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Where to Buy Beach Towel Wedding Favors

by Emma Arendoski

Are you wondering where to buy beach towel wedding favors? For weddings, engagement parties, or wedding showers, beach towels are fail-proof favors your guests are sure to enjoy — and actually use. For the 2020 wedding season, couples are looking to buy beach towel wedding favors for the summer and fall months. In the summertime, towels can be used on the sand, at a picnic, or at an outdoor concert; during the fall months as the nights get chilly, use it as a cozy wrap or blanket around a campfire or stay warm on a hayride. To top it off, these bulk beach towels are affordable and can be personalized in an instant.

In this post, we’ll tell you where to buy beach towel favors, how to make personalized beach towel wedding favors — cheap! — and explain just how versatile this towel really is.

beach towel favors with fringe

Bulk Beach Towels

When bride-to-be, Katie, wrote us about her upcoming wedding, she was curious about beach towel favors but wasn’t sure what kind to give to her guests. She writes,

Hi Emmaline! I’m looking for where to buy beach towels I can give as wedding favors. We’re getting married in late August and I like the idea of towels that are multi-function as beach towels or wraps. Do you know of any that look fancy enough for a wedding, and if so, where can I get beach towel favors in bulk? Thank you!

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

Great question, Katie! Beach towels vs. the kind of towels you can actually give to guests as favors are definitely two different things and we found the perfect choice for you: Turkish towels! These are exactly what you’ll want to give as beach towel party favors.

Turkish towels are more than a standard bath or beach towel, making them a perfect take-home favor for guests. Here’s why.

What is a Turkish Towel Used For?

Turkish towels have an abundance of uses. This is perhaps one of the main reasons to buy beach towel wedding favors for your guests: the unlimited number of places and ways they can use it!

beach towel wedding favors

These super-absorbent beach towel favors are used as a…


Wear a towel as a stylish scarf or wrap when running errands on-the-go.


Going to the beach? These beach favors are excellent makeshift sarongs; just wrap a towel around your waist and tuck in.

blanket for travel

customized wine glasses

Lightweight and portable, beach towel favors make travel easier for guests. You can stow it away in your carry-on bag and use it as a blanket on a long flight; since they are so travel-friendly, they are an excellent option for both local and destination weddings.

bath mat

Just fold a turkish towel in half and place in your bathroom to use as a stylish bath mat. It is very absorbent, too. We recommend adding a bit of rubber backing to the bottom, though, for safety and non-slip. :)

beach blanket


Planning a day at the beach? Guests will grab their favorite wedding favor — yours! — as they head to their favorite sunny + sandy spot to relax, unwind, and take it easy on a comfortable beach blanket that doubles as an absorbent beach towel.

These work extremely well as bachelorette party favors, too, especially if you’re headed to a beach bash like this!

aqua beach wedding towel favors

via here

orange beach wedding towel favors

buy here

cozy throw

You can’t exactly throw a beach towel on the back of your favorite easy chair in terms of style, but a Turkish towel? Absolutely! And you’ll be happy to have it for long hours Netflixing on the couch or curling up with a good book.

hair wrap

With its amazingly absorbent properties, you can use this towel to dry your hair naturally. Just wrap your hair in a turban-style using this towel and let it absorb the excess water. I prefer using this to hairdryers on most days, especially in the summer, since my hair tends to get frizzier if I use a blowdryer.

hand towel

The smaller beach towel favors — which are really great as hand towels — add so much color and charm to any space!

beach towel wedding favors

buy here

picnic blanket

Planning a picnic? Toss the towel in your tote bag, backpack, or picnic basket and find your favorite grassy knoll. This towel truly goes anywhere.


Use as a shawl anytime, anywhere! These make great bridesmaid gifts.

beach towel party favors

Beach towel favors made of Turkish cotton are more absorbent vs. traditional towels. They are also more stylish and more polished, making Turkish beach towels an easy choice for wedding favors.

Where to Buy Beach Towel Wedding Favors

Now that you know what makes beach towels an excellent choice for weddings, let’s talk about where to buy them. If you want cheap beach towel favors — that doesn’t look cheap at all, of course — we found them at Kalkedon Towels. We recommend these as the best beach towel favors for these key reasons.

Cheap Beach Towel Wedding Favors

On top of their affordable prices, at the time of publication, these beach towel favors are marked at an additional 15% off. PLUS, they are offering free shipping to USA. When you factor in the cost of wedding favors elsewhere, plus the functionality, then add no bulk discount and shipping costs… that can really add up! Thanks to these discounts, you’ll pay a lot less and receive a much bigger return, especially in terms of usefulness for guests. And that means less waste! :)

beach towel wedding favors

buy here

Buy Bulk Beach Towel Favors

You get amazing bulk pricing on beach towel favors, the best price we’ve found anywhere else for the same quality. If you want to buy bulk beach towel favors for parties, weddings, or even as bridesmaid gifts, you can get special bulk pricing from their shop here.

bulk beach towel wedding favors

The Best Quality Beach Towel Favors

These are super soft, super thick, and extremely gentle on the skin. The towels are made of 100% cotton and are more absorbent than conventional towels. They are fast dry and eco-friendly: they’re naturally-dyed and consume laess water and detergent due to its lightweight material. To top it off, and this was my first question — YES, it is machine washable! (Yay!) Just don’t use bleach and be sure to use cold water. As a tip, they mention using distilled vinegar to keep it extra fluffy — I love that!

where to buy beach towel favors

where to buy beach towel favors

where to buy beach towel favors

where to buy beach towel favors


Superior Customer Service

The reviews really speak for themselves with hundreds of positive reviews and counting. We’ve worked with them before and Sinan offers fantastic customer service and quick communication.

USA Seller / Ships in the USA

Don’t worry about international shipping costs and long wait times for your wedding favors arriving if you live in the USA. These ship from New York to your door.

where to buy beach towel favors

Great Selection of Towel Colors and Styles

I’ve seen some other towel favors that are — pretty basic. But these? They’re stunning! I especially like the different patterns and designs available, as well as a wide range of colors. This chevron design is probably my favorite, and definitely in hot pink.

beach towel wedding favors

via here

I also love the black-and-white style that goes with any outfit (and any wedding theme).

beach towel wedding favors

via here

Larger Beach Towel Throws

Prefer to give your guests larger throw blankets instead? These beach towel favors are the perfect option, available here in a larger size.

How to Personalize Beach Towel Party Favors

Yes, it’s easy to personalize your towels instantly in two ways.

– You can request custom embroidery on your towels or,

– Add a little DIY magic to personalize the towels yourself before giving them to guests. (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)

To personalize your towel wedding favors, all you need are the following supplies.

bulk towel wedding favors

Choose any style, color, or design you like best from the shop here.

favor tags

You can buy simple “thank you” kraft tags here in bulk for cheap. This particular style also comes with jute twine. I like this style tag because it says, “Thank you for celebrating with us” and features a cut-out heart design, perfect for your wedding. Plus, they’re super affordable.

thank you wedding favor tags with heart cut out design and jute twine

buy here

If your wedding style is less rustic and more modern or traditional, these white tags are a great alternative. You can buy them here.

thank you favor tags in white with heart cut out

buy here

twine or ribbon

Buy: jute twine, raffia, or ribbon

We recommend twine for a rustic wedding, raffia bundles for a beach wedding, or ribbon for any other style of wedding in your choice of color and finish (satin is the most elegant, but also the most costly)

I’m also loving this luxe ribbon at the moment (shown below) and finding any excuse to use it everywhere! I think it would be a beautiful way to wrap up these towels to give as favors. By LinenLark.

beach towel wedding favors

buy here


All you do is roll up a towel tightly, wrap a favor tag around it with ribbon, tie it around your towel, and knot or add a bow to keep it held together. Then place the towels nicely rolled up in a stack on a favors table at your wedding and add a sign so guests know they can take one.

If you prefer, and since they look so beautiful, you can wrap them up and place one at each guest’s seat. Upon finding their seat for dinner, they’ll be greeted by a beautiful towel favor; women may even find themselves using it as a shawl later on in the evening.

personalized beach towel wedding favors

via here


Some couples plan to buy wedding towel favors to use as wraps for the women in attendance, especially for fall weddings. This can be done easily by wrapping them up as we described above, then placing them in a basket or on a table. We personally love to use large woven baskets like these for our wedding clients, since they can be used for anything after the wedding and they fit many towels inside.

Place or prop a sign like this by FloraSouthDesigns alongside the basket so guests are encouraged to help themselves.

to have and to hold in case you get cold sign

buy here

Or this charming rustic sign from DaisyDesignsBespoke, which can be added to any basket of your choice.

rustic sign for towel favor basket at wedding

buy here

Now that you know everything you could know about beach towels as favors, surprise YOUR guests with something they’ll actually love + use!

Shop here!

We are proud to promote Kalkedon Towels as a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride. They’re easy to work with, so feel free to ask any questions you have here. You can also leave any comments or questions in the box below.

We’d love to hear what YOU think about this unique wedding favor idea! Do you like towels as wedding favors? Did you know about Turkish towels before reading this post? Are you going to buy beach towel wedding favors for your reception, bachelorette party, or as bridesmaids’ gifts? Tell us in the box below!

GOOD-TO-KNOW TIP: We’re also seeing beach towels for favors at bridal showers, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and graduations.

Happy Planning!


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