10 Most Emotional Wedding Photos

Editor’s Note – 5.8.16: Hi, loves + Happy Mother’s Day! We published this post awhile back but thought it would be a great fit for today. Wait until you see the photos with the mother of the bride, especially #4 — it’s one of my favorites! We wish all moms a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Today, we’re talking about emotional wedding photos: those real, tear-jerking candid moments captured on film. While planning your wedding, one thing remains certain: your day will be packed full of emotionally-charged, fleeting moments in time. Today, we want you to take a moment to put down the peonies, step away from the mason jars, and put all your stress on hold. Remind yourself why you’re getting married in the first place: love.

My wedding was seven years ago, but I remember the details like it was yesterday. My sister woke me up early that morning with a super enthusiastic, “Happy Wedding Day, Bride! Wake up… the big day is here!” (Seriously, best MOH in the history of ever.) I remember my mom and sister helping me get ready, putting on my veil (my mom’s, worn on her own wedding day), and peeking through windows in anticipation as family and friends gathered. I remember my dad seeing me in my gown for the first time, our father-daughter chat before Canon in D began, and seeing my groom at the end of the aisle once the doors opened. Pure magic. These significant moments made my wedding day extra special, and your moments will be unique, too. Make sure you take time out to enjoy them. (Also, make sure your photographer is ready to capture those candid shots – I’m glad ours did!) Today, we’ve gathered up ten of the most emotional wedding photos. We hope it helps you create your own list of must-have wedding photos and remind you of what’s truly important. So, without further adieu, let’s begin…

10 Most Emotional Wedding Photos

1. The Bride Gets Teary Eyed

In this shot, the bride is teary as she recites her vows. I love how you can see the bridesmaids in the background.

10 most emotional wedding photos - #1. bride gets teary eyed at ceremony (photo by julie harris)

photo by julie harris photography

2. Father of the Bride

This photo is hands-down one of my favorites ever. It’s so real… the dad sees his daughter for the first time in her gown and is speechless.

emotional wedding photos

photo by anne almasy via wpja

3. Bride Gets Emotional During Ceremony

I adore how this bride is wiping her tears but her smile says it all. Those are pure tears of joy.

emotional wedding photos

photo by lakshal perera via mywedding.com

4. Mother of the Bride Sees Daughter

This is one shot every bride should have. The bride’s mom is seeing her for the first time in her gown… such a happy moment.

emotional wedding photos - mother of the bride and daughter

photo by vic pellicier via brides.com

5. Father Gives Away Bride to Groom

Wow, there’s so much going on in this photograph. The bride and her father just walked down the aisle, he’s handing her off to the groom, and he has a sweet, endearing look in his eyes; the groom is teary-eyed himself. What a great shot.

must have wedding photo

photo by caroline and ben photography

6. Mother Sees Bride from Window

This doesn’t happen often, but this image literally gave me chills. What an amazing visual: the bride’s mother sees her daughter through the window and you can see the reflection in the window. Amazing.

emotional wedding photos - mother sees bride from window

photo by rich janniello of ciro photography via wpja

7. Couple’s First Look

This is one first look image that shows the couple’s emotions, the redness of happy tears, and then laughter from crying. What a sweet moment.

first look wedding photo

photo by simply bloom photography

8. Bridesmaids

I love when bridesmaids tear up during the ceremony… it’s such a testament for the love they share for the couple.

bridesmaids crying at ceremony

photo by ruby yeo photography via bridal musings

9. Groom Cries as Bride Walks Down Aisle

The groom isn’t afraid to get emotional as his bride walks down the aisle to meet him. You can even see a single tear rolling down his cheek. I love this photograph.

groom cries as bride walks down the aisle

photo by sarah maren

10. Bridesmaids + Bride Crying in Car

The bridesmaids share such a special bond on the wedding day and this photograph says it all. I’m going to assume they were doing what many bridal parties do on the wedding day: talk about how excited they are, then get all emotional about how they’re best friends, then laughing because they don’t want to get all worked up. So sweet.

bridesmaids and bride crying in car

photo by florent vidal photography via polka dot bride

Which one is your favorite?

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Happy Planning!


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Beautiful moments, All the moments were very emotional, specially when you have to feel like a brides to be.

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I love candid shots like these! So cute!

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