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How to Pair Lobster and Wine for Weddings

by Emma Arendoski

Are you planning to have lobster at your wedding or rehearsal dinner? What kind of wine pairs perfectly with it? We’re talking about pairing lobster and wine with tips from the experts at Lobster Anywhere! Subscribe now for the latest to your inbox.

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It gets messy!

Emma here and we want to make sure you have the proper lobster and wine pairing for wedding receptions, rehearsals, or parties of any kind! That’s why we brought in the expert — Kevin Fagan of Lobster Anywhere — to provide tips on what wine goes best. Let’s get started!

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Pairing Lobster and Wine: What Works Well

While the ideal wine for pairing with lobster is Chardonnay, other wines are rising to the occasion. The perfect drink depends on the method of preparation and accompaniments like sauces and side dishes. If you have a dinner party and need wine pairings for lobsters, we’ve got you covered.

Lobster and Wine, a Luxurious Taste in One

Lobsters are seafood with a delicate flavor profile. Their delicious white meat is slightly sweet with a light texture, providing a fantastic contrast to the firm outer shell. The texture and taste vary with the cooking method. For instance, grilling lobsters make them chewy with a bit of char, and the flavor intensifies depending on the marinades and seasoning used.

Boiled lobsters have a clean, fresh taste with a soft and delicate texture ideal for multiple dishes. Baking lobsters makes them versatile for wines. The various accompaniments provide a vibrant taste profile, while baking makes the seafood meaty and more flavored.

As a thumb rule, you should pair lobster with drinks that will not overshadow its flavor. The delicate and slightly sweet taste of lobsters requires wines with crisp and fresh notes. While white wines are top choices, red wines provide intriguing exceptions.

Chardonnay Still Being the Top Pick

Chardonnay has citrus nuances or buttery tones and is hands down the best choice for lobsters. The citrus notes of the grapes bring out complex taste profiles of the seafood. White Burgundy and Chablis are acidic and pair well with grilled, boiled, or steamed lobsters.

Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Champagne is an excellent choice for steamed or boiled lobsters accompanied by flavored butter and dips. Go for Blanc de Blancs champagne, such as 2006 Pierre Moncuit. Dry Rose wines like Grenault are also subtle but take the flavor to new heights. Prosecco and Cava are acidic and bubbly, making them perfect for seafood.

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Other Whites to Consider

If you cook lobsters with spicy sauces, you should consider Riesling. Apart from high acidity, the fruity and sweet floral notes complement the seafood. Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer have a rich ginger flavor that suits lobsters.

Going Red

The bold flavors and tannins overpower the delicate taste of lobsters. However, light reds can provide an intriguing twist to a lobster dish. Chianti is a light red with herbaceous notes which work well with tomato-based dishes.


When choosing wines to complement lobsters, you need a drink with elegance, but subtle flavor. It should enhance the delicate lobsters without overpowering them.

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Many thanks to our guest, Kevin Fagan, and this terrific knowledge about pairing lobster with wine.

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