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Donut Stand for Wedding Favors

by Emma Arendoski


Hi, loves! Emma here. It’s Saturday and I’m craving donuts, especially the kind that are filled with vanilla frosting. Or Boston Creme donuts. I know, that’s so so bad. (Andrew bought these recently and now we’re on a serious kick. They’re pretty amazing.) But Saturdays are made for donut-ing and coffee-ing, am I right? Anyways, we’re popping in today to share the latest handmade-a-day wedding item designed to keep your donut wedding favors looking absolutely scrumptious. This donut stand for wedding favors — by Modern silo — makes it extremely easy for guests to enjoy a donut on the spot, or place one inside a designated donut favor bag and take to-go after the reception. This is way less messy than handling donut bakery boxes (or guests having to sift through said boxes to find out what flavors you have). It also looks more pulled-together for your wedding photos. Sidebar: I don’t know, if someone gave me a donut as a favor it probably wouldn’t make it to the car ride home. Everyone has their weakness(es), donuts and coffee are mine, and ironically they go perfectly together. What’s yours?

Donut Stand for Wedding Favors

donut stand for wedding

by modern silo

donut stand for wedding

by modern silo

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Need an idea for a donut favor bag? We adore these by Mavora Art and Design as one suggestion:

donut stand for wedding

by mavora art and design

Scrumptious. You can get your very own donut stand for wedding favors here and those incredibly cute donut favor bags here.

Happy Planning!


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