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Love-Filled Mad Libs Guest Book Idea

by Emma Arendoski

Mad lib guest books are popping up everywhere– and for good reason! Find out why we love this guest book alternative in today’s feature. Plus, would you subscribe already?! We’d hate for you to miss other inspiring finds like this and be out of the loop.

What do we love more than a traditional signed guest book? A mad libs guest book, that’s what! Hi loves, Emma here and can you believe it’s already Friday? This week was the fastest in record history, I think. Hibernating inside when it’s, oh, you know, -10 degrees in windchill (yes, really!) can turn days into nights in record time. On the news this morning, they actually said IT IS WARMER IN SIBERIA right now than it is in Metro Detroit at the moment. Anyways, at least my house is warm and filled to the brim with love this Valentine’s Day weekend with my two sweet Valentines: my hubby, Andrew, and my son, Baby Andrew (who just turned ten months). I asked him to be my Valentine and he replied with a toothy grin and a, “MAMA-MAMA BABBABABAA” which translates to “Mama, Bottle” in babyspeak. I take that as a yes, and I look forward to extra snuggles and warm blankets and a few episodes of Curious George.

But I digress. As you cozy up to your Valentine this weekend, feel free to drop in a few wedding planning questions, like, gee, honey, what do you think of a mad libs guest book? That would be romantic, yes?

Mad Libs Guest Book

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Anyways, you know how a mad libs guest book works, right? Guests take a card and fill in the blanks with nouns, pronouns, or verbs (without reading it first). When you don’t read it ahead of time, the result is more comical; you’ll be able to tell which guests cheated and read ahead of time by how well it flows when you read it. ;) At the bottom, you’ll find a few lines where guests can write off-the-cuff and give advice, tell you their favorite part of the wedding, or give you some super awesome date ideas to keep the romance alive. It’s a cute way to get a little more personality on paper, instead of a simple signature.

These cards — named Love Libs — are from B is for Brown:

love libs for guest book

b is for brown

Guests fill out it out and place their completed card in a simple card box. You can even get a hinged box like this one, which is super affordable and handy for keeping cards after the big day.

There are other colors available, too. See them all at B is for Brown.


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1 comment

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