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50 Hilarious White Elephant Gifts Under $20

by Emma Arendoski

Ah, this is the year we could all use a little pick-me-up. And if your wedding is currently on hold, perhaps the holidays are a nice distraction for the moment. :) I know I’ve been jamming to Christmas music way earlier than ever before — and I’m loving the season! In this blog post, we’re sharing the best white elephant gifts under $20 for 2020. From prank gifts to gags, funny white elephant gift ideas to silly books, we’ll share the tp gifts so you can win the white elephant gift exchange in 2020.

Like this funny ornament, $10.49 by FrontierDesignsAK.

white elephant gifts under $20

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And this one, from GoodVibesDesignsInc, for $12.

white elephant gifts under $20

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Beau-coup Wedding Favors

But those gifts are great for anyone in 2020, not just for white elephant!

These gift ideas also make great Secret Santa gifts under $20 or funny gifts you can have delivered to someone’s door this holiday season. These are ALL priced under 20 dollars, so your white elephant gift doesn’t have to break the bank.

What is your favorite gift on this list? Which white elephant gift have you never seen before? Tell us in the comment box below!

P.S. These are all available on Amazon for quick delivery! Many are FREE shipping if you have Prime (if not, get a FREE 30-day trial here!)

White Elephant Gifts Under $20

1. Pirate Wine Bottle Opener, $13.32

This year, we need ALL THE WINE. This bottle opener features a cute pirate design and will make anyone smile! By SuckUK.

2. I Could Chew On This, $11.51

This silly book features pup-inspired poems and stories for the dog lover in your life. By Francesco Marciuliano.

customized wine glasses

3. I Could Pee On This, $11.14

The companion book to the above, but for cat lovers. This book is hilarious, I’ve read it myself. And if you have a cat, you know that sometimes, they just pee on stuff. By author Francesco Marciuliano.


Prefer something else? This is another best-seller: Sorry, I Barfed On Your Bed, $9.99; it is another charming thing that cats do randomly and without warning or reason. By author Jeremy Greenberg.

4. Beanie Cap Bottle Stoppers, Set of 2 for $16.45

A cute way to stop the bottle, with a truly wintry-style. By Monkey Business Store.

5. Scratch and Sniff Whiskey Book, $19.78

By authors Richard Betts, Crystal English Sacca, and Wendy MacNaughton, this book will make you become a whisky expert in no time! Get it here.

Prefer beer? Sure, there’s a scratch-and-sniff book for that, too! By Justin Kennedy and Rich Higgins, $14.95.


What’s that? Want a scratch-and-sniff wine book? You got it! By authors Richard Betts, Wendy MacNaughton, and Crystal English Sacca, $19.80.

6. Shrimp Shaped Pillow, $18.99

Why would you need a shrimp shaped pillow? You don’t, but that’s the fun of these White Elephant Gifts under $20: they’re all absolutely unnecessary, yet a lot of fun. Looks comfy! By Bouti.

7. The Golden Girls Mad Libs, $4.99

Ok, I lied, EVERYONE needs one of these books. I mean, how much more fun can you have than Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanche, plus Mad Libs?! By Douglas Yacka and Francesco Sedita.

8. Bob Ross Color Changing Mug, $15.95

Fill this cup up with hot tea or coffee and a happy little scene appears! By The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Store.

It goes great with this Bob Ross painting within numbers kit, $9.73 by Bob Ross (Author), Robb Pearlman (Author).

9. Oven Mitts Bear Hands, $19.62

Fun oven mitts to spruce up your home or cabin. By Fred & Friends.

10. Sponge Holder in a Bed, $14.20

Wish sweet dreams to your kitchen sponge as it hangs out in this bed. By OTOTO.


11. If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine Socks, $10.95

Other variations: coffee, chocolate. By Haute Soiree.

12. Constellation Coasters, $10.37

These are actually really cute! By Kate Aspen.

13. Dinosaur Taco Holder, $12.99

Holds two tacos. Great for taco night when you’re tired of your tacos falling over! By Funwares.

14. Bacon Soap in a Tin, $8.99

Does it smell like bacon? Look like bacon? Guess you’ll have to get it to find out! By Archie McPhee.

15. Shakespearan Insult Bandages, $7.90

Adds insult to injury. By Acourements.

16. The Golden Girls Magnet Set, $9.73

Bring a little bit of fun to your fridge or workspace. By Christine Kopaczewski.

17. 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, $10.49

Interesting! By Sarah Cooper.

18. Cat-Shaped Ice Mold Trays, Set of 2 for $10.99

Do you need cat-shaped ice molds? No, but won’t it be more fun? Infinitely. By LYWOO.

Prefer Dachschund dogs instead? Sure thing! $7.99 for one, by LYWUU.

19. Beer Soap, $9.99

Smell like your favorite brew, in this case, a hoppy IPA. By Swag Brewery Store.

20. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug, $14.95

For your favorite non-morning person who isn’t really ready to talk until the coffee has set in. ;) By Humor US Home Goods Store.

21. What the Should I Make for Dinner Cookbook, $13.38

Fifty recipes to answer the age-old question you ask yourself daily. By Zach Golden.

22. The Chemistry of Alcohol Pint Glass, $14.95

By Glass With A Twist.

23. Can Holding In a Fart Kill You (And Other Questions Book), $11.81

For the curious question-asker in your life. By Andrew Thompson.

24. Bacon & Bourbon Scented Candle, $19.95

Sounds like the perfect man cave candle! By Silver Dollar Candle Co.

25. 700 Tootsie Roll Candies, $18.62

A HUGE bag of these delicious treats! By Tootsie Roll Store.

26. Sloth Slow Brew Tea Infuser, $8.99

Sure to bring a smile to your favorite tea drinker. By Fred & Friends.

27. Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl, $8.99

Sometimes you just gotta keep ’em separated. By Just Solutions! Store.

28. Mom Life Coloring Book, $8.99

A funny coloring book for moms. By Papeterie Bleu.

29. Drinking Card Game, $15.99

A party game for adults. By These Cards Will Get You Drunk.

30. Bathroom Guest Book, $15

To sign in while sitting down. By Knock Knock.

31. Before You Go Spray, Pack of 2, $19.99

For a Merry Spritzmas. By PooPourri.

32. 2020 Very Bad, Would Not Recommend Wine Glass, $14.95

Oh, 2020. By Funny Bone Products.

33. Dad Jokes 365 Days Boxed Calendar, $13.49

These jokes look punbelievable. By Sourcebooks.

34. Pooping Pooches Calendar, $16.99

Gross! But for some reason, this calendar is wildly popular. This makes great gag / hilarious White Elephant Gifts under $20. By Gag Gifts for Good Causes.

35. Punderdome Game, $13.58

A fun game for people who like puns. By Jo Firestone and Fred Firestone.

36. Yellow Friends-Inspired Yellow Frame for Your Door, $14.95

A must have for fans. By Yellow.

37. Tortilla Blanket, $19.59

Wrap up in a tortilla that is actually a blanket. By Let’s Funny.

38. Toilet Putter, $14.00

By Fairly Odd Novelties.

39. Screaming Goat, $7.40

For people who like screaming goats, videos, and more. By ScreamingGoat.

40. Animal Paws Socks, $9.99

One of the weirdest white elephant gifts under $20 on this list! Yet, wildly popular. Many animals available; shown in dog. By FreeNFrondStore.

41. Leg Lamp Nightlight, $18.99


42. Moose Mug, $19.99

Enjoy that eggnog, Clark. By Christmas Vacation Collectibles.

43. Prank Cricket Noisemaker, $10.95

Hide this and let the pranks ensure! By Fun Delivery Store.

44. Raining Men Umbrella, $19.95

Ha! By Maad.

45. Funny Plush Santa (+ Other Toys), $12.74

This Santa is wildly popular, among others like the Christmas tree and Snowman, because they make sounds or dance around. Find out more here. Makes great white elephant gifts under $20. By Simply Genius.

46. Fry Cup Holder for Your Car, $8.95

Keep your fries standing upright on the go! By Maad.

47. Toilet Bowl Night Light, $13.98

By Chunace.

48. Wacky Waving Tube Guy, $7.99

Draw attention to your desk with this tube guy and book. By Conor Riordan and Gemma Correll.

49. Desktop Boxing Bag, $9.95

Knock out that stress! By Running Press.

50. Cute Little Tea House, $15.30

This isn’t really funny, but more like practical white elephant gifts under $20. I think this tea bag holder is so cute! By OTOTO.

51. Mr. Hankey Ornament, $11

Hilarious! By KnotsInYarn.

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What do you think of these cheap white elephant gift ideas? Are you doing a gift exchange this year? If so, what is the limit? We typically do white elephant gifts under $20 and it seems like a good price point! The results are always hilarious. Sometimes practical, too!

Happy White Elephant Gift Giving!


P.S. Want more? You can browse funny white elephant gift ideas here!

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