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Do I Really Need Wedding Programs?

by Emma Arendoski

Today we’re tackling a ceremony topic: do I really need wedding programs? Are they a must-have or not so much?

Wedding programs (aka ceremony programs) are great to have for your wedding. They provide an order of events for the ceremony, identify readings and songs played, as well as any special traditions or customs. But whether or not you really need them is up for debate.

Do I need wedding programs?

Programs are a nice touch; but do you really need them?

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Well, it depends.

Everything you choose for your wedding is completely up to you and should be selected only if you really love and want to include it in your wedding.

Some things, obviously, are absolutely essential: invitations, centerpieces, and escort cards, just to name a few.

But for stationery, programs are an item you can skip. I will add, however, that every wedding I’ve attended had programs available. Some guests look forward to them and like to follow along; others like to see the colors and styles you’ve selected for your theme. And then there are guests who really won’t even notice either way. :)

I’m all in favor of programs, but it’s a personal preference. I am more a fan of the modern options available today: for instance, programs which include fun tidbits about the couple (“we met at college” or “had our first date at Starbucks”) or the creative illustrated programs featuring your bridal party, all customized.

Something like this (from Puff Paper Co.):

need wedding programs

If you aren’t keen on passing out individual programs to guests, you can do an alternative: have the program information printed onto a chalkboard or large sign and place on an easel at your entrance.

See? It’s all a matter of taste.

Since I know many of you do like a fun and creative ceremony program, we’ve rounded-up fifty of them to share.

If you’re not sure whether to pick programs or skip them, this list will inspire you; at the very least, it will show you what a ceremony program looks like so you can decide for yourself. :)

customized wine glasses

by amy payne

Final Thoughts

– If you like programs, then you need them. They’re a nice touch and easy way to introduce your wedding party to guests. It’s also a great way to say thank you to guests with a custom message on the back.

– If you don’t like programs or your budget doesn’t allow, opt for a ceremony sign instead, as mentioned above.


– Remember: not every guest needs a program. Order enough for 75% of guests, as a general rule of thumb.

Share YOUR Thoughts

If you could, we’d love to get feedback on the round-up: please leave a comment and tell us what you like, what you don’t, what you think of programs, or whether you’re skipping them altogether. Do you think you need wedding programs or not? Leave a note below.

Shop wedding programs now:

Enjoy the round-up! Here’s the link: 50 Most Creative Wedding Programs.


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