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latitude longitude wedding ring custom handmade wedding bands for brides and grooms

Couples love customizable jewelry, so this latitude longitude wedding ring is perfect for today’s photo of the day! This wedding ring is a sterling silver wedding band crafted by Emmaline Bride Artist Cara, from TorchfireStudio. Cara says, “You can wear a sweet reminder of where the heart is! A handmade sterling silver ring is stamped with the geographical coordinates of a special place : home, where you met a loved one, where you married, or any other location that holds special memories.”

Latitude Longitude Wedding Ring

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Rustic Bridal Hair Crown for Fall Weddings

Calling all fall, rustic-loving brides still looking for the perfect hair accessory! We’ve found a bridal hair crown we know you’ll love over at Nestina Accessories.

Rustic Bridal Hair Crown for Fall Weddings

To say we adore it is an understatement; but then again, we’re always gaga over things we spy over at Ernestine’s shop. (Remember these accessories?) Read on for more details.

Bridal Hair Crown

This rustic bridal hair crown is a woodland bridal wreath style, embellished with ivory lace flowers, ivory berries, and can sit on top of your head or near the back (depending on your preferred hairstyle). Wear it during a fall wedding ceremony or the reception as a chic, rustic veil alternative.

Rustic Bridal Hair Crown for Fall Weddings

To top it off, this bridal hair crown is sweetly-priced: it comes in under $60. That means you’ll have more money left over for, you know, other fall wedding favorites. Like these, which I’m totally adding to my list this weekend. :) (P.S. I heard someone say the other day, “Pumpkins AREN’T EVEN SPICY!” and it made me laugh out loud. It’s so true, and yet, it’s always pumpkin-spice-everything around here. Can’t say I’m complaining, though. I love it just like the next girl.)

See this hair crown (and other gorg accessories) at Nestina Accessories. Tell her Emmaline Bride sent you!


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Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs

While any necklace could technically be considered ‘wear-again’ after the wedding, today we set out on a mission to find wear again bridesmaid necklaces they’ll actually want to wear again — and not just for elegant occasions.

wear again bridesmaid necklaces

These bridesmaid necklaces from Ava Hope Designs are designed for everyday wear, which means your bridesmaid gift to her will become her favorite new daily accessory. Take a peek at the handpicked necklaces that struck a chord with my little handmade heart…

Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces

gold initial necklace with pendant | Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from EmmalineBride.comWear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from

This quatrefoil necklace = my favorite!

quatrefoil gold necklace | Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from

But really, how can you argue with any of these?

Wear Again Bridesmaid Necklaces by Ava Hope Designs from

Which of these wear again bridesmaid necklaces is your favorite? Heck, I’d buy ‘em all as gifts for the holidays! You, too? Tell us below with a comment! And, be sure to stop by + shop at Ava Hope Designs for these pretties (and dozens more).


Ava Hope Designs isn’t just about creating beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces. Terri, the owner of AHD, named her store in memory of her sweet niece, Ava Hope. For every item sold, $1 is donated to The Brigham & Women NICU in her honor. You can read more about Ava Hope here. So far, she has raised over $5000!


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