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9 Printable Wedding Invites + Templates

by Emma Arendoski

Need to mail ’em right away? Get printable wedding invites! See how easy it is + subscribe now for the latest.

Wedding invitations are one of the biggest expenses for your wedding, as they are an essential and typically eat a huge portion of your stationery budget. If you want invites you can print yourself to defray costs — or you simply want to do-it-yourself — you’re going to love printable wedding invites. Emma here and printable wedding invites are the latest stationery trends and one of the most popular choices for DIY brides.

If you love the idea of making your own invitations but you’re not skilled in the design area, printable invitations are perfect for you. Learn how printable wedding invitations work and see where to get templates to print your own invites!

Printable Wedding Invites

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

These printable wedding invites / templates are designed to make planning easier for you. A printable invitation is essentially a design file, created by Creationery just for you, and then printed at home or at your local print shop. In many ways, printable invitations are cheaper because you don’t have to pay the printing fees, shipping charges, proof fees, etc. Instead, you pay once for the design file, it is customized for your wedding, and you print. Easy, am I right?

In addition to the ease of printable wedding invitations, they’re also a life-saver when you are running out of time and you want to add someone to the guest list. Just print and mail!

And last but not least, printable wedding templates are a dream come true for DIY brides. If you want to diy (do-it-yourself), printable wedding invitations make it easy to add your own custom touches. Pick out your own envelopes (buy in bulk here to save), choose embellishments, add wax seals (these are incredible), or add your own enclosure cards. It’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations without knowledge of how to design + edit the actual invitation yourself.

Now that you know why printable wedding invitations and templates are a great idea, it’s time to get inspired! These printable templates are available by Creationery and available in the shop. Which invitation is your favorite?

1. Gold and blush confetti invites

Gold and blush always go hand-in-hand… and they look beautiful together on this modern printable invitation suite.

printable wedding invites template

via here

2. We’re Getting Hitched invitations

Planning a barn wedding? These “We’re Getting Hitched” printable wedding invites will tie your theme together beautifully.

printable wedding invites template

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3. Eucalyptus printable wedding invites

customized wine glasses

Ahh… fresh eucalyptus makes this modern greenery wedding invitation a perfect fit for spring and summer weddings.

eucalyptus printable wedding invites template

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4. Floral + greenery wedding invites

This is another greenery invitation, but with an added floral wreath.


floral greenery invitation

via here

5. Pretty floral invitation

This printable invite features pretty flowers and a stylish color palette.

pretty floral invitation

via here

6. Faux marble invites

Marble is a huge trend now and will continue into next year; these marble invites are a definite top-pick from this round-up!

faux marble printable wedding invites template

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7. We’re Tying the Knot printable wedding invites

Simply put: “we’re tying the knot”!

tying the knot printable wedding invitations

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8. Watercolor wedding invites

These watercolor wedding invitations are pretty in blue and purple.

watercolor invitations

via here

9. Floral invitation

And last but not least, check out these printable wedding invitations featuring another elegant floral design.

floral invitation

via here

Which of these invitations is your favorite? Will you be opting for printable wedding invites? Why or why not? Tell us in the comment box below. ↓

Happy Planning!


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