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Covid Wedding Wristbands? — Ask Emmaline

by Emma Arendoski

Wondering about Covid wedding wristbands? We’ll tell you all about them! Make sure you’re on the list for future updates.

Hi, lovelies! This year, we’ve tackled a bunch of topics I never thought we’d cover, from face masks for wedding guests to hand sanitizer favors for guests, sneeze guards, and even change the date cards. Today we’re talking about Covid wedding wristbands, a unique idea and question sent to us by bride-to-be, Stefanie. It has been a YEAR but it’s not all bad, it’s all about your perception. And your attitude going forward! I’m picturing rolls of toilet paper when I say this, but I think we just gotta roll with it. :)

This Grinchy-inspired ornament sums it up nicely, ha!

2020 stink stank stunk ornament

by trendigoodsco

So, on to the next weird-topic-I-never-thought-we-would-cover: Covid wedding wristbands. Instead of wristbands, you can also opt for party beads. But first, here’s the question that came into our Ask Emmaline inbox:

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

“Hi Emmaline Bride, I am planning my wedding for December and getting nervous about guests and how to react to Covid wedding restrictions. I have wedding masks for guests to wear and hand sanitizer, but I don’t want guests to be nervous. I heard about wedding wristbands for Covid, have you heard anything about these, and what are your thoughts? Thank you!”

Hi Stefanie! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! December is a perfect time of year to get married (but I am biased, ha!)

Your question couldn’t have come at a better time. I just talked to a friend who told me about color-coded necklaces at a Covid wedding she attended, which is the same idea as the Covid wedding wristbands you’ve been hearing about and seeing online.

Covid wedding wristbands

buy here

I think it is a good idea to offer these color coded wedding wristbands if you’re concerned about your guests feeling comfortable at your wedding. Some guests are more comfortable than others, so this color wristband idea makes it a little more obvious how people feel around you.

Here’s how it works: at the entry table of your wedding (alongside masks, if you’re offering them) include Covid wedding wristbands and a sign explaining how they work.

There are three colors, color-coded as follows:


Green wristbands mean you’re comfortable talking to guests; you’re taking precautions but you feel comfortable being in a group setting. Green means: OK with hugs and high fives.


You’re a bit cautious: just think of Sting, Don’t stand soooo clooose to me. :) Yellow means talk to me but please keep your distance, no touching, please.

customized wine glasses

don't stand so close to me covid wedding masks

by foryourparty


Nervous, do not approach. Basically, red is please stay away from me. Or, nicely put, I’m going to wave from over here. ;)

I like this idea: it puts guests at ease.


Covid wedding wristbands

buy here

Covid wedding wristbands

buy here

Where to Buy Covid Wedding Wristbands

You can get social distancing kits, aka Covid wristbands, from this wonderful seller on Etsy called ElationFactoryCo. You can buy the signage and wristbands in green, yellow, and red. Everything you need is available right here.



Party Beads / Necklaces

Some people opt for necklaces instead: you can buy bulk bead party necklaces here and get a combination of green, yellow, and red party beads.

Buy party beads here.

Pinback Buttons

These are a cute idea by SablewoodPaperCo. These pins are available in green, yellow, or red.

buy here

Buy pins here.

For any option, you’ll need three small baskets to place the colors inside. You can use small wire baskets like these in a set of three with a liner:

via here

Or three small glass vases or hurricanes, like this one:

via here

You can place the wedding wristbands on the table, but something — some kind of vessel to put them in — will create a more polished look. And don’t forget the signage, or guests may not understand what the color-coded wristbands mean. :)

via here

Thanks so much, Stefanie, for writing! I hope this helps you with your wedding and helps others wondering the very same thing.

Happy Planning!


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