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The 7 Bridal Accessories You Need for Your Wedding

by Emma Arendoski

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When bride-to-be Josie wrote to us about her bridal accessories list, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t missing a thing.

bridal accessories list

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Isn’t that the truth? While you’re planning your wedding, you’re worried you’ll forget something, or totally skip out on something fun you could have done.

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Beau-coup Wedding Favors

She sent us this email the other day about her wedding accessories for her August wedding and asks,

“Hi Emmaline Bride, What kind of bridal accessories do I need for my wedding? I know a veil or hair accessory, and then jewelry and shoes are obvious. But other than that, am I missing anything? Thanks!”

Hi Josie! Great question — and I remember wondering the very same thing just a few weeks before my wedding, so you’re far ahead of schedule. ;)

The bridal accessories you need for your wedding depend on what you want to have, but this is a comprehensive list of everything you COULD need/want on the big day.

Bridal Accessories List

Here are the bridal accessories you need on your wedding day.

1. Bridal veil or hair accessory of some kind

A bridal veil or something beautiful to wear in your hair is an obvious one, but it’s definitely one of the most important on the bridal accessories list! This accessory is not limited to a bridal veil alone; choose a hair wrap, hair vine, wreath, bridal fascinator, flower, birdcage veil, hairpin, etc.

Martha of Marti and Company creates feather fascinators, popular for the trend of Art Deco / Gatsby weddings, available here.

2. Wedding clutch or bridal purse to hold your wedding day needs

A bridal clutch is one of my favorite wedding day accessories. It is great for holding the things you need when you need them, i.e. a mirror to check your makeup, a breath mint, lipstick to re-apply, hair pins, cash, identification, etc. (See our full list of 7 Things You MUST Pack in Your Wedding Bag.)

A bridal clutch can be any shape, size, color, style, etc. that you love best! You’ll typically find ivory or white, as they’re bridal colors to match your gown; however, don’t be afraid to choose any bag you like best.

customized wine glasses

You can even get a clutch with a photo inside as a special wedding day keepsake. This is one of our favorites for the bridal accessories list and is handmade with love by ANGEE W.

You can also see more clutches here.

3. Bridal jewelry

There’s no set “rule” on what kind of bridal jewelry you need to wear, but typically a pair of earrings, a coordinating necklace, and a bracelet is a complete bridal jewelry set.

However, the jewelry you choose will be determined by the dress you wear (i.e. your neckline might be too busy for a necklace, or you might not like wearing earrings, etc.)


This jewelry set of a drop necklace and earrings is a beautiful boho style we love, spotted at Wander and Lust Jewelry.

wedding accessories list - bridal jewelry

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4. Wedding garter

A lace bridal garter is a classic must-have in this bridal accessories list. We spotted this rhinestone and blush garter to inspire you as one option. Handmade by Marti and Company.

bridal accessories list

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Here are others (again, lovely photos by Mary Steere):

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5. Pair of bridal heels and/or a comfortable pair of wedding shoes

Oh, comfortable wedding shoes are definite bridal accessories you need on your wedding day! If you want to wear heels, be sure to bring a pair of flats (or these) just in case they start to hurt.

As the bride, you don’t even have to wear heels. You can wear flats, wedding sandals, wedges, open-toe, closed-toe, pointy, rounded… heck, you can even wear Converse wedding shoes with your names on them. True story!

bridal accessories list - shoes

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(TIP: read 34 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Ever for bridal shoes that are highly-rated for comfort level!)

6. Proper bridal undergarments / shapewear / hosiery

Many brides don’t think to add this to their essential wedding day accessories list. However, it is very important to think because the undergarments you wear under your dress will play a huge role in the overall fit and comfort level of your gown.

If I was a bride today and looking for undergarments, I’d probably go with SPANX because they’re so comfortable and durable, so they’ll last long after the wedding. You can browse their wedding styles here. Or, check out this article on undergarments to answer your questions.

7. Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue + Sixpence

Some of these bridal accessories are already listed above, i.e. if you choose a pair of something blue earrings, or you borrow your mother’s clutch purse, or you’re wearing a pair of brand new heels.

Don’t forget to get a beautiful genuine silver Sixpence for your shoe, so the classic tradition (explained more here) is fulfilled. :)

bridal accessories list - sixpence

by the coin art company

And that’s it: the bridal accessories you need on your wedding day!

Where to Buy Bridal Accessories

We’re pleased to feature Marti and Company as a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride! Her veils, garters, and hair accessories are beautiful, as you can see; she is passionate about her work and it really shows. Martha is wonderful to work with: shop here and ask any questions you may have. :) She also has a website at MartiandCompany.com with helpful tips on choosing a veil.

Wedding Accessories You Need to Have

Which of these do you already have, and which ones do you still need to get? Are you skipping any of them? What would YOU add to our bridal accessories list?

Tell us in the comment box below!

Happy Planning!


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