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What to Wear Instead of a Veil – Ask Emmaline

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question! Bride-to-be, Michele, asks:

“Help! I’ve tried on a few wedding veils in a store but I didn’t like how they looked. I don’t think a veil is my style and I just don’t see myself wearing a veil at my wedding. Does a bride have to wear a veil? Or is there something else I can wear as an alternative?”

Fantastic question! For starters, you asked if the bride has to wear a veil. Remember that it’s your wedding: there are no rules. A bride doesn’t have to do anything or wear anything that she doesn’t want to, so a veil is definitely not a requirement.

Now, before we show you some wedding hair accessory options, if you try on a veil in store make sure you also…

1.) try on a veil while wearing your dress (or a similar style)
2.) try on the veil with a hairstyle you plan to wear the day-of
3.) try on several veil styles

The third one — trying on several veil styles — is especially important because one style can look better on some people than others. Your face shape, hairstyle, dress, and personal style are all factors when it comes to picking the perfect veil — or veil alternative. Also, trying on many different veil styles to see which one you like best is also a great rule of thumb. For example, a bandeau veil — like this one, shown below from Serephine — is a unique veil style that differs greatly from a traditional, classic look.


Giveaway: Win a Vintage Key Necklace!

Oh, we love a fun wedding theme and a new giveaway! These key wedding theme ideas are awe-inspiring. Subscribe now for the latest!


by whichgoose

You may have noticed by now that we love unique wedding themes at Emmaline Bride! With handmade weddings, creativity is boundless and we’re always finding new and interesting ways to combine cute finds with wedding theme ideas. We were inspired for this blog round-up by Kerrie of Woodenhive who makes hand-stamped wedding forks, cake servers, spoons, and now keys, all of which make adorable wedding gifts (and for the holidays, too). We admire how she uses vintage keys and re-purposes them into keepsake key necklaces for the bride or bridesmaids to wear. She’s giving away one of these cool necklaces to a bride-to-be in our latest wedding giveaway, so we thought it would be fun to round-up other key themed wedding ideas, too! This idea can be based around a ‘key to my heart’ or a vintage skeleton key theme. As with all wedding themes, just a few of your favorite ideas will do! Which finds do you like best?

Giveaway: Win a Wedding Guest Book!

You could win a wedding guest book! Read on to find out more and subscribe for the latest!

Giveaway: Win a Wedding Guest Book

by paper peach

Don’t you just love a new wedding giveaway, especially on a Friday? We do, too! We are excitedly sharing the beautiful new wedding guest book collection from Paper Peach with a few of our favorite finds and a giveaway! These 8×10″ wedding guest books are beautifully designed with personalized illustrations on the front and back, custom binding, and vibrant patterns. One lucky bride-to-be will win a wedding guest book in the design of her choice thanks to the folks of Paper Peach! Find out how YOU could be our lucky winner…

This is the Coolest Beer Bar for Weddings

Spotted: the coolest wedding beer bar ever. Instead of worrying about a bartender, guests can serve themselves from kegs hidden behind. This is the easiest way to serve brews at your wedding — especially perfect for outdoor rustic, woodland, or mountain weddings. Don’t forget the custom cups — they totally tie the whole thing together. Oh, and you’ll definitely want these for the wedding party.

Beer Bar for Weddings

Beer Bar for Weddings | Photo by Time Bandit Photography

DIY Copper Mug Favors for Weddings

Copper mug favors are beautiful (and functional) for guests! Find out how you can make these Moscow mule mug favors for your wedding. P.S. You’re on the list, right? ;)

Copper Mug Favors for Weddings | Photo by Blaine Siesser Photography | How to DIY:

photo: blaine siesser photography

We recently spotted the most beautiful copper mug favors at this Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park wedding and were eager to replicate it ourselves. Copper mugs make excellent wedding favors for guests. And while a copper mug looks cool, that’s not the only reason why people love to drink out of them.

As a matter of fact, the mug is named after the drink commonly served in them: The Moscow Mule. It is made of ginger beer, lime, and vodka (get a recipe here). I haven’t tried one myself (yet!), but apparently a Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug because the cold metal enhances its taste. The cold copper also increases the amount of the bubbles in the carbonated ginger beer, so you get more fizziness in a copper mug than in a regular glass or plastic container. So, now that you know why people are crazy for these copper mugs, it’s time to talk about how to make your own copper mug favors for guests to take home. Find out more below on how to make these copper mugs more affordable, see a cute mini version, and get a FREE printable sign to use at your wedding! Enjoy!

26 Things Guests Love at Weddings from A to Z

Today we’re talking about things guests love at weddings! Make yours stand out with these twenty-six ideas from A to Z. Be sure to subscribe to our feed for the latest to your inbox!

This photo is amazing. Get everyone in there! ↓

awesome photo with all wedding guests via 26 Things Guests Love at Weddings from A to Z | ‎

photo: tessa barton

You may have read articles about what guests hate at weddings, but that’s such a negative spin, we say! The truth is guests won’t hate anything at your wedding, especially because they love you and want to share in your celebration. But there are some things that guests do hope to see at weddings — perhaps even make their experience more enjoyable — and we’re here to share them with you. To help you plan accordingly, we’ve identified the top twenty-six things guests love at weddings. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do every single thing on this list. By crossing off even a few of these things, your guests will have an awesome time. The fact that you’re reading this article shows how much thought you’ve put into your wedding day — and with your guests in mind! On to the list!

Star Wars Guest Book Poster — Handmade-a-Day

star wars guest book

by company 333 designs

My husband and two-year-old son are Star Wars obsessed, so I hear all about Obi-Wan Kenobi, BB-8, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader on the regular. Now that I’ve become more acquainted with the series, I admittedly geek out a bit when I see Star Wars finds — weddings included! Remember when we talked about the Ultimate Star Wars Wedding Ideas? This guest book is the perfect addition to it! I’ve hand-picked it as today’s handmade-a-day find and it is beautifully designed by Company 333 Designs. If your groom is a fan of the galaxy, you could surprise him with this Star Wars guest book print and then frame it at home for his man cave. He’d love it, I’m sure. Take a look!

10 Things Your Wedding Welcome Bags Need

Are you making wedding welcome bags? Do you want yours to be the best? We’re here to help! Be sure to subscribe for the latest so you never miss a post.


Bride-to-be, Meghan, wrote us in our Ask Emmaline inbox with a great question. She wants to know how to make welcome bags for her out-of-town wedding guests. And since we love a good welcome bag, we knew we wanted to share this one with you! She is planning a wedding in her hometown of Wilmington, NC. However, a handful of guests are traveling from out of town (she currently lives in Chicago). She says,

Hi Emmaline! Many guests are flying in for my beach wedding in North Carolina. I want them to feel comfortable in the area. I’ve heard of wedding welcome bags, but I have no idea what to put in them. Any advice?