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How to Make a Flower Wreath: White Roses + Eucalyptus

by Emma Arendoski

Roll up your sleeves + get crafty: today we’re showing you how to make a flower wreath with fragrant eucalyptus and white roses! Emma here and I have a real appreciation for wreaths, especially hoop wreaths. They really add a warm welcome to the outside of your home; I even like them indoors. (Isn’t that funny about wreaths? You hang up a pretty wreath but you barely ever get to enjoy it yourself, since it’s always outside. Just add a wreath hanger to any inside door… that’s what I do!)

Today’s flower wreath is designed for the entryway of your wedding as a welcome sign; however, I know I’ll be copying this tutorial to make a flower wreath for my own front door! I can’t wait for spring to get here, so adding a pretty eucalyptus and flower wreath sounds like a lovely way to let in a little spring.

This tutorial is designed by Tina of Blooms By The Box, a crafty do-it-yourself-er who you’ll see regularly at Emmaline Bride this year. She has designed exclusive tutorials for our readers and today we’re kicking off the very first one! *throws confetti* (Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss upcoming DIYs!) In this DIY, you’ll learn how to make a flower wreath with easy-to-find wreath supplies and helpful step-by-step instructions. This wedding reception wreath is made of eucalyptus, ruscus, ivy, thistle, spray roses, and eucalyptus.

This flower wreath is designed on a chalkboard and easel to welcome guests to your reception. As an alternative, you can make this wreath for your ceremony entry doors or your front door for spring. It will smell amazing — oh, how I love eucalyptus and roses!

make a flower wreath

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Take it away, Tina!

Wreath Supplies

To make a flower wreath, you’ll want to first gather up the wreath supplies and materials needed.

Wreath Supplies

• 2-3 stems of Seeded Eucalyptus
• 2-3 stems of Italian Ruscus
• 3-4 stems of Ivy Variegated
• 2-3 stems of Thistle Dynamite
• 1 stem (approx. 3 buds) of White Spray Roses
Baby-Blue Eucalyptus (optional)

Wreath Materials

Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Floral Scissors
Hoop-steel ring or embroidery hoop
Chalkboard or wood board

make a flower wreath supplies

Make a Flower Wreath

customized wine glasses


make a flower wreath supplies

1. Line the metal hoop with a long stem or two of variegated ivy by wrapping the stem around the circle. Use lightweight floral wire to secure the stem in place. Wrap stems without seeing the wire.

make a flower wreath supplies


make a flower wreath supplies

2. Starting halfway on the hoop, mix in Italian Ruscus using your wire. Twist wire and secure stems of Ruscus to the metal hoop. Overlap the stems.

make a flower wreath

wreath supplies

3. Add in seeded eucalyptus to add texture. Fill the bottom of the wreath and let the greens flow freely. Add stems until the bottom of wreath base is covered. Keep metal hoop exposed for texture.

wreath supplies

4. Trim the end of any stems that stick out straight.

wreath supplies

5. Place a stem of white Spray Rose toward the right bottom of the wreath, free-flowing tucked in with the greens.

wreath supplies

6. Use floral tape to help keep your flowers or thistle in place. Trim any excess tape for a clean look.

wreath supplies

7. Weave stems of Thistle Dynamite in-between greens and above the roses for texture and a hint of color.

wreath supplies

8. Fill in any gaps with greens to make the wreath bottom heavy, full and free-flowing on the bottom. (Optional- add 1-2 stems of baby blue eucalyptus above the roses.)

9. Wire wreath to sign.

how to make a flower wreath

how to make a flower wreath

To see more tutorials and get inspired, visit the website here.

So, tell me: are you going to make a flower wreath? What do you think of this welcome sign idea? It’s snowing outside right now, but I know spring is around the corner. I hope you’re keeping warm out there!

Comment below with any questions on this easy wreath tutorial. We can assist with questions you may have.

Happy Planning!


This is a sponsored post collaboration / tutorial with BloomsByTheBox.

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