How to Make Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

Ever wondered how to make hanging mason jar lanterns? Want to light up your reception space with jar lanterns but you aren’t sure how to make them secure enough for hanging? Today, we’re showing you the easiest way to make hanging mason jar lanterns on how to make hanging mason jar lanterns that are both secure and easy to DIY… and all it takes is a few simple supplies! Read on to find out more…

hanging mason jar lantern

How to Make Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

To make hanging mason jar lanterns, you’ll need the following:

mason jars (preferably with 2.25″ opening) which can be bought at a local grocery store or here

mason jar lantern kits (by midwest finds) – 3 sets for $10

long burning votive candles OR LED votives

– vase filler: consider sand, water beads, colorful ice rock gems, seashells, or clear ice gems



1. Secure wire lantern kit + chain to top of jar
2. Fill 1/3 of jar with vase filler of your choice
3. Place candle on top of vase filler
4. Hang lantern at wedding reception or line pathways to light up the night

EB TIP: Make extra (non-hanging) jars as lanterns and add tags to give away as wedding favors. Guests will love ’em!

Alternate: Day to Night Decor

Fill with water + add flowers of your choice during the day; at night, add a floating candle to the water.

hanging mason jar lantern

hanging mason jar lantern

hanging mason jar lantern

(Pssst. If you’re using as a vase, read how to arrange flower like a pro here!)

Happy Planning!


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judy wilson

These hanging mason jar candle lanterns would make a unique decoration for my home. I like the idea of attaching a metal chain around it to give it a rustic or gothic style. Maybe these would be great Halloween decorations to put outside my house to make it look spooky for trick-or-treaters. Thanks for posting this!


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