5 DIY Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know

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It’s Friday… and if you’re trying to save a few bucks with DIY projects or you just feel like getting crafty, here are a few tips to help! DIY projects can be fun, but they tend to get overwhelming if you don’t follow a few simple rules. Read on to find out the secrets to successful DIY projects PLUS see a handful of DIY kits you can grab now with instructions and craft supplies to get you started!

5 DIY Wedding Secrets Every Bride Should Know

1. Know when to DIY – and when to buy.

What’s your DIY skill level? Are you skilled at painting or more sewing inclined? Find your strong suit and complete a project that ties into it. One example of a painting project you may want to undertake could be a DIY wedding cake topper, like this kit by Goose Grease. It comes with paints and wooden dolls so you can give it a go on your own!

5 DIY Wedding Secrets - #1 Know when to DIY and when to buy - via Emmaline Bride (image: goosegrease) #handmade #wedding

by goosegrease

However, if your painting skills aren’t up to par – and you have a specific look in mind – it may be better to have a custom topper made. (This one is also by Goose Grease.)

5 DIY Wedding Secrets - #1 Know when to DIY and when to buy - via Emmaline Bride (image: goosegrease) #handmade #wedding

by goosegrease

2. Know WHERE to buy (+ how to save money).

It’s also important to know where to buy your DIY wedding supplies. Remember when we talked about mason jar mistakes to avoid? DIY supplies purchased in bulk can also save you money. One place you can order online in bulk is Amazon, which offers any craft item you can think of (and many in bulk). I’ve purchased these muslin spice bags in a pack of 100 and stamped them to make my own favors. I’ve also ordered mason jars in bulk to save money – and to avoid the hassle of lugging 50+ mason jars home. ;) You can also check Hobby Lobby online to place an order or see what’s in store; then, print the 40% off coupon and bring it with you to buy. Look for coupons from Michaels and JoAnn to save you money, too, and make an effort to buy items only when you have a coupon.

If you’re looking for handmade details, check out The Marketplace to snag tags, envelope seals, blank place cards, and more. For instance, round scalloped paper tags from The Kraft Room can be an excellent canvas onto which you can print guests’ names, attach to twine with clothespins, and use as an escort card display at your wedding.

5 DIY Wedding Secrets - #2 Know Where to Buy. - via Emmaline Bride (image: the kraft room) #handmade #wedding

by the kraft room

Or, add a custom detail to your favors with kraft bunting stickers (also from The Kraft Room):

5 DIY Wedding Secrets - #2 Know Where to Buy. - via Emmaline Bride (image: the kraft room)

by the kraft room

Sometimes, all you need is a little help with one detail to make it your own! For example, paper flowers! They can be time-consuming (and difficult) to make yourself, so why not let paper flower expert Paperflora lend you a hand? She makes AMAZING paper flowers in custom colors, styles, and sizes. We love these.

paper flowers

by paperflora

Then, you can arrange the flowers wherever you wish: the head table, to create a ceremony backdrop, cake table, etc.

colorful paper flowers

by paperflora

These flowers are so pretty you’ll want to re-use them in your home, too.

3. Pace yourself.

It goes without saying that even if you want to DIY every aspect of your wedding, you need to pace yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to buy supplies, create a timeline, and complete an entire project before moving onto the next one. Few things are more stressful than waiting until a few days before the wedding to complete a dozen crafts. Remember: your crafts should be fun – not stressful!

4. Call in your crew to help.

Don’t go at it alone! Your crew – you know, fiance, MOH, bridesmaids, mom – are there to support and help you. Just ask! I’m sure if they’re special enough to be in your wedding, they’re nice enough to lend a hand. But, they can’t help if you don’t ask – so, ask, ask away! (And reward them with plenty of food, drinks, and make it fun.)

5. If you don’t like it, scrap it.

Last but not least, if you work on a project and it’s not going as planned, just scrap it. Start over. Or, move onto something else. If you don’t like how something looks, don’t settle because you spent time on it; move on and craft something you’ll love. Make sure the result makes you proud.

For more handmade ideas and DIY wedding inspiration, check out The Handcrafted Wedding. You’ll also love The Inspired Wedding for theme ideas and inspiration.

DIY Craft Kits

where to find //

1 – plant me diy favors | big rock wedding favors
2 – diy tassel garland | the flair exchange
3 – vintage diy map boutonniere | artsify your life
4 – secret message diy locket | paperface studio
5 – bachelorette drink diy kits | celebr8tions
6 – wedding day kits | clementine weddings
7 – succulent favors | omorfigiadesigns
8 – sequin drink stirrers | splendid supply co

Happy Crafting! And have a happy weekend! We’ll see you back here bright & early Monday morning. :)


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