (i.e. from Etsy.com, as one resource), find out what complementing styles the designer carries. Many designers create sets for easy pairing. If you wish, inquire about custom orders and submit a photo of your ring. For instance, LilyEmme Jewelry offers sets to complement one another, like this style:

rose gold wedding band set

by lilyemme jewelry

Whether you try on rings in store or browse ideas online, go with your gut: choose a ring that you love!

3. DO take your time

Your wedding band will be worn forever, so don’t rush the process. Take time to check out different styles, widths, and textures. Similar to your wedding gown, you’ll know when you’ve found the right one. Don’t be scared to bookmark some of your favorite ring styles, share them with your fiancé, and “sleep on it”. If you still love a particular design after several days, you know you’ve found the perfect ring.

4. DON’T choose a band that will overpower your engagement ring

The wedding band is typically the secondary piece to the set. Let the engagement ring do the shining and let the wedding band beautifully complement it. For instance, if your engagement ring has many diamonds around the band and a diamond in the center, you might want to choose a band that is simple (sans diamonds).

engagement ring with band

by lilyemme jewelry

5. DO pick a wedding band with a similar element

customized wine glasses

Your engagement ring and wedding band do not have to match, but they should convey a similar look and feel. Use one of the design elements in your engagement ring to tie into your band (i.e. style, such as classic or vintage; same-shaped stones, or engraving).

pave diamond ring

by lilyemme jewelry

pave diamond ring on hand

by lilyemme jewelry

6. DON’T worry about matching his ring


Your wedding ring does not need to match his ring. He should pick a wedding band that works with his style, just as you should pick one that works for you. There’s no need to match in any way, even down to metal (unless you want to).

mobius wedding band with diamonds

by lilyemme jewelry

7. DO consider buying your wedding band online

In this era, buying an engagement ring or wedding ring online is common! Don’t be scared to buy your wedding band online; just be diligent on your research (just as you would with any online purchase). Read reviews. Ask questions. Sometimes online ordering can be extremely helpful because you are able to ask questions directly to the designer. A few of my friends recently purchased their rings online from here. One friend in particular loved it because she was able to ask about a custom design that would work well with the shape of her emerald cut diamond engagement ring (it looks a lot like this one). Also, no matter where you shop, read reviews first: it’s a great idea whenever you make a purchase online.

gold engagement ring with wedding band fit

by lilyemme jewelry

Here are some of our favorite wedding bands from LilyEmme Jewelry:

by lilyemme jewelry

14k diamond constellation rings

by lilyemme jewelry

by lilyemme jewelry

Aren’t these beautiful? You can find even more in her shop including engagement rings, sets, wedding bands for him and her, and bridesmaid necklaces they’ll love!


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