Wedding Mad Libs

A fun twist on a traditional guest book: wedding mad libs! We spotted these handmade cards via My August Press which offers fully-customizable text. Guests can fill in the blanks with sweet sentiments, their recipe for a happy marriage, and more!

wedding mad libs
wedding mad libs
wedding mad lib

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend! ♥


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  • Suzanne

    This is such a great idea! I was at a wedding last summer and they did something this. Not only is it a great momento for the bride and groom but it was something to keep us occupied until they showed up to the reception and really got things started.

  • Kim

    Hi I really love this can you print them in a white card? I would need 250 and our initials are
    April 14, 2012…
    Do you make them or do I just get copy rights and print them myself???? thanks


    • EmmalineBride

      Hi Kim!

      Thanks for visiting! Please visit to place your order. They’ll be able to help you with specific questions and pricing.

      Emmaline Bride

  • Lauren Simpson

    I love this idea! What did you use to put the sheets of paper in when completed? Anyone have a good website or suggestions?

    • EmmalineBride

      Hi Lauren!
      You could hole punch the sides and place in a binder, or have them bound into a hardcover book. Hope it helps! :)

  • Jackie
  • Jackie

    I am going to do this at my wedding!!! I ordered them from this site! So easy and she was great to work with.

  • Aleta

    I love this idea. I just may use this for my upcoming wedding.

  • Michele – Orlando Wedding Planner

    Too funny! I just had one of my most creative brides do this same thing. And they gave the guests colored pencils to fill them in. Definitely a different twist on the ole guest book.

  • Naomi

    This was on of my favorite “games” as a child! How cute are these?

  • Judi Painted it

    Awesome idea!!