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The Best Bridal Shower Ideas 2020

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! Are you planning a bridal shower this year and want the best ideas, themes, games, favors, and more? We’ll tell you the best trends and bridal shower ideas 2020 has to offer in this post! Plus, we’ve even included what to wear to your bridal shower with style suggestions. Read on for more + don’t forget to subscribe now for the latest to your inbox!

by modparty

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Bridal Shower Ideas 2020

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Here are the big trends and bridal shower ideas 2020 is going to see all year long.

1. Unique Bridal Shower Invitations

For bridal showers, we’re seeing a mix of invitation styles with style and colors that pop!

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Feminine styles like perfume bottles, pastels, and modern florals continue to be huge trends for bridal shower ideas 2020.

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via qing ji

by lori wemple

by phrosne ras

by shiny penny studio

by saltwater designs

by cass loh

customized wine glasses

by kristie kern

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Digital Bridal Shower Invitations

While most invitations are still traditionally sent through the mail, we’re seeing a few eco-friendly alternatives like digital bridal shower invites becoming a hit with couples. These digital invites are available at Greenvelope.

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2. Custom Bridal Shower Welcome Signs

Welcome signs are one of the big decoration trends for bridal shower ideas 2020. This sign is a fun and easy way to do it: just use a chalkboard and add this decal by EastCoastVinylDecals.

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Here’s another one we love from RichDesignCo. It is made with acrylic.

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And this one made of wood by SweetNCCollective.

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You can browse other examples of welcome signs here to inspire you.

3. Bridal Shower Themes 2020

Themes are a huge part of the festivities! This year, here are a few themes we’re seeing that are wildly popular:

Lemon Themed Bridal Shower

Butterfly Bridal Shower Theme

Kate Spade Bridal Shower Ideas

Flamingo Themed Bridal Shower

Tea Themed Shower

Boho Inspired Bridal Shower Ideas

Kitchen Themed Shower

Those are just a few. We’ll have tons more coming soon1

3. Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors are getting better than ever, thanks to ingenuity by handmade artists. Useful favors your guess can actually use — i.e. candles, soap, bottle openers, lip balms, wine stoppers, and blankets, just to name a few — continue to be the best bridal shower ideas 2020 has to offer its guests. Here are a few suggestions for favors your guests will love at your bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Candle Favors

Bridal shower candles make great favors. Who doesn’t love to light a new candle and enjoy a pleasant, relaxing scent? When buying bridal shower candles, look for shops that specialize in favor jars. This is where you’ll be able to buy candle favors in bulk, save money, and they are designed as use for favors, so custom touches like personalized labels are all taken care of for you.

These candles by Suzee’s Candle Co. are one fantastic resource. These candles are personalized, handmade, and Susie specializes in wedding scents (love that!)

You can choose many designs from here.

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Blanket Favors

For every season, these blanket / scarves for guests continue to be a HUGE trend. Guests love to wrap themselves in a cozy, colorful blanket wrap; these pashminas double as elegant wraps for any occasion. Get them here.

Mini Champagne Bottle Favors

Another huge hit: these custom champagne bottle favors with a label designed for the shower. Easy + affordable, too! For more tips on these, read: Where to Buy Mini Champagne Bottles for Favors.

Flip Flop Favors

Guests love flip flops! Source them independently or get these cute custom flip flops by MyFavorShop.

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Wine Bottle Stopper Favors

These adorable flower wine bottle stoppers make great favors! By Kara’s Vineyard Wedding.

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Nail Polish Favors

These nail polish favors will forever be one of my favorite ideas!

Soap Bridal Shower Favors

These handmade bars of soap with tags that read, “From _____’s shower to yours”, are such a cute idea! By BrowniesandGinger.

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For more creative ideas, read: this post on bridal shower favors.

4. Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games will always be popular. For 2020, we’re seeing some fun + modern games — all of which are extremely fun! Yes, seriously.

We curated a HUGE list of the best bridal shower games here as a reference. My favorites? The Jeopardy game… the ‘Who Has the Groom’ game… and of course, the TP game! See them all here.

by hello rose paperie

5. Bride Attire for the Bridal Shower

Another thing that we’re noticing a trend of for showers in 2020 is the attire for the bride.

Brides are opting to wear jumpsuits and cute little white dresses. Here are a few fun outfits we spotted at BHLDN that are perfect for your bridal shower + other wedding events.

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You can also shop short cocktail dresses from Dessy in white to find a perfect bridal shower dress. You can even choose special extras — like dresses with pleats, bows, ruffles, pockets, and more!

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This dress has pockets!

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For very affordable options, try dresses in this section from Lulus.

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This dress is my favorite right now!

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And this chic lace dress from here is so cute + affordable!

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6. Virtual Bridal Shower

One of the biggest new bridal shower ideas 2020 has to offer? The virtual bridal shower. This is due to the recent virus; if you’re finding yourself in the midst of canceling your bridal shower / postponing it and you want another option, a virtual shower might be the option for you!

7. Bridal Shower Decorations

For this year, the big winners on decorations are anything personalized — that hasn’t been done a million times before. Here are a few of the most creative bridal shower ideas 2020 is throwing out there, including my favorite: donut rings!

Bridal Shower Donut Rings

by seventhandj

Personalized Bridal Shower Balloons

Get a custom balloon with her new name on it! By ModParty.

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Balloon Arches

Speaking of balloons, arches are a huge trend this year for bridal showers and weddings. You can get an easy DIY balloon arch decoration kit like this one by HullaBalloonsParty.

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Hanging Engagement Ring Decorations

These are cute for bridal showers and engagement parties! By ABridalShop.

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Fun Party Cups

These cups double as favors and they’re fun for a mimosa bar or your party punch! By LizzieFrostGifts.

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Adorable Bridal Shower Garland

Adding touches like banners or garlands are a nice addition to your bridal shower. This one by LottieElizabeth features white bridal dresses. So cute!

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Wine Glass Markers

For a wine themed shower or even just to mark your glasses or place settings, try these rings! They’re by InvitingDesignStudio and a fantastic idea.

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And there you have it: the top bridal shower ideas 2020! Which of these is your favorite?

Happy Planning!


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