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Where to Buy Bridesmaid Flip Flops in Bulk

by Emma Arendoski

Hi, lovelies! It’s finally summer, the weather is amazing today, and I’ve been wearing my flip-flops permanently and plan to now until fall. :) You, too? There’s something great about a trusty pair of durable flip-flops. They’re comfy, go-with-everything, and they’re easy for travel. Flip-flops for bridesmaids are a fun trend right now, with the bride surprising her crew with pairs of personalized flip-flops for weddings.

And since we’ve covered several bridesmaid shoes around here — flats, slippers, and even these super-comfy foldable ballet slippers, a mix of both — it is due time to talk about bridesmaid flip-flops for your crew. If you’re looking for bridesmaid flip flops to wear while getting ready and/or to change into during the reception, we’ve found the best bridesmaids flip flops for weddings. We’ve also learned a lot about sandals — and we’ll tell you six tips to keep in mind before you buy yours. But first, bride-to-be April inspired this blog post: she wrote to us about where to buy bridesmaid flip flops in bulk — cheap! — and we went to our favorite places to see what we could find. She writes,

Bridesmaid Flip Flops for Weddings

“Hi Emmaline! I want to get bridesmaid flip flops but I’m not sure where to get them for a good price. I don’t want cheap bridesmaid flip flops that break, but I don’t want to spend a ton of money on them either. I want them to be cute and personalized for the wedding since I’ll be handing them out in the morning while we’re getting ready. Do you have any favorite Etsy bridesmaid flip-flops with a nice design? Thank you!”

Beau-coup Wedding Favors

bridesmaid flip flops for weddings

Hi, April! Great question and yes, I know exactly what you mean about the difference between inexpensive flip-flops that are a good value… or CHEAP bridesmaid flip flops that break easily. Once I was wearing a pair of really cheap sandals at Target or something and bam, the strap blew off and I couldn’t walk around in them. Andrew practically had to carry me out of the store. Ha! (I guess I blew out my flip flop!)

When you’re picking out flip flops for bridesmaids or to give as a gift to anyone, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Make sure yours are HEAT PRINTED.

For the pairs we found, the design is actually heat printed into the flip flop, so your design won’t peel, crack, or rub off easily. Other types of bridal party flip flops we’ve seen have just a vinyl decal that easily wears off. And that’s no fun!

bridesmaid flip flops

buy here

2. Buy bridesmaid flip flops with a durable sole.

The bottoms of the sandals won’t burn your feet on the sand… they’re durable, comfortable, and made for beach bachelorette parties and so much more. :) Rather than cheap-o flip flops that break down and won’t last much longer than the first dance, these bridesmaid flip-flop sandals will look cute long after the wedding.

3. One size DOESN’T fit all.

Make sure you buy the right sizes for your bridesmaids. Coming from someone with larger feet since I’m tall, it is so uncomfortable to wear a large when I really need another inch; or for someone with smaller feet, wearing a larger size is hard to walk in. These are available in three sizes:

Small, 6-7
Medium, 8-9
Large, 10-11

customized wine glasses

bridesmaid flip flops

buy here

4. Read reviews!

When you’re buying bridesmaid flip flops in bulk, one pair for yourself, or anything online really, it’s helpful to read online reviews before you buy. The sandals we found from MyFavorShop and shown in this post have positive reviews from happy customers, a real plus.

5. Don’t overspend.


They’re still flip-flops, so you don’t really need to spend an arm and a leg on them. These cost only $16.99 each and they come with FREE personalization and even a FREE flip-flop bag and tag with each bridesmaid’s name on it. This is a plus for when you’re gifting them the morning of the wedding, as you mentioned.

6. Buy flip flops in bulk!

If you’re buying bride and bridesmaid flip flops in bulk for a large bridal party, or you want flip flops to give as favors for guests at your wedding, you CAN buy them in bulk from here! All you need to do is contact them here with your request and you’ll get custom pricing for your bulk flip flops.

Bridesmaid Sandals in Bulk

Now that you know what to look for BEFORE you buy flip flops for bridesmaids, here are some cute pairs we found! These are all available by MyFavorShop and they offer a great price point and value — and a wide variety of designs from which to choose.


bridesmaid flip flops

buy here

Floral Watercolor

buy here

buy here


buy here

buy here

buy here

Bride Tribe

buy here


buy here


buy here


buy here

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buy here

Mason Jar

buy here



buy here


Yes, they have bride and bridesmaid flip flops, too! Don’t forget a pair for yourself! :)

buy here

Where to Buy Bridesmaid Sandals

To buy yours, click here to shop! We’ve seen many flip-flops, but none that come close to the price-point, style, and quality of these. Plus, we think these are the best Etsy bridesmaid flip flops you can buy.

Where to Buy Cheap Flip Flops in Bulk for Wedding Guests

Looking for good quality, cheap bridal flip flops for guests — non-personalized — at an affordable price? Try these. You can also see other options in this blog post!

I hope it helps! Thanks to April for writing! :)

Happy Planning!




Rachel S July 5, 2020 - 9:28 am

$17 for flip flops? Are you HIGH?

Emma Arendoski July 5, 2020 - 9:31 pm

Hi Rachel! They are on the pricier side since they are handmade + personalized, but we have a link to these cheap flip flops in case you’re interested in a cheaper option: Dollar Tree or this blog post with cheap flip flops, designed to be more neutral for guests. Hope it helps!

KD MASTER June 26, 2020 - 11:23 am

such a great and awesome post it is. we really love it. thank you for sharing this fabulous post.


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