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How to Make DIY Birch Mason Jar Candles

by Emma Arendoski

Want to add a romantic glow to your reception tables? These DIY birch wrapped mason jars will do the trick! These candles will add a warm, romantic glow to any wedding or holiday party. We’ll show you how easy they are to make — and affordable, too! Read on for more…

How to Make DIY Birch Mason Jar Candles | https://emmalinebride.com/reception/birch-mason-jar-candles/

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Birch Mason Jar Candles for Weddings

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Oh, how I love easy-to-make decorations, especially when they involve candles. These birch jars are even easier to make because they don’t use real birch (we don’t want you to run around damaging trees) — it’s birch paper instead! Here are a few simple supplies to gather and easy-to-follow instructions to get you started.

How to Make DIY Birch Mason Jar Candles | https://emmalinebride.com/reception/birch-mason-jar-candles/

where to buy //

1 – mason jars in pint (16 oz.) size | get them here
2 – birch paper garland | get it here
3 – jute twine | get it here
4 – ivory pillar candle 2.25 x 5 in size | get it here
5 – natural decor | pick your favorite → holly berry twig stem, twigs, grapevine, fresh pine
6 – hot glue gun + glue sticks (not pictured) | get them here

how it’s done //

1. Remove lid from mason jar. Cut birch paper in length around mason jar.
2. Add a bit of hot glue under birch paper to attach it to the jar. Glue ends of birch paper together.
3. Wrap twine around jar tightly; cut to length. Tie a loose ribbon or knot and trim excess.
4. Choose one favorite natural decor (i.e. twig, berry stem, etc.) and tuck it into the twine. (Note: You can get fresh pine springs everywhere right now since it’s the holidays! Twigs are easy to find in your backyard or local park.)
5. Add pillar candle, light, and enjoy!

Ah, another easy DIY project complete! If you’re adding this to your centerpiece, we recommend placing on a round tree slice like this as a candle base.

Happy Crafting!



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ROhn September 25, 2017 - 12:05 pm

Amazing tutorial! I love mason jars!

Sharing some more mason jar candles and holder designs



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