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5 DIY Wedding Tips Every Bride Should Know

diy tips

topper by goose grease

It’s Friday… and if you’re trying to save a few bucks with DIY projects or you just feel like getting crafty, here are a few tips to help! DIY projects can be fun, but they tend to get overwhelming if you don’t follow a few simple rules. Read on to find out the secrets to successful DIY projects PLUS see a handful of DIY kits you can grab now with instructions and craft supplies to get you started!

How to Make Beautiful DIY Wood Escort Cards

This time of year as the nights get cozier, I’m always looking for a new project to do while watching my favorite Christmas movie. And since I’m in the crafting spirit, I thought I’d share a favorite one with you today! These DIY wood escort cards are an awesome idea for your reception to help guests find their seats. I love this idea for winter weddings, but you can make it work for spring or summer with different colored ribbon. These escort “cards” also make great place cards at your wedding or holiday party. Ready to get started? Check out everything you need to know below!

festive winter wedding escort cards | photo: glass jar photography

8 Simple Rules to Avoid DIY Disasters
(+ Wedding DIYs to Try!)

Hello, hello! Happy Friday! If you’re planning to tackle DIY projects for your wedding, home, or just because, don’t miss this list! Even the most professional crafter will tell you that any project can be a hit or a miss and it’s common to dabble in a few DIY disasters along the way. Today we’re sharing a list to help you avoid common DIY disasters in the hopes that your project goes off without a hitch, guests are WOWed, and the project turns out even better than you imagined. (Wouldn’t that be nice!) With a long four-day weekend upon us, now is a great time to roll up your sleeves and tackle a few projects… read on to find out more PLUS check out 10 hand-picked DIY projects to try!

how to avoid diy disasters

How to Avoid DIY Disasters

1. Start with a plan.

Most DIY disasters occur because there’s no plan in place (or instructions aren’t followed). Print your instructions and supply list and make sure you have the patience to tackle said project. If you are crafting an original idea, make a rough draft of instructions and supplies to get you started. (Your instruction list will likely change as you work – and re-work – your project, but at least you’ll have a general idea of how to make it happen.)

2. Allow plenty of time.

Don’t rush! The only way to stay sane when completing a wedding DIY is to allow yourself plenty of time. A rushed project never seems to come out right… and usually isn’t much fun, either. ALSO, if you’re crafting DIYs for your wedding, tackle them as early as possible and keep it simple. Don’t try to DIY every single detail… a tired bride is not a happy one.

3. Create a defined workspace.

Create a well-defined workspace to (temporarily) call your own such as a spare bedroom, clean basement area, or sectioned off portion of a room. Whenever I work on a project, my rule of thumb is to keep at it until ready for a break. No sane person can continue crafting after reaching that point of irritation or lack of interest. Have a space where you can put your work down, shut the door, and come back to work some more later. If you can’t shut a door, buy those giant Tupperware bins with lids so you can store your supplies and completed projects. This is particularly helpful if you have two nosy, incredibly adorable cats (like I do) who like to steal craft supplies and drag them throughout the house. This idea of a defined workspace also helps with the whole ‘out of sight, out of mind’ idea and, heck, sometimes you just need a break!

4. Ask Questions.

Craft stores are a terrific place to go if you’re looking to be inspired and ask questions. If you have a DIY idea in mind but you’re not sure where to start, visit a craft store. Get an idea for the materials you have to work with, check prices to ensure it fits into your budget, and ask questions. The staff at most craft stores are knowledgeable of which materials are best for particular jobs – don’t be afraid to ask! Selecting the proper glue, for instance, can make the world of a difference (and keep you from having the entire project literally fall apart in your hands).

5. Design a sample first.

Once you’re ready to shop, buy enough supplies to make just a few prototypes. Then, move on to step six…

6. Practice ’til it’s perfect.

Practice! In fifth grade, my teacher had a poster in her room that read, “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.” I recall this every time I tackle a project. Lately I’ve been working on home projects and I can’t tell you how many times I’ll do something and then think, hmm, could I have done it better this way? And, my new answer is YES, and I tell myself that any project worth doing is worth doing right. Time consuming, maybe, but if you’re following rule #2 (above) you’ve already allowed for such things. ;) Practice the project until you love it… then, get ready to buy.

7. Buy in Bulk.

Once you’re ready to buy your supplies, buy them in bulk whenever possible either from a store (many stores offer a bulk discount) or online. Buying in bulk means you save money AND you’ll have enough supplies to complete your project, without running the risk of leaving supplies up to chance. (If you’ve planned a bridal shower or bachelorette party in the past, you may or may not have run through Michaels with eighteen items, driven to the next location and picked up eighteen more, hoping someone else isn’t eying up the same project idea.) Also, if buying online, look for discount or promo codes first – like free shipping. Hey, even the smallest discount can make a dent in your bottom line.

8. Enlist help!

Last but not least, ask for help if you need it! Trying to tackle a huge DIY endeavor is always more doable (+ fun!) with a little assistance.

*Rule of Thumb:

As a general rule of thumb… don’t be afraid to fail. DIY disasters are bound to happen and sometimes projects just don’t work out! Throw an idea that doesn’t work out the window and wait for new inspiration to strike; there’s likely a better idea on the horizon anyway.

* * *

10 DIYs to Try!

As promised, here’s a list of a few hot DIYs to try: which inspires you most?

12 DIY Mason Jar Ideas

DIY Wedding Handkerchief

DIY Jeweled Heels

DIY Chalkboard Flower Pots

How to Paint a Mason Jar

How to Make DIY Seed Favors

DIY Brooch Bouquet

DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces: Floating Candles

DIY Succulent Centerpieces

DIY Jeweled Heels

– – –

Happy Planning!


10 Killer Wedding DIYs to Obsess Over

Happy Monday! We hope you had an amazing weekend! We’re kicking off a brand new week of handmade wedding goodness with a collection of 10 killer wedding DIYs we think you’ll love. This list contains some of our favorite wedding DIYs ever… and we think you’ll agree! Feel free to follow each tutorial to a T or mix it up with a variation of your own. And, if you tackle a craft below, please let us know so we can see your beautiful work (+ share it in an upcoming post!) So, ready to get crafty? Read on to see which DIYs made the list… after the jump!

homemade perfume via design sponge

10 Killer Wedding DIYs

1. DIY Perfume

Become a frangrance mixologist in an evening! This custom homemade eau de perfume by Design Sponge makes a great gift for bridesmaids. I plan to make one myself!

homemade perfume

2. DIY Paper Peony (+ FREE Printable Template)

Pretty up your place cards with DIY paper peony flowers thanks to a FREE printable template + tutorial from Ellinee.

diy paper flower

3. DIY Sharpie Mug

Decorate mugs for your coffee or tea loving bridesmaids or create a custom ‘His’ + ‘Hers’ mug set thanks to this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. This DIY is super easy to do with cheap white mugs (try Ikea), Sharpie markers, and your oven! Get the full how-to here.

diy sharpie mug

4. DIY Coasters

Make your own (affordable) favors with this tutorial via FellowFellow: it’s fun and easy.

diy coasters

5. DIY Cement Votive Holders

Deck out your outdoor reception tables (or patio) with DIY cement votive holders. These are easier than they look and can be reused for years after the big day! Read the tutorial at Say Yes to Hoboken.

diy cement votive holders

6. DIY Wedding Program

Make your ceremony programs with this tutorial via Intimate Weddings using burlap and vintage patterned paper. Pretty!

diy wedding program

7. DIY Homemade Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss makes a great gift for bridesmaids. Customize the labels to make it your own. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make these… Cheeky Kitchen shows you how it’s done!

how to make homemade lip gloss

8. DIY Bow Sash

Last but not least, you can add a pop of color and a girly detail to your dress (or bridesmaid dresses) with this tutorial by Momtastic.

diy bow sash

9. DIY State Art

Personalize your reception space with DIY state art to show where your love resides. This fun idea – called Heart in Ohio – comes from The Harpster Home. Decorate your reception + display in your love nest after the big day.

diy state art

10. DIY Wrap Bracelet

It’s a wrap! We finish up this round-up with a funky twist on traditional wedding jewelry: wrap bracelets! Visit Honestly WTF for the full tutorial.

diy wrap bracelet

Psst. Did you know you could print on burlap? It’s true… imagine menus, place cards, escort cards, programs… so many possibilities. Just thought we’d share! :)

* * *

Happy Crafting!


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DIY Apothecary Bottles for Bridesmaids

Happy Wednesday! We’re helping you cross ‘awesome bridesmaid gift’ off your wedding to do list with these oh-so-sweet, ultra-girly DIY apothecary bottles from Formal Fringe. The tutorial – which includes a free printable! – uses clear glass bottles (from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or other local craft store), transfer labels, and decorative drawer pulls – my latest obsession. I recently visited Hobby Lobby and discovered an entire aisle dedicated to drawer pulls and decorative knobs; I’m in love. In this tutorial, Taryn adds water and a splash of red food coloring to give the decorative bottles a pink effect. As an alternative, we think it would be fun to add your favorite pink bubble bath. Wrap up the bottle in a pretty ribbon, attach a luxurious loofah, and gift to bridesmaids as a spa-inspired gift. You could also add a few drops of essential oil as a chic tabletop fragrance diffuser. Read on to see more…

diy apothecary bottles

images by formal fringe

diy apothecary bottles

images by formal fringe

For the full DIY tutorial + printable, head over to Formal Fringe. I love this idea: I’ll be making one as a gift soon!

Happy Planning!


all photos above via formal fringe

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DIY Macaron Purse for Bridesmaids

Happy Monday! What’s the best way to kick start a new week of handmade wedding inspiration? Why, with an incredibly cute, of course! If you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid gift, consider this DIY macaron purse (spotted at Craft Passion) made with your own two hands. These sweet treat-like coin purses can house coins, cash (folded), a sweet note, or a ring. So, grab a cup of coffee, roll up those sleeves, and read on to find out more…

diy macaron purse

by craft passion

DIY Macaron Purse

To make this purse, you’ll need cover buttons, fabric (we recommend one with a punch of pretty color), batting, zipper, cardstock, ribbon, a sewing kit, pencil, wire cutter, scissors, and Mod Podge. Once completed, you’ll have one 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ purse, ready for gifting.

diy macaron purse

by craft passion

diy macaron purse

by craft passion

diy macaron purse

by craft passion

How to Craft

To create this sweet DIY macaron purse, head over to Craft Passion for the full DIY macaron purse tutorial. Great job, Joanne – we love it!

Make It Even Sweeter

Surprise your bridesmaid with an extra-special gift inside like this custom name ring spotted at Hoa’s Jewelry. We love how dainty + feminine it is.


by hoa’s jewelry


by hoa’s jewelry

We also can’t help but be lovestruck over this heart ring…


by hoa’s jewelry


by hoa’s jewelry

* * *

More coming up next!


Handmade Pledge to Create Every Day

handmade pledge to create every day

A little inspiration goes a long way. Sign the handmade pledge to Create Every Day.

At Emmaline Bride, it’s no secret that we love handmade. We believe handcrafted gifts are more fun to create, give, and receive because they add a personal touch. Handcrafted gifts are likely become keepsakes for years to come. Chain store finds? Not so much.

Since we appreciate + promote the handcrafted arts, we have established “Create Every Day”, a group for all artisans to join together and keep the spirit of handmade alive. Handcrafted arts are inspiring and create a more beautiful world. Together, we can pledge to create something new every day, whether it be through drawing, painting, sewing, writing, singing, or otherwise. It does not matter what your contribution is, or how small it may seem to you – as long as it inspires you or someone around you. Let it soothe you, relax you, and forget about the busy hustle-and-bustle of life for a moment. Because, you know what they say – if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Let’s create a more beautiful handmade world, one day at a time.

{ Sign the Pledge | View the Pledge }

To join + sign our pledge, please comment below. If you want to spread the group, please use one of the buttons below on your site or blog, or follow us on Twitter for inspirational ideas.

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Sew In Love: DIY Vintage Spools

Happy Monday, lovelies! We hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We are ecstatic to kick off this week with a fabulous DIY project featuring vintage spools, buttons, pretty fabric, corkboard, embroidery, and more by Emmaline Bride’s DIY Expert, Lauren! Enjoy!



Hello lovely EB readers! It’s Lauren from Lauren Elise Crafted again and this time I am here to share a few projects that involve vintage spools. Emma had mentioned to me that she has a slight spool addiction (a girl after my own heart!) and so this DIY is in honor of her and the vintage lover in all of us. To me, nothing is better than a handmade + vintage combination DIY and that is exactly what I have for you today.

Spools are a perfect detail if you want to create a wedding with a crafty, ‘sew in love’ theme. If you wanted to expand on the ideas seen here, I would definitely recommend incorporating all kinds of stitching details (like hand-sewn paper goods), different fabrics for texture, yarn and yarn balls, and more embroidery. These items pair perfectly with family heirlooms and personal treasures, something that I have tried to highlight in the framed fabric pin board. By bringing in personal items and photographs and scattering them throughout the event, your guests can make a connection with you as a couple and with your families.











Have we converted you to a vintage spool lover yet? Is it important for you to incorporate family photographs and memorabilia and if so, how are you choosing to do it?

What you’ll need:
-vintage spools
-grosgrain ribbon
-disappearing ink pen
-white embroidery thread
-embroidery needle
-tacky glue
-backless vintage frames
-1/4” thick corkboard
-1/4” foam core


1. To make the spool escort cards, cut your grosgrain ribbon down to about a 10” strip. Use a disappearing ink pen to write out guest’s names onto the ribbon {image a}. Using a simple backstitch, embroider the names with white embroidery floss {image b}. When the embroidery is finished, glue the ribbon to the vintage spool with tacky glue, holding in place for a few seconds {image c}. Wrap the ribbon around the spool, gluing as you go.

2. To make the framed table number, remove the back from a vintage frame if need be (mine conveniently came without a back). Cut down the corkboard so that it will fit within the frame {image d}. Glue the corkboard to the frame with tacky glue or possibly something a little stronger like crazy glue or super glue adhesive. Make the table number out of buttons. Thread a needle through the cork and stitch each button in place {image e}. You may want to write the number out with pencil beforehand to act as a guide. Follow the directions in step 1 and embroider the ribbon with the word ‘table’ on it. Glue the ribbon to the spool as you did before. Thread a piece of wire through the spool and stick the wire through the cork to hold the spool in place. The spool and ribbon should hang freely next to the table number.

3. To make the fabric pin board, remove the back from a larger vintage frame. Cut a piece of foamcore or foam board down to the size of the frame. The foamcore should be cut so that it will pop right into the back of the frame. Cut a piece of fabric so that it is slightly larger than the foamcore piece. Glue the fabric to the foamcore with tacky glue {image f}. Glue all of the fabric edges, pulling tight as you go {image g}. Pop the fabric covered foamcore into the back of the frame {image h}. Mine fit snuggly enough so I did not need to attach it to the frame but you may need to use glue to adhere together. Pin photographs, crafts, and family heirlooms to your pin board!


It has been a pleasure to be here with you today! If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog. I am also available to make anything you see. I would love to craft something special for you!


About the Author:
Lauren is part of the DIY Team at Emmaline Bride as our resident DIY Expert. You can find more of her EB exclusive projects here + read her blog here!

Wedding DIY: Lace Clutches

Happy Saturday! Leave it to Martha to give you something crafty to inspire you, even on the laziest of Saturdays. :) These clutches are made by printing clip art onto heat-transfer paper, then ironed on to fun fabrics. Add embellishments (such as lace, shown here) and give to bridesmaids as a handmade gift from the heart. Get the full how-to here at Martha Stewart Weddings + happy crafting!


{ image via martha stewart weddings }

-the team @ EB ♥