31 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Day 17 – Ponytail Flip Updo

Good morning, loves! It’s Day 17 in our wedding hairstyles series and today we’re sharing one of our favorite hairstylists! Have you heard of Hair & Makeup by Steph? She’s pretty amazing. Not only do we swoon over her gorgeous hairstyle and makeup applications, but she’s also sweet as sugar. In this hairstyle pick — the ponytail flip updo — Steph is modeling the style herself. This is the perfect wedding hairstyle for the bride who wants an elegant, finished look.

Ponytail Flip Updo

This ponytail flip updo, as shown from the side, is an elegant look for the bride or bridesmaid. By Hair and Makeup by Steph, photo by Ciara Richardson.

This ponytail flip updo is an elegant, pulled back hairstyle that is perfect for the bride.  We love wedding hairstyles that are unique, like this one! By Hair and Makeup by Steph, photo by Ciara Richardson.

One of our favorite hairstyles:  the ponytail flip updo.  It's Day 17's pick in our 31 wedding hairstyles series for good reason:  it's totally gorgeous and can be dressed up or down.  We love this look! By Hair and Makeup by Steph, photo by Ciara Richardson.

This look is ideal for medium-to-long length hair. What do you think of this look?

beautiful photos by ciara richardson


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Camping Wedding Invitation

We’re rounding out today’s beautiful wedding features with a camping wedding invitation from Sparkvites. This invitation is a slice of woodland camping heaven: it asks guests to share in a weekend of fun-filled wedding activities, features a canoe monogram, and has a fun camp-inspired postcard RSVP card. So, if you’re a woodland bride who craves a wedding theme that’s offbeat (+ totally fun), we’ve basically found your perfect wedding paperie! (And, P.S. if you’re in the Michigan area, don’t miss this slice of heaven I spotted over the weekend). Take a look…

Camping Wedding Invitation

Camping Wedding Invitation by Sparkvites

Camping Wedding Invitation by Sparkvites

Camping Wedding Invitation by Sparkvites

Camping Wedding Invitation by Sparkvites

Camping Wedding Invitation by Sparkvites

Camping Invitation by Sparkvites

And, because I can’t resist this theme (and I can never seem to pick just one thing), I also have to share this rustic camping wedding invitation…

Camping Invitation by Sparkvites

Follow it up with themed thank you’s, too! This is a stamp so you can make them yourself, you DIY-diva, you.

Tree Thank You Stamp

It can all be found at Sparkvites! Stop by + tell Irene we said hello. (P.S. She’s a sweetheart to work with.)

* * *

Love this camping wedding theme?

Check out this post we did awhile back! Lanterns, tents, tins…


12 Monogrammed Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll Actually Love

Hi, loves! Emma here. I love monogrammed bridesmaid gifts: they’re personal and custom-made just for your recipient. Plus, since it has her initial on it, she’ll wear it / carry it / treasure it forever. We’ve hand-picked twelve of our favorite monogrammed things to share with you today. Which of these is your favorite? I’ve got my eye on the cosmetic pouch below in yellow… and that chic pearl bracelet!

Monogrammed Bridesmaid Gifts

1. Monogrammed Cosmetic Pouch

monogrammed cosmetic pouch yellow | monogrammed bridesmaid giftsmonogrammed cosmetic pouch | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

allisa jacobs

2. Monogrammed Vases

bridesmaid monogram vases | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts


3. Gold Monogrammed Necklace

gold monogram necklace | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

personalized necklaces

4. Monogrammed IPad Case

monogrammed ipad case | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

marsh enterprises

5. Two Initial Monogrammed Bridesmaid Necklace

2 initial monogram necklace | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

megu’s attic

6. Monogrammed Bridesmaid Handkerchief

monogrammed bridesmaid handkerchief | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts


7. Monogrammed Bridesmaid Pearl Bracelet

monogram pearl bracelet | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

white truffle studio – use code EMMALINEBRIDE for 10% off!

8. Monogrammed Earring Holder

monogrammed earring holder | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

erin a bell

9. Monogrammed Travel Tumbler with Straw

monogrammed travel tumbler | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

dear lc

10. Monogrammed Robe

monogrammed bridesmaid robes | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts


11. Monogram Bracelet

Um, I want need ALL OF THE COLORS.

monogrammed bracelet | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts

sweet auburn studio


monogrammed bracelet orange

sweet auburn studio

12. Goil Foil Monogram Pillow

monogram gold foil pillow | monogrammed bridesmaid gifts


So, which of these monogrammed bridesmaid gifts is your fave? Tell us with a comment below!


31 Wedding Hairstyles: Day 16 – Braided Updo

We’ve shared some braided updo styles in the past, but this one is especially for my straight-haired friends (I’m there with you!) It seems like so many braided updo hairstyles are with curly hair and while I know you can always curl your hair, it is sometimes refreshing to see it styled straight. We spotted it at Hair Romance and there’s an actual tutorial with it! So, get ready to try this one yourselves, lovelies…

braided updo wedding hairstyle

braided updo wedding hairstyle

Braided Updo

Want to learn how it’s done? You can get the how-to tutorial here.

There’s more coming up next! But first, I just wanted to let you know that our newsletter subscribers receive exclusive (free) wedding planning tips + tricks via email once a week. These are things not shared on our blog… they’re secret, only for our subscribers. You are signed up, right? :)

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Wedding Hairstyles – Want to see more wedding hairstyles? Check out the entire series here!


Juneau Alaska Engagement Session: Michaela + Justin

Today we’re featuring our first engagement session in Alaska! Michaela and Justin’s Juneau Alaska engagement session is full of romance, fun, and a great story. Their e-session was captured by Penny from Becoming Images this past spring. See all the gorgeous details and hear the whole love story after the click…

Becoming Images

Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Michaela tells us, “Justin and I met on a blind date on November 9th at BYU-Idaho. I was actually very sick and didn’t want to attend the date but was told by his brother that they would be at my apartment at 5pm to pick me up. It ended up just being a relaxing evening. Justin and I hit it off. Two days later he really hooked me when he took me out shooting and proceeded to tease me the entire time. After that we spent nearly everyday together just being silly and falling in love. It was always a new adventure. He became my best friend.”

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

What Michaela loves about Justin:

“I love the way that he is with his family, I spent thanksgiving with the Scott’s just a few weeks after we started dating and instantly knew this was an amazing man because of that love he showed for his family. I really love that he waited to kiss me. Justin made sure it wasn’t something that was expected, it was something special. I know that sounds silly, but I love that he is constantly considerate for everything. I love that he is able to handle me in all honesty. I can be quite a handful. I really love that he supports my dreams. Especially finishing college and opening a photography studio. I could go on forever about what I love about him, he is my best friend and I would never change a thing.”

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

What Justin loves about Michaela:

“I love her honesty, how she is very open with me about anything and everything. I love how selfless she is and the way that she cares about those around her. I especially love her eyes, and I love how dependable she is. I can always look to her to be there.”

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Becoming Images - Juneau Alaska Engagement Session

Our Wedding plans:

“We are getting married on August 30! Just coming up. We are getting married in Bountiful, Utah at the LDS Bountiful temple. I love planning the little things for the wedding. We have the flies for flying fishing as the guy’s boutineers and broach bouquets for the girls. We love the cute little details that really show who we are as a couple such as cowboy boots for Justin, and XtraTuf Alaskan fishing boots for me. We have a little mix of both Idaho and Alaska. We are holding a reception a week later in his hometown near Boise Idaho. Then in December, we have an open house happening in my hometown in Alaska. We wanted something simple for the wedding, so we are doing exactly that.”

Becoming Images

Did you enjoy this Juneau engagement session? Are you looking for your Alaskan wedding photographer? Then check out Becoming Images. You can also see Penny’s Juneau wedding photographer business listing in the Emmaline Bride Bridal Book.

All images courtesy of Becoming Images. All rights reserved.

15 Best Wedding Resources You Didn’t Know Existed

Hello, loves! If you’re newly engaged, planning on getting engaged soon, or you’ve been planning for some time, you need this post! Bookmark it (CTRL + D), tweet it, facebook it, and pin it for later. We’re always on the hunt for the best wedding resources and today we’re unleashing the most legend-waitforit-dary finds. If you want to get a head start on your (infinitely awesome) registry, need an app to track of ALL OF THE WEDDING THINGS, want to stay on budget and track your expenses, or you’re just looking for some seriously fun wedding planning reads, this is the guide. So, grab a cup of coffee (um, so I found this one and it smells like donuts are being made. in your office. and it is magical.) and get ready to start planning the Best Day Ever…

15 Best Wedding Resources You Didn't Know Existed

Best Wedding Resources

1. Keep Your Budget In Check

Stay on budget with Savvy Spreadsheets, the easy + user-friendly way to track all of your wedding expenses. It’s super affordable, too — find out more here.

savvy wedding budget

2. Get an App to Help You Plan

Get familiar with Appy Couple, the most stylish wedding planning app we’ve seen yet. So easy to use, too. It will keep everything organized and at an arm’s length, since you carry that phone everywhere you go.

3. Get The List

Make sure you have this list of must-have wedding photos. You’ll thank me later.

4. Find the best wedding vendors.

The Best Day Ever starts with the best wedding vendors. Oh, and they’re all right here!

5. Get Exercise Anywhere You Go

You want to exercise, but you don’t have the time? I hear ya. It’s important to work out while planning your wedding. And not to fit into any sort of particular size or ideal bridal ‘look’. Instead, work out to keep stress at bay. To feel good. To be healthy. To feel ultra sexy in that totally gorgeous gown and to feel your best and full of energy. Try Daily Burn, especially if you’re short on time (like me — and everyone else in the universe). It’s a lifesaver.

6. Get Inspiration at Your Fingertips

It’s new, it’s modern, and it’s free: BridalPulse pulls the best wedding blog content and brings it right to your fingertips. Awesome. The only reason you may not know about this one yet is because it’s BRAND NEW! We’re so excited to share it with you.

bridalpulse via best wedding resources

7. Plan the Perfect Registry

The problem: wedding registries in-store are limited. You have to pick items that are only available inside that particular store… until now! Amazon makes it easy to create a registry for anything on the web. It’s amazing. Create one now. I have one ongoing (sort of a ‘wish list’) for things I find. I love it. It’s so easy!

8. Find (or Make) The Most Fashionable Fabric

Need poppy fabrics + prints for your DIY projects? Meet Spoonflower, your new fabric BFF. You can even upload a custom design to make your own personalized fabric. GET OUT.

9. Get a Handle on Those Mailing Addresses

Need to organize addresses for wedding invitations? Meet Postable, your new address assistant. Finally, all of your addresses in one place (and easy to export to your wedding stationer, too.)

10. Make a Map in an Instant

Need a wedding map for invitations? Wedding Mapper helps you create a free wedding map for your invitations. Just enter the destination, and presto-chango, Google shoots out a map.

11. Fill Those Favors

Need unique fillers for those cute favor boxes you found? Try Sugarfina. They have candies you can find based on country of origin, as well as some unique finds (like champagne gummi bears or chocolate covered espresso beans. Yum. Or peach gummi hearts, as shown.

peach gummi hearts via best wedding resources

12. Make a Wedding Email Address

If you’re going to bridal shows or plan to enter tons of wedding giveaways, do yourself a favor and grab a free email account somewhere (gmail, yahoo, hotmail) to keep your wedding stuff separate. I wish I did this, as I’m STILL getting emails from vendors from a wedding show I went to back when I planned my wedding, and it’s almost more annoying to unsubscribe than to just toss it in the trash bin.

13. Let Bridesmaids BORROW Their Dresses

Seriously, one of the best ideas ever: borrowed bridesmaid dresses. Check out Little Borrowed Dress.

14. Read the Books!

Don’t stress. Get some inspiration right at your fingertips with The Handcrafted Wedding and, coming soon, The Inspired Wedding. I wrote them both (and poured my heart into ’em!) and I know you’re going to love what you find in there. Promise.

the handcrafted wedding book via best wedding resources

the inspired wedding via best wedding resources

15. Shop The Marketplace

For the ultimate handmade shopping experience, shop here. It’s basically the best on Etsy (and Artfire and Shopenvy and BigCartel) for weddings.


some affiliate links above; also, savvy spreadsheets is a sponsor. as with all posts, we only share content from products or brands we like — promise!

31 Wedding Hairstyles: Day 15 – Bride Top Knot / Bun

Good morning, loves! It’s Day 15 in our wedding hairstyles series and today’s pick is a bride top knot! I love, love, love this style. I wear a top knot way too often (remember the this?), but it’s an effortless style that can be dressed up or down. I love how totally elegant it looks on this beautiful bride. If you’re wearing a top knot, I recommend going with a pair of really stunning earrings. Take a look…

Bride Top Knot

bride top knot
bride top knot

photo: brookelyn photography

There’s more coming up next! Stay tuned!

see the full hairstyle series (so far) here


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affiliate link above

Druzy Bridesmaid Jewelry: Ask ‘Em with These!

Hi, loves. Emma here! I’m obsessed with druzy jewelry right now. But, let’s be honest: is there ever a time I haven’t loved these gorgeous stones? No. Never. So, when I spotted the newly added bridesmaid druzy jewelry over at Bare and Me, it was pretty much a fact that I was going to share them with you immediately. You don’t have to ask your lovely ladies to be your bridesmaid with a gift, but it sure does make it even sweeter, don’t you think? And, with druzy bridesmaid jewelry pieces — like these colorful necklaces and stud earrings — they’re sure to (gleefully) accept your request. Now, I feel a responsibility to warn you in advance: these druzy jewelry pieces are so gorgeous, you might just have to buy one (you know, or ten) to see them for yourself. You know, make sure they’re just as gorgeous as they look. I’m pretty sure they are (but if my husband is reading, I want this in blue. It’s gorgeous.) Ha. Enjoy!

will you be my bridesmaid druzy necklace | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

Druzy Bridesmaid Jewelry

I’m just going to go ahead and let the druzy speak for itself. Take a peek at my favorite pieces…

blue druzy necklace with initial pendant | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

druzy earrings | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

druzy stud earrings | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

gold and pink initial pendant bridesmaid druzy jewelry | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

grey bridesmaid druzy jewelry earrings | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

mint bridesmaid druzy jewelry | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

bridesmaid druzy jewelry | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

And, hold the phone: this one’s for the bride.

initial ampersand necklace druzy | druzy bridesmaid jewelry

Need to get your druzy fix? Check out these bridesmaid druzy jewelry pieces and more at Bare & Me and tell ’em Emmaline Bride sent you. Sidebar: Laurie is totally awesome to work with. You can see more of her work in The Marketplace and at Lillyput Lane Design.


What is a Flower Hair Crown? Plus, Win One!

Brides: if you love the look of a flower hair crown instead of a veil (or you’re wondering what it is), you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re sharing eight oh-so-lovely flower hair crown examples AND Roses & Lemons is giving away a flower hair crown for FREE to one lucky reader! I know, Mondays sure are the best, aren’t they? Read on to get started…

What Is a Flower Hair Crown?

First things first: what is a flower hair crown? A hair crown, in this case with flowers, is a bohemian bridal veil alternative that can be worn by the bride on her wedding day. Instead of a traditional veil, a bride wears a hair crown usually with a more casual hairstyle. Here are a few examples of flower hair crowns we think you’ll love…

1. Woodland

If you’re planning a woodland wedding, this is the crown for you.

woodland bridal flower crown

2. Peach Rose

This next one – peach rose – is my personal favorite. I love the size of these paperie peach roses and the ivory pip berries. Lovely.

peach rose flower hair crown

3. Orchid

Planning an orchid-infused wedding? This hair crown is ideal and features tiny pip berries in ivory.

orchid flower hair crown

4. Wildflower

Wild child — this one’s for you!

wild flower hair crown

5. Something Blue

Need something blue? This lily of the valley hair crown is the finishing touch.

lily of the valley flower hair crown

6. Daisies

Love daisies? Need a flower hair crown for your flower girl? This one is a summertime favorite.

daisy flower hair crown

7. Pearls + Roses

This is a new one: pearls are added instead of berries for a vintage-y look.

pearls and flower hair crown

8. Twig

Prefer an au naturale look? Try this brown twig crown on for size. It goes with everything!

twig flower crown

Flower Hair Crowns


Now that you’ve seen some examples of crowns, it’s time to win one! Enter below for a chance to win this colorful flower hair crown!

colorful flower hairpiece

o Enter between 7/14/14-7/20/14 (11:59pm EST) using giveaway form below
o Prize: Colorful Flower Hair Crown | About: Adorable floral crown featuring fabric rosebuds in green, turquoise, bright blue, hot pink, and peach color with green leaves. It wears like a regular headband or top crown to create a bohemian bride look. This floral crown is lightweight, open on the back and has ivory ribbon to adjust. One size fits all.
o Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 7/21; winner announced on this blog post and emailed
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to email or new winner will be selected
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 3 months to use prize
o Prize value: $38; no cash value
o Free shipping included anywhere
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter


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