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Wedding Gown Preservation (+ Why You Need It)

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies, Emma here… and I have a confession. I never did wedding gown preservation (yikes, I know!) but after years of waiting, I’m finally going to do it! If you haven’t thought about it either, that’s probably because there’s a handful of things you plan to do after the wedding: write thank you notes, snap pictures and relax on your honeymoon, relive those moments of your wedding photos, and settle in to married life. But what about wedding gown preservation? Most brides forget to do it. And I have to say, I’m one of those who — oops! — let it slip out of my hands. But I don’t want that to happen to you, and here’s why.

You see, wedding gown preservation — professionally cleaning, preserving, boxing your wedding gown, etc. — is essential in keeping your wedding dress looking like new. Letting your dress sit in a basement, a closet, or in a box leads to yellowing, holes, moisture — everything you don’t want to happen to your beloved dress. Luckily, these things didn’t happen to my dress yet, and I’m going to go ahead and get my wedding gown preservation ASAP. After reading more about the process, I’m hoping to shed some light on common misconceptions about wedding dress preservation vs. cleaning, tips, and more from Affordable Preservation, so it doesn’t hang over your head like it did for me! Read on for the full scoop!

wedding preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

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I am one of those brides who forgot about preserving my wedding dress. I have a feeling it has to do with believing the (false!) ideas I thought about gown preservation. Here are some frequently asked questions about wedding gown preservation to clear things up.

wedding gown preservation

1. I don’t want my wedding dress to get lost!

That was my first instinct. Trust someone with my dress? I think not, I’ll pass and just, you know, let it sit here in a box forever. Wrong!

If you’re concerned about your wedding gown getting lost/stolen/tried on by someone else in shipping, here’s what they have to say:

“This is a common concern, as we know how precious your gown is to you. However, since a wedding dress is such a personal item, your gown is usually much more valuable to you than anyone else. As a result, it is very uncommon that a gown is ever lost or stolen. We utilize UPS who provides tracking information for shipping of your gown both ways. This way you will always know exactly where your dress is at all times. Insurance is also included in each package. The best way to confirm delivery of your gown is through UPS’s tracking website.”

2. Do I really need wedding gown preservation? Isn’t dry cleaning enough?

From their website: “Dry cleaning provides a basic wedding dress cleaning of obvious dirt and stains. However, it does not protect against the long-term yellowing, fabric deterioration, or invisible stains that can surface over time and potentially ruin your precious gown.”

3. I don’t expect a future daughter or daughter-in-law to wear my dress. Why preserve it?

Just because you decide to preserve your wedding gown doesn’t mean you are holding on to it for someone else to wear. Your wedding gown is personal to you, so you should have it preserved and cleaned so it always looks like you remember it from your wedding day. However, imagine if someone did want to wear your dress, or at least try it on — wouldn’t it be nice to have it all professionally cleaned and preserved, instead of destroyed by moths and yellowed? Exactly.

4. Can’t I just clean my dress, box it up, and store it in the basement?

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You can, but it will yellow, get dusty, damaged, and moisture-ridden. Instead, having it cleaned and professionally preserved will keep it looking beautiful (with an elegant presentation).

In addition to these questions, I also assumed wedding gown preservation was too expensive. But it’s actually quite affordable, considering you’re preserving a long-lasting memory. My advice? Don’t do what I did and wait. Instead, get it taken care of immediately after your honeymoon.

You can find out more about dress preservation from AffordablePreservation.com. They offer a really easy three-step process.

Wedding Gown Preservation in 3 Easy Steps

wedding gown preservation


Simply choose your package, follow the instructions on your shipping kit (it arrives in just a few days), and send your wedding dress for gown preservation in the FREE shipping package.

wedding gown preservation

Then, you just wait! Approximately 4-6 weeks later, your wedding gown preservation will be complete and you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Click here to get started!

Happy Planning!


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