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The Ultimate Guide: Mens Wedding Rings

by Emma Arendoski

Hey, loves!  Today we’re tackling the topic of mens wedding rings on your to do list. Have you picked out / shopped for / asked your groom about his wedding ring yet? The topic of mens wedding rings can be tricky when you don’t know where to start looking, what size to pick, which metal to choose,  or what tradition dictates when choosing a wedding ring.  You don’t hear nearly enough about mens wedding rings as you do womens!  For instance, should.the groom’s wedding ring match the bride’s?  Are mens wedding rings supposed to have diamonds?  Can you buy rings for men in other metals than platinum and gold?  What’s the most popular metal right now? Ah, so many questions!

That’s why we’re here to help!

Today we’re answering your top questions about mens wedding rings including sizing, what metal is most popular for mens wedding bands right now, how his ring should fit, and whether yout rings should match. We’ll also share our top picks for titanium and tungsten mens wedding rings from Mens Rings Online, a fantastic resource for mens wedding bands  of all shapes and sizes. Read more below!

Before he starts shopping for his wedding ring, it is most important to figure out his true ring size.

Sizing for Mens Wedding Rings

Sizing for mens wedding rings is one of the most important things to consider when buying a wedding band.  It is important to note that some metals cannot be resized, so choosing the right size is essential if he wants to avoid buying a new ring if he loses or gains weight.  Temperature can also affect the fit of a ring, making it fit tighter or looser in cold or hot conditions. The first place to start is with proper sizing using a standard ring sizer.

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Get a free printable ring sizer

You can get a cheap ring sizer commonly used at jewelers, or you can get a free printable ring sizer here which can be downloaded and printed from your computer.

After you figure out your ring size, it’s time to decide what metal you want to wear, depending on your style and fit preference.

Mens Wedding Rings: FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding metal and fit of mens wedding rings.

Which Metals Can Be Resized?

If you’re looking for mens wedding rings in gold or platinum, they’re easy to get resized;  titanium rings, tungsten rings, or tungsten carbide rings, however, cannot be resized.

ring via mens rings online

Can mens wedding rings have diamonds?

Yes!  Some mens rings have diamonds set along the band.

Do mens wedding rings HAVE TO have diamonds?

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No, a wedding ring does not need to have diamonds.  Most mens wedding rings are plain metal with no diamonds.

Here is an example of a mens wedding ring with diamonds:

ring via mens rings online


Do our wedding rings have to match?

The bride’s and groom’s wedding bands can coordinate in style, but they don’t have to.  You can choose completely unique wedding rings, if you prefer.  Don’t choose wedding rings based on how they will look when placed together (i.e. in a wedding photo). :)

Some couples choose the same metal, like white gold or yellow gold, to coordinate with each other, but there is no set rule.

Instead, focus on what style ring is best for each of you based on for personal style, comfort, and preference.

For his wedding ring, he may want to consider:  will it be brushed or polished?  Should it be rounded or flat?

Here’s an example of a flat ring ↓


ring via mens rings online

And here’s an example of round ↓


ring via mens rings online

Make sure his wedding ring is one he’ll enjoy wearing every day.

What hand do mens wedding rings go on?

The left hand on the ring finger, just as the bride’s ring.

How should mens wedding rings fit?

His ring should be sized properly using a ring sizer;  when worn, it should be comfortable, but snug.  He should be able to remove it, but not easily.

Who buys the groom’s wedding ring?

The soon-to-be-wed couple purchases the wedding rings.

Can I try something modern, like wood rings?  Are they durable?

Yes, wood rings are more durable than you might think.  (Find out more about them here.)


ring via mens rings online

What is the standard width of mens wedding rings?

The width of mens wedding rings varies drastically; ring width really comes down to personal preference.  We’ve seen grooms wearing very thin wedding bands, while others wear extremely wide bands.  It’s really up to you!  There is no set standard you need to follow.

What’s the best metal for mens wedding rings?

Here are a few interesting facts about common mens wedding rings and the metals used.


Precious Metals

Precious metals — gold, platinum –are the most traditional and popular because they can be easily resized.  However, they are a bit precious:  they can scratch, bend, and dent a lot easier than more modern metals.

Modern Metal

Titanium and tungsten fall into this category and have become more popular in the past decade.   Keep in mind that modern metals like titanium and tungsten mens wedding rings cannot be resized.

What makes titanium wedding rings so popular?

Currently, titanium is the most popular choice for mens wedding rings.  Titanium is light to wear, yet very strong; if he doesn’t like to wear a ring, a titanium ring will feel very light on his finger.  Titanium mens wedding rings are more scratch resistant, but need to be repolished to keep them looking their best.  Titanium will still scratch over time, just not as quickly or easily.

ring via mens rings online

Is tungsten a good choice for wedding rings?

Tungsten wedding rings are the latest craze;  tungsten is the second hardest material on earth next to diamond and can only be scratched by diamonds or equally hard materials. Basically,  they are extremely scratch proof.

ring via mens rings online

Tungsten wedding rings are popular because they are the most scratch-resistant rings on the market.  Tungsten mens wedding rings look nearly new when polished, another reason why people rave about this particular metal.
Now that you know the basics on mens wedding rings, it is time to start looking at styles. What kind of ring will he choose?

To find out more about mens wedding rings:

The rings shown in this feature are from Mens Rings Online.  You can find out more and shop their large collection of mens wedding rings here.  They offer a 60 day return policy so if the ring is too wide / too tight / too small / not your style / etc., you can exchange it for something different.  They even offer a lifetime warranty! Visit their website here.

So, what do you think about these wedding rings?  Were we able to help you and your groom decide on the best wedding ring?  Tell us below or ask any questions in the comment box below — we’re all ears!

Happy Planning!



This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mens Rings Online.

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Mens wedding rings are really a growth sector in mens accessories. I do like the tungsten rings for men. Some really good options can be found online.


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