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Colored Glass Cake Stands for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

Estelle Cake Plate - Pretty Cake Line Up 1

Want your cake or dessert table to really pop at your wedding? Just add these colored glass cake stands from RH Signature Co.! Read on to find out more about this stunning collection…

Glass Cake Stands for Weddings

by rh signature co.

This cake stand collection, an original design by RH Signature Co., is named in honor of the founder’s grandmother, Estelle. She is described as, “a jewel of a person that instilled an appreciation of the pasttime of treasure-hunting for beautiful finds — especially for the kitchen which was the heart of her home.” These stands will not only serve as a beautiful decoration piece at your wedding, but they’ll look stunning in your china cabinet and atop your kitchen table for years to come. Choose one or choose a few and mix-and-match for a colorful look! Here are some of our favorites from the collection…

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Estelle Cake Plate Emerald Green Actual Cake IMG_8436

by rh signature co.

These cake stands are handblown in Poland by artisans with glassmaking experience spanning over 120 years. Each stand measures 8 inches tall x 11 inches wide and arrives in a beautiful gift box with gold lettering custom made in New York.

Estelle Cake Plate Cobalt Blue - Actual Cake Plate

by rh signature co.

The cake stands are available in a variety of colors including (and shown below, in order) Amber Yellow, Amethyst Purple, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, and Pink Beauty.

by rh signature co.

by rh signature co.

Any of these colorful stands will look beautiful at your wedding or bridal shower.

Cake stand - pink beauty

Want to find out more? Head over to RHSignature.com for details!

Estelle Cake Plate - Pretty Cake Line Up

by rh signature co.


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This is a sponsored post from RH Signature Co.

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