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5 Bridesmaid Shoes DOs and DONTs for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering what kind of bridesmaid shoe tips to brush up on before the big day? We’ve got you covered! In today’s post, you’ll learn the five mistakes to avoid when dealing with shoes on the wedding day.

These bridesmaid shoe tips will make sure everyone stays super comfy (which means more dancing and more celebrating!)

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Bridesmaid Shoe Tips

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Bridesmaid shoes should be an easy decision: super comfortable and non-drama. ;) Here’s some tips to keep everything in check.

1. DON’T demand bridesmaids wear a particular shoe style or brand.

We recommend NOT picking out particular shoes bridesmaids have to wear; but, if you insist on picking out a certain style, make sure they are comfortable and affordable.

If you do prefer bridesmaids to wear a certain shoe, you should cover the price and give the shoes as gifts. In that case, price is up to you. :) Bridesmaids are already paying for their dress and numerous other costs, so they shouldn’t foot the bill for a specialty shoe.

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2. DO pick a common shoe color so they can wear a favorite pair.

Instead of picking out a particular style, ask bridesmaids to wear a favorite shoe they already own in a certain color so everyone matches. Almost everyone owns a favorite pair of black heels, so that one’s easy; nude heels, same thing. Silver? Maybe a bit of a stretch. Deep mauve, coral, or hot pink? Don’t even bother! ;) If that’s the case, buy the shoes yourself and give them as gifts, as mentioned in #1.

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3. DO break in shoes before the big day.

It’s never a good idea to wear a brand new pair of shoes without breaking them in. If bridesmaids know to break them in a bit, they’ll be more comfortable on the wedding day itself.

4. DO give bridesmaid flats for dancing!

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This is one of our favorite bridesmaid shoe tips: give ’em rollable flats to wear! These make an awesome bridesmaid gift and they come inside this adorable clutch; you can even put them inside a bridesmaid tote bag along with other bridesmaid gifts. They’re by Cinderollies (see them in their Etsy shop or website) and available in multiple colors.

I own a pair, so I can vouch for how comfortable they are (very). I can’t wait to wear them at the next wedding reception when dancing starts, they’re super comfortable!

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bridesmaid shoe tips

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bridesmaid shoe tips

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bridesmaid shoe tips

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bridesmaid shoe tips

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5. DON’T forget to avoid common shoe gripes.

A few helpful tools to make sure shoes fit their best are the following:

heel cushion inserts

These will make the heels themselves super comfortable with a little added padding. These are also helpful if the shoes are just a pinch big.

ball of feet pads

These will make your shoes more comfortable, especially heels.

heel stretchers

We’ve talked about these before; they stretch out your new heels perfectly to give them a little more stretch, eliminating the “first day” shoe pain you typically experience with a new pair.

high heel protectors for grass

This is sort of gimmicky, and I haven’t tried them myself, but I know some who swear by these for wearing heels in the grass. If the ceremony is outdoors, and you don’t want heels to dig into the dirt and grass, these are a must-have. The best place to get them is here, the original brand, but Amazon has some off-brand and bulk sizes here if you want to give bridesmaid shoe protectors to everyone in your bridal crew.

Have bridesmaid shoe tips to add? Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


P.S. Need shoe tips for the bride? Read: 7 Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid.

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