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This is the Most Beloved Fall Wedding Bouquet

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. When I got married, and it wasn’t even that long ago, there was no such thing as sola flowers. Well, I’m sure they existed, but they weren’t readily available as they are today. If I had know about a sold wood flower bouquet back then, it would have been a huge relief to know the money spent would go toward a bouquet that lasts forever. A bouquet I could place in a pretty vase on my desk and enjoy for years to come.

Sola flowers are a type of balsa wood that are hand-dyed and arranged in a bouquet with other adornments. For instance, these sola flower bouquets by Pine and Petal Weddings are handmade with sola flowers, wood flowers, book pages, aromatherapy, lavender, pumpkin spice, rose, and paper flowers, all eco-friendly and preserved and dried naturally.

Photo credit: beautiful photos in this post by TerrieImages.

handmade fall wedding bouquet sola wood flower

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To wrap the bouquet they use ribbon, jute twine, or other materials to tie your bouquet together and coordinate with your wedding.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

handmade fall wedding bouquet sola wood flower

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Each bouquet is one-of-a-kind and completely handmade (yay!) You can choose a medium, large, or XL sized bouquet depending on your style preference. The photos below depict the fall wedding bouquet in the extra large size.

If you love fresh flowers, you can still get a beautiful scent from this fall wedding bouquet: if you include scents, they will last approximately 2-6 months depending on where you store and display your bouquet. Regardless of scent or no scent, you’ll want to keep your sola wood flower bouquet looking its best, so keep it in a cool and dry environment and allow bouquets time to “fluff” once they are opened from the box. You can read full instructions provided by PineandPetalWeddings with your order. :)

Here’s how gorgeous this fall wedding bouquet looks — and you’ll quickly see why brides are going crazy over the style this season.

handmade fall wedding bouquet sola wood flower

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handmade fall wedding bouquet sola wood flower

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Isn’t this bouquet stunning? If I was planning my own fall wedding right now, this is the bouquet I would pick. I love the colors used, the style, the size — everything about it is pure perfection. You can browse more bouquets like this at PineandPetalWeddings in the shop. We’re honored to partner with them as a Featured Artist in The Marketplace!

What do you think?

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Happy Planning!


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