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These Bridal Shower Games Will Make Your Party Even More Fun

by Emma Arendoski

I’ve been to my share of bridal showers and I always enjoy going to them! The food is amazing, the decorations tell a little something about the couple or the upcoming wedding theme, you get to see the bride and watch her open all of her beautiful gifts, and the games are always a blast. A bridal shower really gears up guests for the big day, too — and it’s usually just a month or so before the wedding date.

Today we’re talking about one of the best parts of a bridal shower: the games! We think games are a fun part of every shower (especially large showers) because they help to get your guests acquainted before the wedding. Plus, it moves things along while guests are waiting for lunch to be served. To inspire you, we’re sharing some of our favorite (fun!) bridal shower games your guests will love.

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On to the list!

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Bridal Shower Games & Ideas

1. Scratch Off Cards

These scratch off cards are great as a door prize. Simple — guests scratch off to find the ring. If their card reveals a ring, they win a prize!

scratch off bridal shower game

by inklings paperie

2. Don’t Say ______

I’ve seen the “don’t say” game a few different ways. You pick a word guests are not supposed to say, and if someone catches them saying it they steal that guest’s plastic ring (or ring pop). The guest with the most rings at the end of the party wins a prize. I think the bride’s name works especially well for this, since so many people are constantly saying the bride’s name throughout the shower; other options are ‘wedding’ or the groom’s name.

please take a ring printable pink flamingo parties

by pink flamingo parties

3. Name That Movie

This game is fun! Have guests match the movie to its popular quote.

name that movie bridal shower game with quotes by print your party

by print your party

customized wine glasses

4. How Well Do You Know the Bride

Before the shower, the host asks the bride some questions and records her answers. Guests then have to guess what the bride said in her answers. Guest with the most answers correct wins.

how well do you know the bride bridal shower printable

by inklings paperie

5. He Said / She Said


This one is similar to #4, but also asks the groom some questions. Guests have to decide the answers and who said which.

he said she said bridal shower game by merrily designs

by merrily designs

6. Bridal Word Scramble

Guests have to unscramble as many words as they can within an allotted amount of time.

bridal word scramble

by inklings paperie

7. Who Has the Groom?

Love this game idea spotted at Lisa Hadley Studios! Find out more about it here.

who has the grom

via lisa hadley studios

8. Bridal Bingo Cards

Guests write gifts (like “toaster” or “coffee maker”) in the boxes before the bride opens the gifts. As she opens one, you cross if off your card. Five in a row wins a prize!

bridal bingo cards

by inklings paperie

9. Sticker

This one is so easy and is one that my family does at every single shower. Place a sticker underneath a favor, plate, or a chair (one at each table) before the shower. The person who sits at that place setting wins the centerpiece. It is an easy way for a guest to win a prize (and you can give away the centerpieces at the end of the party).

** Game for Bridesmaids: Cake Pulls

A classic idea just for bridesmaids is the use of cake pulls. Cake pulls (these are by Cake Pulls by Dahlia) are a fun way to tell good fortunes for the bridesmaids and Maid of Honor. Cake pulls are placed inside the cake by your baker. At the shower, bridesmaids take turns choosing and pulling a charm from the cake to reveal their fortune. Bridesmaids can then keep their charm and add to a favorite charm bracelet. Cute idea!

cake charms

by cake pulls by dahlia

So, what do you think of these bridal shower games? Are you having games at your shower?




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Thank you, Neijah! So glad you enjoyed the article!

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