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4 Fashionable Photo Shoot Venues in West Hollywood

by Emma Arendoski

If you’re looking for fun West Hollywood photo shoot venues for your wedding, engagement pictures, to capture your bachelorettes at your bachelorette party, or post-wedding ahead of your honeymoon, don’t miss this helpful post! We’re hearing from Giggster on where to plan the most fashionable photo shoot venues in West Hollywood, California. Read on to find out about a cool pink palace, a 1920’s gem, and a stylish ballroom — all three locations with fantastic backdrops for photo shoot venues.

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Your models aren’t the only elements of your photo shoot that can don a fashionable aesthetic. Take a look at these West Hollywood photo shoot venues to see just what your productions have been missing.

Envelope yourself in pink at The Pink Palace

Are you (or your subject) obsessed with the color pink? (No, really. Obsessed.) Then look no further than the place accurately deemed “Barbie’s Dream House” by NBC.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Owned by Kitten Kay Sera (known as the “Pink Lady of Hollywood,” as you might expect), The Pink Palace is… well, the pinkest place you ever did see! Despite its average size — 750 square feet — the seas of pink will leave a massive impression on you and your portfolio.

Before Sera’s residence, the one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment was all white. Even then, it functioned as a favorite for film productions and photo shoots, having been featured in all sorts of TV shows, music videos, commercials, and other media.

Still, Sera wanted more. She dedicated five years and more than $1 million to transform the pad to its current pink glory.

This venue provides the perfect backdrop for photographers aiming to infuse any of the following sentiments in their shoots, according to expert color theorists:

• Femininity
• Love
• Tranquility
• Innocence
• Optimism

Of course, if you or your subject just loves the color pink and wants as much of it as possible in the photo spread, that works too!

Travel back to the 20s at High Fidelity

This venue is ideal for transporting your viewers back in time in a timeless fashion spread. There are several assets in this venue to take advantage of, including:

• Vintage entertainment stage
• Indoor bar
• Furnishings that are faithful to the Art Deco theme, with a splash of bright color to give it a modern feel

The Art Deco interior décor is an excellent choice for classic shoots with a modern artistic edge.
This style, also known as “style moderne,” emerged as a movement in the ’20s, stretching into the ’30s as a brand-new division of decorative arts and architecture in Europe and the United States.
Every piece of furniture, wood panel, light fixture, painting, and more is an artistic statement in its own right, granting your photo shoot an incomparable liveliness and depth.
This aesthetic is also rooted in European culture, specifically Paris, France. Since the 19th century, it has garnered adoration worldwide for its lively expression of creativity that breaks all the rules.

Whether you’re shooting for an event, a fashion line or any other production that requires rich aesthetic value, the artistic freedom of High Fidelity is perfect for your photo shoot.

Discover silent regality at the Charlie Hotel

The great Charlie Chaplin was a mogul in American film. He catapulted to stardom during the era of silent film beginning in the ’20s, and his legend lives on in visual art today.
This historically designated hotel sits as a monument to this great figure in American entertainment and deeply inspired (and even political) expression on an international scale.
This structure, once owned by Chaplin, housed many celebrities in addition to himself in the “Golden Age of Hollywood.” Now, it can host your photo shoot, too.

As you step through the English-style exterior iron gates, the opulent landscaping envelopes you as the sun floods onto the communal deck, transporting you back into an era that was now a full century ago.

The current property managers are dedicated to preserving Chaplin’s explosive personality in the hotel’s grounds while paying tribute to one of American cinema’s defining periods. The Charlie Hotel’s core values are sure to shine through in every pigment of your portraits:

• Sophistication
• Passion
• Innovation
• Grace

To infuse an unforgettable figure and style of American media into your photo shoot, visit the Charlie Hotel for your production.

Capture just the right amount of fancy at Andaz West Hollywood

This Hyatt property is ready and available to meet all your production needs, from the Panorama Ballroom atop the building to the impressive penthouse suite. There are several areas to choose from as you’re planning your production’s details.

Those listed explicitly by the Andaz include:

Panorama ballroom: Here you’ll find sweeping views of the urban skyline to liven up your photo shoot. The glass windows, wood floors, and marble countertops are perfect for a modern shoot that elevates your models into high-fashion. It’s directly adjacent to the sundeck, where you can also capture beautiful planters down the walkway.

Penthouse suite: This 1,400-square-foot space is set against a beautiful backdrop of magnificent Hollywood Hills views. The suite includes a private balcony, a dining and living room, and a wet bar. One of the bathrooms is just adjacent to the balcony, allowing for some uniquely beautiful vanity shots.

Rooftop pool: Your models are guaranteed to be comfy and happy while shooting in this luxury pool thanks to its year-round heating. There’s a poolside bar, allowing for some trendy shots for summertime and celebration productions. Anywhere you go around the pool, you can capture the beautiful Los Angeles skyline behind your models.

If you’re looking to do a modern shoot with beautiful interior décor that’s not too fancy for the average city-slicker, then look no further than the Andaz West Hollywood.

Capture breathtaking décor and skyline views of West Hollywood

Don’t miss your chance to photograph the eclectic collection of interior decor and spectacular skyline views in West Hollywood. Book these venues now or search for your dream West Hollywood photo shoot location today.


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