Ring Bearer Block

Want an alternative to the traditional ring pillow? Check out the ring bearer block, which offers six sides of customization. I spotted this ring bearer block over at Jennifer Raichman and love how each is handmade and customized for each couple. This particular ring pillow alternative measures 2.5″ x 2.5″ in size and is decoupaged with your name and wedding date. It is made of solid maple wood and painted (this first one in chartreuse really pops). It also includes a silk ribbon to which the rings are attached. This ring bearer block will look perfect in your love nest after the big day and is easy for little hands to carry down the aisle.

Ring Bearer Block

Ring Bearer Block

Instead of a ring bearer pillow, your bearer can carry a ring bearer block with the rings tied around the top with a ribbon. The block can be customized with a different quote on each side. I like the idea of using song lyrics from your first dance as a keepsake. After your wedding, display on your desk or on a shelf to remember your day.

Ring Bearer BlockRing Bearer Block

DIY Ring Bearer Block

I’m not sure if these blocks are still sold, so I wanted to recommend a DIY alternative. You can buy a solid wood block and use this to add pretty fabric papers to the sides. Or, use a stencil kit to monogram the top with your initials. Don’t forget to wrap a ribbon around the block to hold your rings.

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Will you be using a ring pillow alternative? What do you think of the ring bearer block?

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