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The 5 Laws for Wedding Favor Boxes

by Emma Arendoski

Brides: did you know that not all wedding favor boxes are created equal? And that every year thousands of wedding favor boxes go unclaimed because guests miss them or forget to take them home? Shockingly true. But, fear not: we’re here to help! Today we’re bringing you the five laws for wedding favor boxes to ensure your simple – yet elegant! – wedding favor boxes are not only perfectly coordinated but enjoyed (and taken home) by your guests. Read on to find out these five laws, get inspired with colorful wedding favor boxes by the lovely Sosia To Go, and find out some ideas for favor “fillers” that are anything but boring…

wedding favor boxes - black box with blue ribbon (by sosia to go)

Wedding Favor Boxes: The 5 Laws

1. Coordinate with your decor.

Make sure your wedding favors coordinate with your color palette. If you’re tying in a very specific color, order a sample first just in case.

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

wedding favor boxes - khaki with hot pink ribbon (by sosia to go)

2. Include non-boring fillers!

The best part of wedding favor boxes? What’s inside! If you want guests to take them home, include a delightful filler. And, don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box – skip the traditional wrapped mint route and opt for something fun like colorful jelly beans, fun-sized candy bars, tea, seed packets, BBQ rubs, spice rubs, soaps, tealight candles, trail mix (perfect for a camp themed wedding), or a homemade treat (like a wrapped cookie or chocolate covered pretzels). Just remember to go sans chocolate for summer weddings. Talk about a hot mess.

wedding favor boxes - lime green box with white ribbon (by sosia to go)

3. Obey the ‘Goldilocks’ Rule.

Make sure your wedding favor boxes correspond well with your filler – make sure it’s not too big and not too small; just right. If the box is too small, your favors will overflow; too big and your filler will look teeny-tiny. A good rule of thumb: make sure it’s bigger than 1.5″ x 1.5″ but smaller than 3″ x 3″.

4. Make sure they’re sturdy.

Your wedding favor boxes should be sturdy enough to hold what’s inside or they’ll fall apart (or bow in the center). Buy a high-quality box made of heavy paper, tie a tight (but still able to be opened) bow with your ribbon, and you’re in the clear.

wedding favor boxes - navy blue with pink ribbon (by sosia to go)

5. Place the favor boxes where guests can see them.

I know, this one sounds so obvious, but it happens ALL the time: favor boxes are placed in an obscure location at the wedding and guests forget to take them home. Nothing is worse than money spent on favors that never get used. If you wish to display your wedding favor boxes in a central area stacked atop one another, be sure to include a sign to instruct guests to ‘Please take one’. Your best bet: place the favors directly at each guest’s seat so they can’t miss ’em. (If you do have left-over wedding favors, donate them to a hospital or nursing home. Don’t let your favors go to waste!)

customized wine glasses

wedding favor boxes - pink with black ribbon (by sosia to go)wedding favor boxes - white box with orange ribbon (by sosia to go)

We hope you enjoyed today’s post on wedding favor boxes! What’s your favorite color combo? I’m loving the navy blue with pink bow. That color palette is one of my favorites! To find out more about the custom favor box kits you saw in this post, check out Sosia To Go. As the name suggests, they specialize in “to-go” favors and are happy to help you customize the perfect boxes for your wedding.

Sosia To Go is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace, your source for the best handmade artisans and handmade wedding items on the planet.

Happy Planning!



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