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10 Surefire Ways to Surprise the Groom

Posted October 31, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Brides: your wedding day allows for plenty of sweet, thoughtful ways to surprise the groom. To inspire you, we’ve hand-picked ten of our favorite surprises for before the ceremony and during the reception. Plus, you can win one of these sweet finds to help you get started. Which surprise do you think the groom will love most?

1. Surprise the Groom with… a First Look

Blindfolded Groom - First Look - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

Top 5 Wedding Details This Week

Posted July 16, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

Hello, loves! Happy Monday! We hope you had an incredible weekend. We’re kicking off a brand new week of handmade wedding goodness and we couldn’t be more excited about the week ahead! Today, we’re sharing the top five new wedding details we’re loving which includes a little bit of everything from the web. We found a killer wedding up-do hairstyle, an easy to DIY personalized wedding vase, a gorgeous ring (you may require immediately), and more! So, grab that first cup of coffee for the week (I’ve got mine right here in all of its mocha-flavored goodness) and get ready as we unleash five wedding details you’re sure to love. Enjoy!

Top 5 Wedding Details This Week

We love wedding hairstyle inspiration! This incredible bridal updo hairstyle is perfect for a vintage wedding! Great job by Hair and Makeup by Steph and photographer Lindsey Shaun (+ beautiful bride Jenaya!)

Gorgeous Wedding Up-do

5 wedding details: #1 vintage wedding hairstyle (hair and makeup by steph, photo by lindsey shaun)

Wedding Pinata

Posted July 24, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

Add whimsy to your wedding day a wedding pinata! Have the groom blindfold the bride and she takes three spins and attempts to break open the pinata full of candy; blindfold the groom to do the same. Guests of all ages will love this idea and you’ll especially make the kiddos happy as they run to grab up as much candy as they can! Spotted here.

Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday!

Happy Planning,



Succulent Wedding Favors + Tea Cups = Perfection

Posted July 19, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 9 Comments

Give guests the gift of plantable succulents! Succulents are easy plants for guests to maintain because they are hardy, retain plenty of water, and can withstand colder temperatures than other plants. These easy-to-DIY succulent wedding favors (which double as place cards, too!) are placed in tea cups ready for guests to plant. Since they are “planted” into whimsical tea cups, guests get two gifts in one! Gather plenty of vintage tea cups from places like thrift shops, garage sales, or estate sales – the more mismatched, the better. Each guests will have a one-of-a-kind planter piece to cherish for years.

succulent wedding favors

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces: Log Bowls

Posted July 18, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

We love to find unique, multi-functional finds for both wedding day and ever after. How many brides can say they were able to reuse their rustic wedding centerpieces in their love nest after the big day? That’s why we love these log bowls by Loyal Loot Collective. They are handmade and offer the rustic look of trees in their natural state – but with a twist. Each bowl is made from reclaimed trees and contains a high-floss finish in a variety of colors. We think they will complement your rustic wedding beautifully.

rustic wedding centerpieces

Jeny and Colby’s Green DIY Wedding

Posted July 14, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

Jeny and Colby’s green DIY wedding features so many beautiful details at the premier Mildale Farms. The details from this Kansas wedding were so well crafted by the bride and groom. Most of the DIY wedding details by the bride included handmade centerpiece boxes covered in green moss and wrapped in deep plum ribbon. Jeny also created green ornamental moss balls of different sizes and scattered them across the tables. You’ll see in the pictures below the beautiful green moss covered monogram hanging above the wedding party table and the two grapevine chandeliers with hanging candles in the center of the room. Other great DIY wedding details include the painted antique windows and an arbor made by the groom for the ceremony. The couple’s love and DIY wedding details were well captured by Kansas wedding photographer Melissa from Melissa Rieke Photography.

Your Dreamy Backyard Wedding Style

Posted July 11, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Today we’re showcasing this dreamy backyard wedding style shoot! This inspiring photography shoot by Izzy Hudgins from Izzy Hudgins Photography is absolutely perfect for brides looking to take a break, relax, and look inward for their own intimate backyard wedding style. Izzy explains what wedding style details this shoot entails and how you can be inspired for your backyard wedding.

Wedding Inspiration Boards by Color

Posted July 11, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 11 Comments

Need wedding inspiration boards by color? Looking to coordinate with your wedding’s color scheme? We’ve got ‘em! Chrissy Ott, editor of The Perfect Palette, sent us these incredible inspiration boards which combine our love for handmade and her expertise in color palettes. And, since it is easier to find an accessory first (rather than find one to match your palette later) Chrissy used a handmade clutch as the focal point for each board. We are also excited to add that each handmade clutch used below is from The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride, where you can find tons of handmade loveliness from the best artisans on the planet. Get inspired with color AND a handmade accessory to match!

Wedding Inspiration Boards by Color

1 – Blues

wedding inspiration boards by color

Rustic Real Wedding with DIY Charm

Posted July 8, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 11 Comments

Today we are sharing with you an incredible rustic real wedding with tons of handmade elements and a rustic, homespun flair. We love to hear the details directly from the bride, so take it away, Kendel!

She tells us, “Country, rustic, charming, antique, old-fashion, warm, fun and intimate. Just a few words I would use to describe our wedding day, August 14th, 2010. If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be: The most amazing day that I got to marry my best friend while surrounded by the charming handiwork of my friends and family who all came together to make our day really special and memorable.

Our wedding took place at Balls Falls Conservation Area in Jordan ON. During the reception we had a slide show and several games throughout the evening including the shoe game and the newly wed game, which were a lot of fun. We ended the night with a few fireworks and our car drove through two large fountain style fireworks as our exit.

Our wedding was truly a DIY wedding and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. If it wasn’t something I made personally then it was an item made by a friend or family member, and together everything came out looking great, and it was even nicer knowing it was made with love and hard work from those involved in the day.

We worked with a relatively small budget and yet everything was exactly what I wanted. I hope the images of our wedding inspire other couples to really consider DIY as well as the power of asking friends and family members for their expertise when it comes to planning a wedding. You don’t always have to rely on the ‘experts’ when there are experts all around you amongst your friends and family!

rustic real wedding

Cecily and Jacob’s Peacock Themed Wedding

Posted June 29, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 4 Comments

Cecily and Jacob’s peacock themed wedding is classy, sophisticated and unique. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Wright House in Mesa, Arizona just a few weeks ago. With colorful peacock feathers adorning everything from the brides headpiece, bouquet, flowers and decorations at the reception, we love how the peacock theme ties in with everything including the grooms tie. Their peacock themed wedding was captured by Aubry from Aubry Startin Photography.

Rustic Cake Topper Wreath with Banner

Posted June 29, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

Looking for a natural, rustic cake topper? We found it! This beautiful wreath cake topper features natural grapevine and measures six inches in diameter. A scroll banner – is placed across the center and is customized to include names or your wedding date. The cake topper can be placed on top of your wedding cake securely with two wooden dowels. The dowels are easily removable for use as a love nest decoration after the wedding day! This will look beautiful in your wedding cake photos. Handmade by The Cake Stand Boutique.

rustic cake topper

DIY Ceremony Backdrop

Posted June 29, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

If you’re looking to brighten up your ceremony space a bit, and aren’t keen on the archway idea, consider this colorful DIY ceremony backdrop with tons of texture. We spotted this backdrop at Style Me Pretty. It is a fun project you can customize to complement any wedding colors you wish – or go all out with powerful punches of color! And, in case your ceremony site isn’t keen on the idea, feel free to use it as a colorful photo booth backdrop instead!

diy ceremony backdrop

Minnesota Real Wedding: Nathaniel & Betsy

Posted June 20, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 5 Comments

We love to see a stunning bride (Betsy), a handsome groom (Nathaniel), picturesque lakefront views and DIY details, so we are delighted to share this Minnesota real wedding! Nathaniel & Betsy married in Northern Minnesota outside of Deerwood, MN in August 2010. Light showers in the morning finally passed revealing a sunshine-filled afternoon and a rainbow over the lake. The photography was provided by Natalie Champa Jennings and Betsy tells us about her experience. “Natalie did an absolutely amazing job photographing our wedding! She made everyone feel comfortable and we all (me, my husband, the entire wedding party, relatives, EVERYONE) loved her! The pictures turned out wonderfully, and we have received countless compliments on them. Her shooting and finishing styles are unique and very beautiful. She truly helped make a very special day turn out to be absolutely perfect!” We always love to hear about a happy bride! Take a peek at their day…

minnesota real wedding

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