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What Does a Flower Girl Do? – Ask Emmaline

Posted June 28, 2013 | 19 Comments

Hello, loves! Today we’re answering an Ask Emmaline wedding advice question from bride-to-be, Ashley, who asks, “What Does a Flower Girl Do?” Here’s her full question…

“Dear Emmaline, My niece is six years old and I want her to be my flower girl. She / her mom accepted, but now what? What does a flower girl do? Does a flower girl toss anything other than petals? What age is best for the flower girl? Thanks!”

Great question, Ashley (P.S. Six years old is a perfect age for a flower girl). Read on to find out what a flower girl does, the proper age for a flower girl, what she can toss, what to carry, and more! PLUS, you could win a flower girl bag + $20 gift certificate Belle Rose Designs! Read on for more…

Flower Girl Dress (by Olivia Kate Couture, photo by Michelle DuPont) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

flower girl tutu by olivia kate couture, photo by michelle dupont

What Does a Flower Girl Do?

For starters, let’s answer the first question: what does a flower girl do? Traditionally, the flower girl’s role is to scatter petals up the aisle before the bride. That’s it! (Petals aren’t required; see the list below for alternative ideas.) The key is to make her feel comfortable with her role and have realistic expectations. The flower girl may get stage freight, so if she ends up backing up don’t sweat it. The perfect age for a flower girl is typically between four and eight years old. To ensure your flower girl has fun in her newly appointed role, here are a few tips:

Flower Girl Tips

o Practice with her at the dress rehearsal so she knows where to go and what to do.

o Make sure she’s comfortable in her dress (nothing too itchy!) and shoes.


by bitsy blossom

o Strength in numbers! Have her walk down with another flower girl (or the ring bearer) to make her less nervous.

o Too young to toss petals? Have her walk down the aisle holding a teddy bear or doll (and have her mom waiting for her at the end so she sees a familiar face).

Will You Be My Flower Girl Card by In Or Out Media - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by in or out media

o Make a fuss Flower girls deserve a little fuss (i.e. ask her to be your flower girl, tell her all about the exciting day, and tell her about the beautiful dress she gets to wear.

Flower Girl Drinking Tea (dress by Had and Harps) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by had and harps

o Get her acquainted with the wedding party by including her in the bridal shower and the day-of wedding prep. Seeing familiar faces will boost her confidence level.

o If she gets upset… before it’s her turn to walk (or she wants to back out), accept it and move on. It’s really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It’s more important that she stays happy and has fun.

o Give an (age-appropriate) gift to say thank you.

These hair pins are one such gift by KimArt.

Flower Girl Hair Pins (by KimArt) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by kimart

Surprise her by placing these hair pins inside this cute little bag, like this one by Mama Bleu Designs. It even features her name in script embroidery!

Flower Girl Wristlet (by Mama Bleu Designs) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by mama bleu designs

Does a Flower Girl Have to Toss Petals?

The flower girl doesn’t have to toss petals, nor does she have to carry a basket. Here are a few clever handmade flower girl ideas:

o Banner

If the flower girl is old enough, she can carry a ‘here comes the bride’ banner (solo or with another flower girl or the ring bearer).

Here Comes the Bride Banner (by Fabulously Wed, photo by Desi Baytan) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by fabulously wed, photo by desi baytan

o Rosettes

These pink rosettes are handmade by Belle Rose Designs and, although they’re meant to be added to accessories, we think they’d be fun as tossing flowers (to be picked up and kept afterward).

Pink Rosettes (by Belle Rose Designs, photo by Beth Insalaco) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by belle rose designs, photo by beth insalaco

o Wand

Flower girl wands: how fun! Carrying a wand is a great alternative to petals, especially if your venue prohibits it.

Personalized Flower Girl Wands (by Urban Collective) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by urban collective

o Burlap Basket

The flower girl will love to carry this burlap bag down the aisle. Fill with petals for tossing.

Burlap Flower Girl Bag (by Belle Rose Designs, photo by Beth Insalaco) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by belle rose designs, photo by beth insalaco

o Flower Girl Pail

If you do plan to toss petals, this flower girl pail is one fantastic place to hold ‘em.

Flower Girl Pail (by PNZ Designs, photo by Melania Marta) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by pnz designs, photo by melania marta

o Wire Basket of Flowers

Another alternative to tossing petals: have her carry a bouquet. The flower girl simple carries the bouquet in the wire basket down the aisle. No tossing required.

Wire Flower Girl Basket (by PNZ Designs, photo by Melania Marta) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by pnz designs, photo by melania marta

o Mini Bouquet

Small hands require a small bouquet. This sola bouquet is perfect! By Curious Crafts.

Sola Flower Girl Bouquet (by Curious Crafts) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by curious crafts

o Kissing Ball

And, last but not least, a kissing ball – a ball of flowers held together – is easy for the flower girl to carry with a ribbon handle. Also by Curious Crafts.

Flower Girl Sola Flower Kissing Ball (by Curious Crafts) - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by curious crafts

Does a Flower Girl Have to Wear White?

Traditionally the flower girl would wear a dress that borrowed characteristics of the bride’s dress (same color, a touch of lace, similar material, etc.) Today, that’s not necessarily the case: the flower girl can wear any color and any type of flower girl dress or flower girl tutu you wish.

- – -

GIVEAWAY! | Win a Flower Girl Bag!

We’re delighted to share a brand new giveaway by Belle Rose Designs! One lucky reader will win this burlap flower girl bag PLUS a $20 gift certificate to her shop! Use the entry form below to enter. Giveaway is valid 6/28/13 – 7/4/13.

Burlap Flower Girl Bag Giveaway! - What Does a Flower Girl Do? via

by belle rose designs, photo by beth insalaco

Good Luck!

- – -

Happy Planning!


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