DIY Button Monogram

Good morning, lovelies, and happy… Tuesday! How was your weekend? My (Emma here!) 4th of July weekend was so much fun! The weather was hot, so my hubby and I had an enjoyable trip to the beach with some fireworks in the evening. I hope you all enjoyed every second of your extended weekend, too! This morning we’re bringing you a beautiful, easy to DIY button monogram. This monogram will add a whimsical touch to your bridal shower, wedding reception, or ceremony and can be reused in your love nest as decoration, too. Even though I’m already married, I plan on making one of these for our home, too!

diy button monogram
diy button monogram
diy button monogram

Images/DIY by Jen Jockisch // get the full DIY tutorial here

We have PLENTY more coming up, so stay tuned! In the meantime, catch up on two DIYs you may have missed over the weekend like this DIY striped skirt or DIY terra cotta pots. Happy crafting!


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  • Liz @ South Texas Wedding

    This is absolutely adorable!! Thanks for the idea!

  • Eleanor

    I love these! Definitely going to making them for Christmas presents this year! xxxx

  • Lauren Elise

    Such a cute project! This would be great for table numbers too.

  • Naomi

    So clever for a DIY project for kids, too

  • Footstone Photography

    Wow! Love this! I’ve seen monograms done with fabric, fake florals, etc…but never really thought about buttons. How fun! Thank you for the inspiration!!