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The 25 Best Online Wedding Invitations You Can Email

by Emma Arendoski

It is ok to send email wedding invitations? Can you send online wedding invitations? Is it tacky to send online invites for weddings? We’ll answer the questions right here and share twenty of the best online wedding invitations that you can text or email to your guests. Subscribe for the latest.

Let the record show: I’m a huge proponent of printed invitations, but that’s because I’m a classic kind of girl. Ok, I’m also a nerd: I like paper invites with lace overlays or vellum wraps, belly bands and wax seals, custom return address stamps, and calligraphy. But that’s just me. I’m not against the idea of online invites you can text or email guests… I completely understand it, and I do love the idea of sending electronic invitations for bridal showers and engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and bachelorette parties. But I’m also coming around to the idea that online wedding invitations you can email to guests are a popular trend and is convenient, too.

by patrice horvath design, buy here

Online Wedding Invitations vs. Paper

Which is better, online wedding invitations vs. paper?

Digital invitations for weddings and parties make a lot of sense due to many factors:

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

The Pandemic

With electronic wedding invites, there’s no need to worry if you have to make a quick change to a plan: postponements, venue changes, wedding updates, requests for guests to bring masks (or letting them know masks will be provided), and more can be done in a snap since guests are already connected to you through your email invitation list and digital communication.

best online wedding invitations

by shari margolin design, buy here

And spread love, not germs: with digital invitations, there’s no additional handling of the invitations through the mail, licking envelopes, etc. :) This card always makes me laugh because it’s true, or maybe it’s just me… but when I get mail, I’m still a little weirded out.

by the ritzy rose

You, too? Ha!

In addition, things like virtual bridal showers, virtual bachelorette parties, and virtual weddings are definitely suitable for sending online wedding invitations (you can browse special virtual gathering invitations here)


Electronic wedding invitations are simply convenient, there’s no mistaking it! Choosing paperless wedding invitations that can be personalized online is surprisingly easy.

Plus, what do people constantly have by their fingertips? Their smartphones! And what is the fastest way to communicate with guests? Through text messages, phone calls, or emails, along with social media. Therefore, sending electronic wedding invitations is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your guests. Period.

This applies to all wedding celebrations, including bach bashes, engagements, and wedding showers.

customized wine glasses

by stacey meachem design llc, buy here

The Digital Resources at Your Fingerprints

(wedding website link, registry, maps, links to local hotspots for out-of-town guests, hotel accommodations, etc.)

Stunning Invitation Designs From Which to Choose


This includes the popular online wedding invitations that open up on-screen, very similar to opening a paper invitation.

Online Wedding Invitations with RSVP Options for Guests

You can have guests RSVP online in real-time and track them on your end easily.

Save Paper and Resources

The additional resources you’ll save including the paper itself include:

– Save Postage

You won’t have to spend money on postage for the invitation, plus extra postage for RSVP cards when sending online wedding invitations.

– Save Time

Short on time? Who isn’t! You’ll save significant amounts of time sending virtual wedding invitations vs. paper invitations: avoid spending time picking out invitations and all the extra accents you need; paying for shipping; waiting for them to ship; assembling the invitations themselves; getting invites weighed at the post office; waiting for guests to receive the invitations, and then waiting even more for the RSVPs to come back.


With all of these email invitation “pros”, it makes you wonder why it took this long for email wedding invitations to become a “thing” and actually quite a popular one, at that!

It is OK to send online wedding invitations?

Are online invitations tacky for weddings? Not in this day and age! At its early stages, people were unfamiliar with email wedding invites and thought it was a cheap alternative, wondering if the rsvp would go through; couples wondered if the emails went to guest inboxes or were accidentally send to spam.

But there has been plenty of time from then to now and it is definitely OK to send email wedding invitations and other wedding events, particularly during these crazy times.

HELPFUL TIP: It is a great idea to check in with guests who may not have access to email readily available to ensure they can receive the email and know they are invited.

Are email invitations better than paper?

Should you send electronic wedding invitations or printed wedding invites? That is completely up to you!

Both are acceptable and the answer is up to your own personal preference.

Many couples still send traditional invitations, while others swear by email wedding invitations. It’s completely up to you and what works best for your event — and for your guests.

This is the perfect nautical themed wedding invitation!

by 2birdstone, buy here

Are email invitations boring?

Heck no, who told you that?! :) It’s quite amazing how many themes and color options there are to choose from, like these, spotted at Greenvelope (available here). We hand-picked the best online wedding invitations to choose from — but don’t stop there. There are over 100 designs from which to choose!

1. Sunflowers

Sunflower wedding invitations, anyone? They’re perfect for your sunflower themed wedding this summer!

get it here

2. Watercolor Shores

Dream of tranquil shores with this watercolor design we spotted here.

buy here

3. Rustic Twinkle

Planning a rustic barn wedding? These invitations offer a rustic-themed and twinkle-light style, sent as convenient online wedding invitations.

by jessica williams, buy here


4. Black and Gold

Looking for online wedding invitations with photo options? These are a great choice! I love the placement of the phoot on the side of the invitation, along with a stylish font. I like the gold glitter inside the envelope flap, too.

by ashley ottinger, buy here

5. Paisley

This paisley design features online letterpress wedding invitations with intricate details. You can practically imagine how it would feel in your hand!

buy here

6. Perennial Crest

This stylish crest style is one of my favorite online wedding invitations ever. It is gorgeous!

buy here

7. Bold Floral Design

Ooh, this color palette and these pretty flowers are a one-of-a-kind design. Love this one!

by aticnomar designs, buy here

8. Blooming Greenery

I like the way these greenery leaves spell out, “To have and to hold”.

by paper raven co., buy here

9. Open Bar

Ha! Love this one!

buy here

10. Rustic Lace

Another stylish rustic-themed invite you can send via email to guests. Lovely with lace, too!

buy here

11. New Orleans

Planning a New Orleans wedding? This invitation suite features the Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans for a one-of-a-kind invitation design.

by jackie crawford, buy here

12. Modern

It’s happening, finally! This modern wedding invitation sent digitally is an elegant, totally customizable design.

by creo study, buy here

13. To Have & To Hold

This is a modern black and white style for any wedding theme.

by up up creative, buy here

14. Cactus

These are the best online wedding invitations for a Southwestern themed wedding.

buy here

15. Mountains

The mountains are calling and you must go! :) These email wedding invitations are the best for mountain themed weddings.

buy here

16. Gemstone

For gemstone lovers, this is a stunning color palette and style for your invites! Goes great with agate place cards, don’t you think?

by claudia owen, buy here

17. Bold Botanical

These email wedding invitations are simple, chic, and endlessly romantic.

buy here

18. Sweet Blossom

This is a sweet, boho-inspired wedding invitation that offers an elegant, goes-with-everything style.

by melissa egan design, buy here

19. Tree of Life

Wow, this is a stunning invitation. Who knew digital wedding invitations could be so lovely?

by colin cowie, buy here

20. Dreamy Roses

Soft, romantic, and elegant!

by paper raven co., buy here

21. Pampas Grass and Dried Florals

If you’re crazy about pampas grass (me too!) then you’ll love this elegant wedding invitation.

by milk and marrow, buy here

22. Watercolor Floral

This is a gorgeous floral design that is available in many beloved colors. Shown in blue: see the other options here.

by snow + ivy, buy here

23. Colorblock

Modern and dripping with gorgeous color!

by colormejoy, buy here

24. Mediterranean

This unique elegant style offers the look of a wax seal and is one of the best online wedding invitations this year! I adore this color combination of green and gold.

buy here

25. Magnolia

And last but not least, this magnolia themed wedding invitation is amazing for your wedding day.

by lissa anglin, buy here

Where to Buy The Best Online Wedding Invitations

Want to get started on your own design? It’s easy to do online wedding invitations thanks to the helpful team at Greenvelope: they offer the best online wedding invitations with rsvp. They offer rsvp tracking, reviews, ratings, design assistance, and so much more.

Learn more

Tell us which of these are the best online invitations for weddings in your opinion. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Planning!


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