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Where to Buy Wedding Jumpsuits Under $100

by Emma Arendoski

When one of our readers poses a question to us, we make it a point to find exactly what they need.

Sometimes it’s cheap wedding favors, other times it’s what to pack on the honeymoon or where to rent an arch. But today? Today is a fun bridal jumpsuit help-me-find-it question and it’s specifically on-budget: Mari wants to find a wedding jumpsuit under $100. She writes,

“Hi Emmaline Bride! I’m wearing a wedding gown for the ceremony and I’d love to wear a wedding jumpsuit for the reception. However, I don’t have a huge budget to buy both. Do you know where to buy a wedding jumpsuit under $100? Thanks for your help.”

Hmm, a jumpsuit for a wedding and under 100 dollars? I think we can manage that. :)

Wedding Jumpsuits Under $100

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

After some digging and browsing our favorite usual resources, we found that many — if not all — jumpsuit styles were way over the $100 mark. So we had to dig even further and… yep, we found plenty of wedding jumpsuits under 100 dollars and I think you’re going to love these.

By the way, these are all by Lulu’s. Did you know they just launched a new wedding site? I had no idea. I was browsing them a few months ago and all of a sudden, boom. New site. It’s gorgeous, too, and I can’t believe they now have (affordable!) bridesmaid dresses. Check it out here.

We hope you find a wedding jumpsuit under $100 you love in this space! Thanks so much for writing!

1. Amora Lace Jumpsuit, $84

buy here

2. V-Cutout Strapless Jumpsuit, $64

buy here

3. Ruffled Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, $88

buy here

4. White Strapless, $64

buy here

5. Wide-Leg Jumpsuit with Ruffles, $68

buy here

6. White Halter Jumpsuit, $45

buy here

7. White Lace Wedding Jumpsuit, $88

buy here

customized wine glasses

8. Open Back Cap Sleeve Jumpsuit, $98

buy here

9. Lace Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit, $88

I love this style!

buy here

10. Modern Strapless Jumpsuit, $68

buy here


11. Deep V Jumpsuit, $78

buy here

12. Short Sleeve White Lace Jumpsuit, $84

buy here

13. Sheer Short Sleeve Jumpsuit, $78

buy here

14. Ultra Wide Leg with Pleated Bodice, $74

buy here

15. Jumpsuit with Asymmetrical Bow / Sash, $84

buy here

Where to Buy Wedding Jumpsuits Under 100 Dollars

Ready to get one of your own? These jumpsuits work great for pre-wedding events, too — not just the reception! Wear a jumpsuit for your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal — anything! You’ll love it so much (and it’s such a great price!) that I’m sure you’ll want to wear it to all of the above. :)

To buy wedding jumpsuits under $100, click here to shop!

If you want your bridesmaids to wear jumpsuits, these are as low as $54 each! Check out all the colors available here. I love the strappy back!

buy here

Hope it helps!


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