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How to Get Perfectly Fit for Your Big Day

by Emma Arendoski

This is a guest post.

Whether you want to get leaner, lose that muffin top or spare tire, or get more fit overall, these tips will work for you! Here’s how to get perfectly fit for your big day and stay fit even after the honeymoon, if you so choose.

Get a workout buddy

There are many advantages to having a workout buddy. Studies show that if you have a workout buddy, you will:

• Enjoy your workouts more

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• Do your exercises with less stress

• Meet your goals faster

• Push yourself harder

Most importantly, it will feel less like a workout and more like fun!

And if you want to work on not only your strength but your flexibility and balance, get yourself some resistance bands. Resistance bands are highly versatile, and you can take them anywhere to make the world your gym!

A combination of cardio, strength, and flexibility is vital when building your exercise program to get maximum results.
If you don’t have resistance bands yet, take a look here: victormgear.com.

Ramp up your eating habits

The secret here is NOT to cut out everything from your diet that you enjoyed before. That’s a recipe for a binge disaster at the buffet as soon as your big day has arrived. You don’t want to starve yourself – your partner is marrying YOU, not a stressed-out ‘hangry’ demon who has suddenly stopped having fun.

Introduce more of the good stuff, and you’ll find yourself automatically craving more fruits and veggies and less junk food.

Make it a game: how many new fresh fruits and vegetables can you add to your diet in a day? See if your workout buddy will play this game with you. Or maybe your partner wants to get fit too, in which case you’ll both benefit long after the wedding bells have rung.

Decide on a small change that you can incorporate each week:

• Try drinking carbonated flavored water instead of soda. Sparkling water with freshly squeezed orange juice is WAY more delicious than orangeade! Try it, and you’ll see!

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• Swap high-fat proteins for low-fat options. Instead of pork or beef, go for chicken or fish. Or try tofu, if you haven’t already.

• Swap sugary desserts for 70% chocolate, fresh fruit, or other alternatives. Enjoy your chocolate squares, knowing you’re not taking in a ton of chemicals and additives. Top tip: If you eat gluten-free, check food labels, as many commercially-produced gluten-free products have a lot of sugar. This goes for fat-free products too!

• Try healthy snacks, e.g., freshly popped popcorn (you can make this in the morning and take it with you), carrot sticks or apple slices with nut butter, or kale chips.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you’re drinking enough water to look after your skin and your overall health. When you drink enough water, you help your body do the following:


• Keep your joints lubricated. This is doubly important when you’re working on improving your flexibility through exercise

• Prevent infections. The last thing you want on your big day is to be ill! Drinking water helps your body fight off illnesses and get rid of toxins

• Clean your skin. Water helps your skin look its best

• Improve the quality of your sleep. It’s crucial to get enough sleep during what could be a stressful time, even with 8 hours’ sleep a night. And you definitely want your beauty rest :)

Note: If you aren’t a fan of drinking lots of water, know that the more raw fruits and veggies you eat, the less water you need to drink. And if you feel thirsty, drink up! You’re already dehydrated!

Look after your mind

Preparing for your big day can get very stressful. Take the time to go for walks, do yoga, sit on a park bench, light some candles and relax, take a bubble bath, or whatever lovely thing you decide to do for yourself.

Set goals that are realistic, and remember that your big day is about getting married to the one you love.

It is essential to look after how you feel on the inside. Getting fit isn’t all about fitting into your clothes.

Keep track of your efforts

It can be easy to forget to track your efforts. By tracking your progress, you’ll ensure that you stay motivated, and you’ll also give yourself reasons to celebrate (as if you needed more!).
You can use a wall chart, your diary, or a bullet journal. Whatever method works for you!

This is a guest post.

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